Terra Incognito - Antarctica 1911

Terra Incognito - Antarctica 1911

This is a very fun game and for only 3 dollars. Good for if you are stuck at home and need to pass the time.

Real player with 19.6 hrs in game

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Great game. Addictive. You’ll keep coming back to it!

Real player with 17.9 hrs in game

Terra Incognito - Antarctica 1911 on Steam

Dice Legacy

Dice Legacy

I picked this up on a whim, purely because I am a sucker for these hybrid dice games. While I do recommend this game, it still is a very flawed game and your appreciation of it will surely come down to your flexibility to cope with said flaws. A lot of games exist that are imperfect and this is one of them.

What is fun?

The core system of building up a unique dice pool, in real-time, with stamina and special powers is pretty fun. It feels at odds with itself at first but it definitely caters to it’s real-time gameplay mechanics unapologetically which I think is a good thing. You can tell from others' reviews that others do not like the RTS elements and wanted something slower, methodical, and more tactical). That isn’t this game which I think is going to just be a matter of taste.

Real player with 61.8 hrs in game

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I’m more of a turn-based and tabletop gamer myself. This game seems to draw heavily on the mechanics of some very good tabletop dice games like Roll for the Galaxy and Dice Forge, but with real-time pacing. If you’re like me, the RTS pacing of Dice Legacy might be a bit much for you. In that case, I have some advice for a more laid-back gaming experience:

1. Start a new game on pacifist difficulty. It effectively disables the biggest source of real-time pressure, the hostile raiders, and lets you think through your moves at your leisure. The game far, far less stressful as a result, largely becoming self-paced. The economy of the game is still involved enough to get many hours of fun even with the raider threat removed. And you can always bump up the difficulty later if you find yourself mastering the rest of the game, and want more of a real-time challenge.

Real player with 25.6 hrs in game

Dice Legacy on Steam

GYATM Dragon Edition

GYATM Dragon Edition

The team at Indie Imprint got me a copy to review on stream and it turned out to be a blast! Had a great time playing the game. We played for three hours and managed to win the game, not once, but twice AND got lucky enough to see both winning endings. An indie game with multiple endings, plenty of challenge and entertainment value. It was cool trying to beat my time to completion once i figured out how to win. At the same time, I also lost the game in some pretty entertaining ways. So, even when you lose, the game still offers a lof of fun. Definitely enjoy it, and you will too! :)

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

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A really entertaining little game with excellent graphics, sound track and playability. The value is well beyond the price. I look forward to this growing into a larger, more complex game in the future (probably when Elon Musk gets to Mars), but for now its oodles of fun.

btw the devs posted it as requiring Windows 10 minimum, but I find it works dandy on Windows 7.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

GYATM Dragon Edition on Steam

Deadly Step

Deadly Step

This game is not directly a masterpiece, and yet lovers to know the pain of wandering through the mazes is dedicated.

The authors are sadists, these are not levels, but real torture chambers. How unfortunate that BDSM is not delivered.

It is based on an atmospheric game with a story, a mediocre nice graphics and running around for things that fell after death.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

For some reason, in this casual game, at first it’s boring and dreary, then it’s fun to run away from slow deaths, but at some point you start, like a frenzy in a panic, rushing in all directions in search of salvation. In the appendage, the hunt to kill those who did it. Naive is better not to play it.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Deadly Step on Steam



Lead the people of the Tribe of the Dawn as they venture deep into forbidden lands. Complete quests that shape their personalities, impact their wellbeing, and decide the fate of their community. Ensure the survival of your populace in a grim fantasy world inspired by Slavic folklore.

Erect palisades, develop structures, and grow your gord from a humble settlement to a formidable fortress. However, expansion won’t be easy! Your population is constantly at risk from enemy tribes, gruesome monsters, and mysterious powers that lurk in the surrounding woods.

Venture outside the walls of your settlement with Gord’s AI-driven quest system, ensuring a huge variety of challenges to take on. The Scenario’s main objectives will guide your gameplay, while versatile side quests and random encounters will send you off into the wilderness to hunt down legendary creatures, uncover secrets about the Ancients, or vanquish a nasty scourge. Expect the unexpected.

Set the stage by choosing from a wide range of Scenario options, and try to emerge victorious. Take it easy or set an impossible challenge; almost anything can be adjusted! Choose from a variety of primary objectives, select the level size, the intensity of raids, the environment you’ll play in, the types of enemies you’ll face, starting resources, and even the severity of weather. Of course, don’t forget the Horrors.

A healthy populace is the key to survival in Gord. Every aspect of your settlers’ lives - from illness and hunger to the death of their kin - can impact each subject’s Sanity and Burden levels. Keep a close eye on them, as once they reach a critical point your subject will suffer from a breakdown or even flee your rule.

Please the Gods with your prayers and they may give you access to their spellcasting abilities. Incantations vary in nature - some are offensive while others are defensive - but they all help to tip the battlefield in your favor. Conceal areas from your enemies, gain control over threatening beasts, or turn an unholy rage against all who dare to oppose you.

The Chronicle explains the history of the Gord universe that blends real-world Slavic mythology with dark fantasy. Pages torn from The Chronicle will be scattered throughout the game’s landscapes, giving dedicated players an additional challenge of discovery. Collecting as many pages as possible will provide insight into the origins of the Gods, ancient factions, and the mystical Whisperers.

Gord on Steam

Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope

Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope

Cloud Chasers is a text-based adventure that incorporates survival elements, map exploration, and a flying mini-game. I think the game is pretty decent when it comes to resource management and storytelling, although the controls for the glider are a bit wonky. The goal is to get across the desert which includes 5 separate levels with randomly generated events. If one of your characters dies, you start over. However, the game is not particularly hard as I was able to beat it on the second try (in less than 1 hour on normal). Since many of the achievements are attached to unique events, it does have some replay value because you can’t get everything in one run.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

At $4 this is a good game. Perma death rogue lite, FTL-lite, prequel to the excellent Airheart. However, it has very little action (passive glider flying avoiding bad buys and their bullets) to collect water aka cash.

I completed it in 4 hours and don’t really feel compelled to play again soon. There are items that are worthless except for fufilling dialogue options. There are a few basic upgrades for your glider that make the water collection mini game much easier to almost trivial when the gilder is fully upgraded.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope on Steam



There aren’t many RTS game nowadays. So, this one is like… a rare gem. One of the most brilliant contemporary RTS out there.

The objective is simply to win, by which means though is entirely up to you. You can choose a mercantile clan and obliterate your enemies from the map or a war-mongering one and wins the wisdom victory, for example. It’s possible, but not ideal, but again we have to make do with what we have. The game offers like so many clans to choose from (many of which are DLCs though). Your town hall, the main building, regularly generates your population. One at a time. You construct a building and assign a worker to it. You explore the map, each zone in tile with designated resource(s). You colonize a tile and construct a building you see fit. During winter each year, you suffer production penalty. And everything moves along the passage of time until one clan rises to supremacy, or everyone else falls. Oh, and all the while some special events occur: Kraken attacks, abnormally harsh winter, annoying earthquake, etc. One of the best things about this game is that you don’t have to micromanage your resources and workers so meticulously. The town hall only produces one person at a time and each production building can hold but a few assigned workers, so everything is easy to put under control.

Real player with 636.7 hrs in game

gave 250 hours of my life to get an extra chromosome very worth

Real player with 263.0 hrs in game

Northgard on Steam

A Healer Only Lives Twice

A Healer Only Lives Twice

A short and neat game, for its price its doing alright I guess.

Don’t be fooled by my playtime, I kept the game open to get the rest of the cards

In total I think I played this game for a good 5-6 hours to get all achievements.

To explain the mechanics of the game.

Each encounter has enemies sitting in rows, you choose which row to attack with the warrior and he’ll attack in a turn-based matter, as in after all the monsters attacked.

But the main part of this game is the priest ..the healer which is you, you are not bound by turns you can act whenever you want to heal the knight’s limbs, head , torso, hands, legs, if one of them reaches 0 hp they go critical and you lose damage or defense or other stuff, once they all reach 0 you lose the game so you gotta keep healing.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

This is an interesting game. Certainly worth the price point.

You play as a healer, trying to keep a warrior alive so you can both get out of a dungeon, and so must fight waves of enemies to get to the end. The gameplay mainly consists of using the right ability in the right circumstance; should you put a wall up so a limb won’t die from that next attack, or just heal? Should you bump up the damage of the warriors next attack? Do you have enough mana stored to use your increase exp ability, so you can level faster and get stronger abilities?

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

A Healer Only Lives Twice on Steam

Endzone - A World Apart

Endzone - A World Apart

Good concept, well developed scenario, extensive tutorials possibly the best I’ve seen in games I’ve played, nice graphics, random system generated maps for new environment every time, simple game mechanics with standardized keys, many options for difficulty levels including custom settings, fun achievements, good balance of resources, mix of post apocalypse survival with city building, some fighting of raiders but can be turned off in settings if you only want to do survival or city building, many different side missions with interesting bylines, prosperity DLC is nice but I still think we should not have to pay for it as it doesn’t change the game enough, played 280 hours but still have some things to try and haven’t completed all the achievements yet. Overall very good game.

Real player with 333.7 hrs in game

Endzone is a city builder in an apocolyptic world. It is a tougher challenge than other games in the same genre. Mistakes can lead to punishing death spirals in communities. But it is rewarding when all goes well overall.

The colour palette of the game is dreary and this can make finding particular buildings difficult to do, especially in the late game when buildings are crowded together. There is no search function for building types which is definitely a drawback.

The latest expansion, “Prosperity”, does not offer much – a few new buildings and missions – you miss little by sticking with the base game.

Real player with 251.2 hrs in game

Endzone - A World Apart on Steam

Her Majesty’s Ship

Her Majesty’s Ship

First, this game is not FTL on wooden ships. This game is a real-time management/strategy game with no tactical pause. The game is very similar to FTL but has a more MACRO approach to crew management then the Micro approach that FTL had.

I really enjoy this game and it is a great game. My game preferences run towards turn-based and tactical pause games. I really do not like RTS games whatsoever.

Although this game is a real-time strategy game at its core, it is very manageable and approachable. This game has captivated me.

Real player with 64.0 hrs in game

Her Majesty’s Ship - Troubled Waters but hopefully smoother sailing on the horizon

I am recommending this title mainly because I really like the idea behind it - managing a ship of the Royal Navy in detailed fashion - but have reservations in doing so.

The game is all too brief at this point and I have noted that other players have requested an endless mode, a correction I heartily endorse and support.

Combat is rather too simplistic and does seem dependent upon RNG factors, outside of already having a vessel well-stocked with powder and eventually a complement of marines.

Real player with 38.4 hrs in game

Her Majesty's Ship on Steam