Frantic Freighter

Frantic Freighter

Unique, simple, entertaining, and challenging, with good music–but somewhat unrefined–Frantic Freighter reminds me of FTL, and other games where you have to act quickly and manage your resources. Unlike FTL, you cannot pause FRFR–you simply have to be fast.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these issues have been fixed in the most recent version of the game.

I’ve now won FRFR perhaps 20 or 30 times, on computer with WASD and mouse rather than VR. As I’ve played, I’ve found that much of the game works pretty well, but at the same time there are a number of glaring issues. And with a game this simple, with so few features, there’s really nowhere to hide: what would be a very minor quibble in a larger game becomes quite a mountain of annoyance in FRFR–particulary when it’s a result of artificial restraints imposed on the player by the developer, of which there are several.

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

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I haven’t tested it on VR, but played it on a Mac. Was a very smooth experience since start, the controls are straight forward and so is what you have to do without tutorials or lots of graphical hints. The fact that your ship is always taking damage adds an extra need of strategic travelling through space, as you will encounter (lots) of hazards and some places to receive new pieces for your ship. Graphically it is interesting enough, and everything seemed to work fine (no visual glitches).

I think players that like space simulation and even rogue elements will surely have fun times with this one game. Also, it is somewhat fast paced. In short, Frantic Freighter is a cool and fun game that is well worth it’s price tag ;)

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

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Escape to Sidious

Escape to Sidious

I cannot give an honest review as I am unable to read German.

Edit: How am I supposed to change the language settings in this game?

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

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It seems interesting, with a varied level of detail. But I recommend you either go get some German lessons or wait until the English is fully translated, as only every other word is done so far

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Escape to Sidious on Steam

Interstellar Transport Company

Interstellar Transport Company


Theme. The game brings this out very well. It really feels like you are running the company that is responsible for the interstellar expansion of humanity. The visuals work well. The planets look cool. The ships have fun names. The line of ships you get going from home, out a colony, and back looks good. It is satisfying to see the progress as a colony develops. It feels like you are working to established permanent homes other worlds.

Strategy. You have a lot of choices. You are always deciding what ships to buy, what they should carry, and what route they should take. You usually have options that are either “cheaper and better now” or “more expensive and better later.” You always have “things to work on.” You can choose where new colonies will go. You can tinker with current trade routes to make them more profitable.

Real player with 324.3 hrs in game

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This will be a bit of a long one. But I can’t help it.

On the surface I absolutely love everything about this game. I have turned back to it many times trying to make it work. But it just feels like the fundamentals of the gameplay is not working quite right with what the game is trying to be. And I always end up leaving a bit unsatisfied.

The game is about humanity colonizing the solar system and later going beyond. That’s what got me real exited about the game. But that is not what you are doing. You are there to make money. On the surface this is great.

Real player with 85.7 hrs in game

Interstellar Transport Company on Steam

Railway Empire

Railway Empire

WRITE THIS DOWN: You WILL need to know a couple things.. Writing this review at 647 hours of playtime.. so I’m pretty sure I’m enjoying being an expert at it, and it helps a lot..

If you dont understand these comments, try googling the concepts anyway.. you need to know this stuff.

You will build single lane tracks early on and tear them up later to redesign… BECAUSE you will be short on money - always.. (unless you use unlimited sandbox or mods).

Learn how to use regular or one-way signals to create short lanes on the side of a long stretch of track so trains can pass each other along the way across large empty terrain areas.

Real player with 1489.3 hrs in game

I spent a lot of my life on Railroad Tycoon, from the first one until the end of the series. A-Train, Transport Tycoon, Rails!, you name it. If it had a train in it, I bought it. So of course I bought this too.

I really, really like this game. There are elements here that feel like Railroad Tycoon 3, and there are elements that do not. Just enough for you to find something you like in this game regardless of how you felt about previous railroad incarnations. I’m going to lay out a PRO/CON/WISHLIST below for you to peruse at your leisure. I may edit these if they change down the road.

Real player with 332.2 hrs in game

Railway Empire on Steam

Anno 2070™

Anno 2070™

Update: I will be leaving this review here for posterity, so none of us will forget what Ubisoft did. However, it appears as though an update that was released recently totally removed SolidShield from this game. Thank whoever the hell we need to thank that they actually listened. It only took them FIVE YEARS.

I have this game. I LOVE this game.

However, I cannot rate this positive at all.

UPlay may be a joke, but it is a sufferable joke. The real problem is much scarier than that.


Real player with 1311.8 hrs in game

Anno2070 is an economic game with Tier based progress system and basic elements of combat.

The game has decent Video, Music and Interface settings. At highest settings with “i5-2500K @ 3.30GHz”, “GeForce GTX 560 Ti” on 1920x1080 I have significant frame rate drop, but nothing unplayable. At just high settings it looks fine and works excellent.

You have key bindings for the most useful actions, but any nondefault settings are stored on server, which means you have to reconfigure them for each offline session.

Real player with 799.1 hrs in game

Anno 2070™ on Steam



I will NOT indulge this time into talking about the translations of this game - I think that every review of mine has a small section dedicated to my native tongue, when it’s available, and this game is translated into Italian too among dozens of other languages. Needless to say, the translation is horrible.

Some weird site told me “zhulik” stands for “rogue” in Russian but I won’t even spend too much time into this.

If you are looking for achievements, this game has 19 of them and they can be obtainable within 30-40 minutes: they require to farm money by clicking the correspondant button, and with that money you’ll have to buy some upgrades and few other things. I think it’s impossible not to 100% this game.

Real player with 187.2 hrs in game

this game should be enjoyed by all persons on this planet for its 60 minute playtime

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Zhulik.exe on Steam

Architects of Shangri-La

Architects of Shangri-La

Architects of Shangri-La takes you to a beautiful, mountainous land full of myths and untold stories. The state is led by thoughtful monks that constitute spiritual, political and economical power of the nation. Help them build their community, spread wisdom, make Shangri-La thrive and guard it against enemies!

Colonize uninhabited wild slopes. Search for the right spots so that your settlements are easy to reach by traders and porters, but also safe from natural disasters, animals and foes. Make sure that there is room for necessary infrastructure and future expansion. Try to make living in the mountains easier for your citizens.

Take care of physical and spiritual needs of your people. Give them shelter, provide with food by building farms and breeding cattle, ensure access to water, organize trade, construct places of worship and meditation to keep their morale high. Protect your citizens from wild animals, weather breakdowns as well as raiders wanting to disturb your peace.

Communication in the mountains is essential. Carve your way through rocks to connect your settlements with the net of roads and narrow, hazardous paths. Monitor their state and repair them to maintain supply chains, necessary for your people to survive.

Fulfill your spiritual duties. Schedule regular prayers, build chapels and temples to keep evil spirits away and be blessed in your deeds. Meditate to acquire wisdom and remain in balance with your body and mind, assuring happy and peaceful life.

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