Nomads of Driftland

Nomads of Driftland

Very entertaining game with innovative mechanisms. I can recommend this title to all RTS and god game fans. It felt great to move islands around the world, discover new lands to unlock new units. Unlike in Driftland base game, this free expansion allows the player to manually control the units and does not provide multiple choices of buildings to build, which makes the player have to combine and explore new lands to diversify their kingdom.

Do not get discouraged by the maps order. It seems that it is sorted by mission type, and it felt little boring to play three defences in a row, but it gets better later on. However, be aware that the maps are challenging.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

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So much to do with the free content, I can only imagine what the game is like once you purchase it. So much potential. I’m a big fan of the Nomads aspect which feels more like an RTS to me. The base game is more economy and micromanaging but harder to deal with threats because it is so limiting on defense.

Real player with 13.3 hrs in game

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Edit: I’ve won the game and it is pretty fun. The key factor to realize is that the archer is the most important character using the volley card. Once you get used to the game I really like the concept but it was challenging to mentally adjust to the different style of game (cool down vs turn based) coming from the turn based world. Using the slow down feature is essential until you get up to speed. On the higher levels it is absolutely critical to use the slow down feature to dodge tough opponents as them attack.

Real player with 322.1 hrs in game

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Tabletop quest for the Sagas

Wartile is a strategy game allowing the player to take command of a Norse warband on a quest to save their land from a mysterious plague. Developed by a very aptly named danish studio PlaywoodProject, the game plays as a miniature wargame. Each character in Wartile is represented by a wooden figurine, battling their way across adorably detailed dioramas. While the game had visibly limited resources to work with, the developers have fully committed what they had towards an idea of tabletop game brought to life. An idea, in my book, they firmly delivered upon.

Real player with 17.5 hrs in game

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Dark Future: Blood Red States

Dark Future: Blood Red States


Overall, it’s a decent game with great visuals and works well as a “play for a couple hours at a sitting” arcade game. If you pay attention to the developing story, it gets a lot more interesting. Take the time to read everything; it’s worth it, and begs you to stick around for the next chapter. Some of the mission types are a little ugly and grinding, some are great, but in general it’s more fun than not.

Full Review:

I have about 28 hours of playtime during the Beta weekend in addition to the hours playing the release version, so this review takes some of that into account as well.

Real player with 59.8 hrs in game

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Based on a board game from the 80s, Dark Future: Blood Red States is a tactical car combat strategy game set in the near future in an American wasteland ruled by a number of warring factions with armoured cars with big guns. The game consists of multiple seasons, with each season seeing you assume a new role fighting for or against these factions. With each season, you have a choice of missions to undertake, be it Escort missions, where you have to escort a vehicle a certain distance, or to just kill as many opponents as you can.

Real player with 53.6 hrs in game

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Dragon Banner

Dragon Banner

WOW GUYS/GALS!!! Remember when you first started playing video games and you got into the fun adventures and were happy? This is how this game feels to me, its super good. Its great gameplay…..Lots of quests, gathering, building buildings and armies. cool story, skirmishes, all good stuff. Impressed with this game, I really am. 20.00 dollars is a little much maybe, more a 14 dollar I would think, but I am glad I got it. Also as you play it opens up more and more, like you are working towards a goal, I like that. I will say there are glitches here and there and graphics are not tops, but I can overlook it cause the game is cool.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

I bought this to support the developer because I wish there were more games like this out there - games where you directly control a hero while also building a base and ordering units. This is kind of the perfect version of that kinda game but with every mechanic at its most basic level.

I’d recommend if you want to see more games like this, and I hope the developer continues to update it or work on a sequel or something similar. There’s some real charm to this game, and it is pretty fun for a while, but needs more features to really be worth the asking price. Even adding co-op/pvp would drastically increase the amount of content here.

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

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Cyber Ops

Cyber Ops

This game is great and I’m kinda sad it got so many bad reviews. It’s challenging but honestly it’s not nearly as hard as people make it out to be. Once you figure out the mechanics it’s challenging but perfectly feasible after a couple of tries. It had some bugs at launch but they have all been fixed already.

Great atmosphere, good voice acting, nice looking interface and very singular gameplay. Being the guardian angel hacker behind a screen while the operators actually do the work might not be for everyone but I personally love it.

Real player with 25.1 hrs in game

Every negative review is sadly 100 % correct. Only 25 % ever made 1st mission. Only 0,3 % players ever finished the game and 1 % just hacked the “game finished " achievement, because more players finished game than finished last mission. You will be fighting the logic breaking UI problems more than “triangle” enemies. All moving enemies are called “turrets” when killed. You don’t know at this moment if cyborg or human enemy type died.

You will NOT be able to win after level 5 without good oldschool health cheats. The game is so buggy that some mechanics needed for victory don’t works sometimes. I won spider-tank level 6 fight legit first, but squad just glitched at the door when leving the cathedral. QTE skillchecks are also broken or start at unwinnable state.

Real player with 23.1 hrs in game

Cyber Ops on Steam

Polaris Sector

Polaris Sector

Nice and deep space 4X game, definately the best of the recent releases. It also avoided a common fact with 4X which is that many features are copy/pasted beetween games, so it will feel fresh even if you’re used to the genre.

In a nutshell, it’s a bit rough but a must for every space 4X fan. It shines in empire management, elegant mechanics, diplomacy. It would deserve a bit more streamlining.

Why is it better than most other 4X?

+ Rewarding diplomacy:

Interactions pretty rational. There are many possibilities, from trading ressources (shortages are common so that’s handy), to technologies, to being able to use friendly planets as bases for your fleet or asking for a 3rd party to negociate a peace with your ennemy, or bribe them into getting into war against your ennemy (or request a bribe to help them!)

Real player with 229.8 hrs in game

Lets get to it.



  • A.I. (Articial Intelligence) - I cannot emphasis or stress enough of how extremely good the A.I. is. It’s probably one of the most advanced one I’ve seen in a 4x game genre. I absolutely love how it handles playing against me and handling my orders for planets, colonization, and etc (without the need to micromanage everything). Again, the A.I. in this game is just so good that it cannot be expressed sufficiently of how good it is. Even the developer of this game admits that hard is very tough for him.

Real player with 159.5 hrs in game

Polaris Sector on Steam

The Red Solstice

The Red Solstice

I’ll skip the stuff about it beeing 8 player coop and sooo on and start talking about the stuff that might not be mentioned as often in short reviews:

The game offers multiple difficulties.. however the base difficulty is intended to be rather challenging for Players.

Which is definitly a good thing since it’s all about improving your own skill and after many defeats rewarding yourself with your very first win… somewhat darksouls-esque..


So far there’s a total of 8 classes and depending on what the player wishes to accomplish every class has one or more distinctive roles.(Tank, Healer, DmgDealer,Scout….)

Real player with 2514.4 hrs in game

I played this game when it first came out and I immediately fell in love with it.

It’s a slick tactical shooter. With hordes of alien zombies trying to kill you. Meanwhile your team of husky voiced men attempt to complete your objectives.

Again it’s a great game. I stopped playing it for some time and decided to get back into it and immediately fell back in love.

Great set of classes

Assault-great all rounder very good beginner class. he’s great with light weapons and rifles and he even smokes a cigar. Do you want to live forever?

Real player with 1210.3 hrs in game

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