S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster

S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster

Campaign is a bit unfair cuz of the pre-set defenses of the enemy: ton of artillery and strong defense lines + random encounters where I have to fight more units than I have for the whole mission, this makes me buy repair trailers, and the repairing is so slow, and there’s the ammo problem too… missions are usually 45+mins where the actual action is like 30% the rest are the traveling and the restoring of units. The movement is really terrible, units collide, not to mention on narrow bridges going across is nearly impossible especially with more units. The cinematics' graphic stayed the same bad quality despite of the HD Remaster.

Real player with 77.2 hrs in game

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Your units gain xp, and can lvl up 2 times. That gives them additional armor and damage. They transfer to another mission. That’s main strenght and also main issue with this game.

Every time you finish map you obtain 1000 $ - you can buy new units and/or upgrades.

If you loose unit in battle… best solution is to reload save or restart map. Otherwise you might not make it with not enough units on the later game.

You use the same currency to buy ammo, fuel and repair kit. Also every time you call for bombing - it also cost 50 $.

Real player with 27.6 hrs in game

S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster on Steam

100-Player Twitch Chat Party Pack

100-Player Twitch Chat Party Pack

Welcome to the 100-Player Twitch Chat Party Pack, a set of upgraded arcade game classics that let you play in real-time with or against your viewers. Imagine something like Twitch Plays Pokemon where everyone controls their own character (viewers use Twitch Chat commands) and it’s absolute chaos. And when you need to step away, AFK Mode will give your channel a way to stay engaged during the downtime.

Current games included in the pack are:

Happy Tanksgiving

In this free-for all arcade game, everyone controls a tank on a battlefield free-for-all. It’s you versus 100. As a streamer, you’ll be commanding a super tank with heavy armor that can be controlled in real-time. Each of your viewers will command their own lightly-armored hovertank by using chat commands. They can kill you, or kill each other, but only one tank can claim victory.

Minesweeper 100

Why are we always minesweeping from a distance? Isn’t it about time we were actually there on the minefield with 100 of our friends, living or dying together, as a team? With Minesweeper 100, everyone controls their minesweeper on an active minefield, frantically trying to work together to clear it before a major earthquake triggers all the mines. Beware! A single mistake will cost you your life, and the lives of those next to you. This mode works well with a very small number of players, and gets even better as more viewers join the sweep!


The ultimate in 100-Player bomb-planting action! Control your bomber, surround your enemies with bombs, and be the last one standing, all the while collecting powerups and tightening the noose around your enemies.

DMCA-free music

With all the issues surrounding video game music DMCAs on streaming platforms, all the music has been either specifically created for the game, or licensed from the same indie artist (Couteau Papillon, who also did the soundtrack to Spaceteam), and is verified by SOCAN to be streamed without triggering a DMCA.

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100-Player Twitch Chat Party Pack on Steam

Airships: Conquer the Skies

Airships: Conquer the Skies

-All statements are relevant as of 1/31/21. No guarantees are made for future versions of Airships!-

Let me start off by saying that I am utterly and hopelessly addicted to this game.

Ever since I bought Airships (Or ACTS, as I’ll be using) back in late 2018, I fell in love with it. The game’s kept giving, the developer has remained true to his word and an amazing gentleman, and the community (Especially on the Discord) continues to grow and develop in wondrous ways. As I don’t expect you to go through my various paragraphs of gushing, I’ll put the TL;DR statement here:

Real player with 424.1 hrs in game

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Pretty cool game for those who like relatively free-form building, designing units to deal damage and mitigate it for themselves. Especially if you’re into diesel- and/or steampunk.

The things you have to account for and balance out in a unit’s design are quite numerous and varied; Everything costs something and everything weighs something. A ship’s maximum altitude - which is very important -is determined by its weight vs. lift, for example. This is probably the strongest part of the game.

So in combat, you’ll be witnessing how those designs fare against the NPC (or enemy player) units; Did you actually give your ship enough coal to stay aloft through the average battle? Oh, it turns out this one has a massive structural weakness and will be cut in half by one or two rockets. Great job!

Real player with 82.3 hrs in game

Airships: Conquer the Skies on Steam

Panzer Panic VR

Panzer Panic VR

Ok yes, it looks like a phone game and yes I’ve only spent 30 minutes or so in it playing against AI bots. It is kind of fun though, would be great at a VR arcade against others or if you just happen to have a Vive, Rift, psvr and a gear lying around to play each other.

As the major downfall of this game is no online multiplayer, it would be a great cross-platform online game if only it had online multiplayer.

The tank controls are fun, drive out of the turret with two levers like a tank. The turret and gun are aligned with the HMD so where you look the turret turns. Works well in battles and the maps are CTF with about 3 or 4 different settings. There are achievements and powerups and graphically good for what it is, that out of ammo type visuals.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

First Impression - It’s fun and seems to be well worth $10. It reminds me of a Team Fortress version of World of Tanks. Will update review as I play more.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Panzer Panic VR on Steam

Micro Annihilation

Micro Annihilation

Game was just released, but there is already enough content that you can play for few hours. It is interesting mix of XCOM / C&C.

While playing the game you find out how it would be if you would be the size of the ant and you have to survive the onslaught of insects. Sometimes it feels like zombie apocalypse but that there are ants instead of zombies.

You can contact developer on Discord and he will listen to your opinions and try to integrate them in his game. There is normally just few days between updates, so update interval is really short.

Real player with 36.8 hrs in game

This game takes me back to nostalgic days of Starcraft and Total Annihilation. Only now my units don’t always need me to babysit them to defend themselves. The conceit is fun, tiny people versus mutant bugs, and the gameplay is rather intuitive. I’m really enjoying myself :)

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Micro Annihilation on Steam

Sudden Strike 4

Sudden Strike 4

Hi all,

I played the original Sudden Strike.

Though only the demo map that was released at that time, what seems now so long ago.. :)

But the title always stuck with me.

I see here allot of die hard fans who give very disapointing reviews and to some point I can definately understand as compared to the original I can remember that the game qua single player was more difficult, bigger (just that demo map was already imense), some units had more options and the missing of the binoculars from the officer seems also a big deal. ^^

Real player with 822.2 hrs in game

I stumbled across Sudden Strike 4 on EA Origin. I didn’t quite know what to make of SS4 at first, but I eventually ended up playing 200 150+34 (so far) hours of the base game there! I finally decided I wanted to own - not just rent - SS4 here on Steam. Just as importantly, I wanted to directly support the developers and get the DLC.

I’ve been gaming since the days of the original Nintendo. This is the first military RTS game I’ve ever owned* and put simply, it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played, hands down! It’s readily apparent that an experienced dev team put some real thought and effort into Sudden Strike 4. The graphics and performance are excellent, and the re-playability makes it a superb value for the money. This game is basically a combined-arms tactical combat simulator that uses units up to company size. There are a wide variety of mission types, the complexity of which are further multiplied by the different doctrines available (Infantry, armor and logistical). The well-done AI and relative historical and geographical accuracy are also appreciable.

Real player with 185.1 hrs in game

Sudden Strike 4 on Steam

Battlezone: Combat Commander

Battlezone: Combat Commander

As the lead artist on this project and life long lover of Battlezone 2 (The first real 3d game i played) I wouldn’t have worked on it as hard as I have if i wasn’t going to recommend it, which of course I do.

I worked as faithfully as i could to restore and enhance the battlezone 2 i played and loved, despite initial criticism, much work has commenced to further enhance the battlezone: combat commander experience visually, I knew I had to step the bar up as one of the key elements of BZCC was it’s beautiful graphics and rich, unique worlds in which the war for biometal was raged back in 1999.

Real player with 2435.4 hrs in game

I served as a tester for this game, so I’m going to be as impartial as possible.

I enjoy the game overall, but there were some items removed that I wish weren’t.

There is also plenty room for improvement.

In case someone doesn’t care to read through the bullet points.

For under $20, I would recommend the game.

The following isn’t a comprehensive list, but is a list of items that I could think of at this moment.

Things I liked

  • Shadows have been fixed when compared to 1.3 and older versions of Battlezone II. Shadows never looked correct.

Real player with 733.6 hrs in game

Battlezone: Combat Commander on Steam

Tactics of World War I

Tactics of World War I

Tactics of World War I puts you in the role of a military leader on the Western Front. Lead your men through some of the fiercest battles in history. But only if you plan your attacks thoroughly, and react smartly and quickly to your enemies actions you will succeed.

Two Single-Player Campaigns

The game features two single-player campaigns set on the Western Front. A German campaign about the invention of the famous “Sturmtruppen”, an elite infantry unit founded to overcome the stalemate of trench warfare. And a British campaign dealing with the deployment of the very first tanks to the battlefield.

The campaigns extent over the entire conflict from 1914 to 1918, including decisive battles such as the Battle of Flirey or the Battle of Passchendaele.

Realistic Small Unit Tactics

Tactics of World War I focuses on the tactical aspects of the battle like cover, suppressive fire, and flanking maneuvers. Resulting in a fast-paced gameplay loop accompanied by truly innovative, streamlined controls.

With more than half a dozen individual units per faction, from light infantry to heavy weapons, such as mortars or tanks, Tactics of World War One provides you with a variety of tactics.

Tactics of World War I on Steam

Close Combat: The Bloody First

Close Combat: The Bloody First

Do I recommend this game? Yes, If your looking for a classic close combat game.

However, I still have to bring up the fact that this game still feels pretty bare bones. After playing through the entire campaign with the US, I tried to play a campaign as the Germans. And, well, I know its a game about the American division and the fighting it encountered, but if you’re going to include the ability to play a German Campaign then you should be at least pretending that the same unit was fighting the whole time.

Real player with 146.7 hrs in game

I really wanted to like this game, i may in the future if the game breaking issues are fixed but for now I would Stay away from this game. I ignored the fact that the graphics look terrible for 2019-2020 thinking i was going to get the classic feel of cc with the detailed platoon and company creation and in depth map navigation giving it a realistic feel during combat and in some cases they did do well with keeping those aspects in the game but the game itself is so bugged and poorly optimized that its design ruins almost all of my game attempts, i was able to complete the grand campaign with few bugs that caused me to restart the game but when going back through and playing the Italian campaign and again on the African campaign I ran into such terrible problems that I felt I had to say something, for one the AI is terrible, LOS fails to spot enemy literally 3 feet away, troops fail to load or fire at all when given fire orders, or will just wander out into the open and get shot, or fail to find cover when ordered to do so, troops will run up to enemy tanks when they get close and throw grenades at point blank range killing themselves without orders. The bazookas, mortars, all artillery, and air support accuracy is a complete joke and honestly feels like a complete roll of the dice when using them. Enemy tanks can glitch into each other creating impervious bunkers that your troops just fail to comprehend when it happens and kills almost anyone who gets near them, HQ teams do not feel like they give any kind of bonus, vehicles and troops navigate terrain terribly and cause you to click on multiple locations before they stop saying, “no clear path”. Some missions would end with me taking all objectives and breaking enemy morale and even though that should progress you to the next mission I ended up being forced to repeat them. Also, after experiencing these issues, if you choose to quit a game you will be greeted by chicken sounds, I guess the devs thought that would be funny but with the experiences I had with this game that little addition just makes me dislike this unfinished product even more. This game was never worth 40 bucks, it feels like an upgraded version of sudden strike 3 and i cant even remember how old that game is… I would say $20 is even too much for this game in its current state, that said, i still hope the devs stick with it and fix its issues because it is a game that has great potential but as a consumer I just dont advise others to buy this game right now but would say to check back some time later.

Real player with 131.9 hrs in game

Close Combat: The Bloody First on Steam

Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2

It’s ruled for almost a decade just like the first one, which remains it;s only competition. It is the defining WW2 rts with a perfect balance of realism and fun competition.

Real player with 5494.2 hrs in game

If you’re looking for a fun WW2 RTS game, COH2 is arguably the best choice. In terms of gameplay, it is fun and immersive. The factions are unique especially since there are two german factions but they still play differently. The soundtrack is great but when you have been playing for a long time, you’d notice that there isn’t much OST used in-game. There are mods available but it’s a downgrade of what modders are able to do in the previous installment. What most they can do is provide different stat values and in-game rules but no custom models and sound effects, although custom maps and custom icons are still available.

Real player with 1348.7 hrs in game

Company of Heroes 2 on Steam