Hijacker Jack : ARCADE FMV

Hijacker Jack : ARCADE FMV

An interesting take on the FMV genre, instead of point n' click type FMV games. (it is still)

It is a pretty decent enough game, but could be better.

Edit : They’ve lowered the price, so in this state, I recommend it.

(This is not a VR game, whoever did tagged that is a dummy.)

My analysis (serious one) :

Controls are confusing, I prefer this control scheme on mobile, but not here.

Pretty impressive for such a low budget project. (atleast better than Stay Dead lol)

But a small nitpick when it comes to the fighting system, the combat system is fine if its actually video game graphics but no, this is a film. The thing is, to progress in the fight scene (I’m talking about the guy in Jasmine’s house), you have to do a specific action, which makes the fight frustrating (especially if you have no hints enabled) because it’s repeating the same thing if you fail to do that specific action.

Real player with 14.7 hrs in game

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I can absolutely recommend this game, a couple of hours of fun for 5 EUR. I played with the Android version earlier, but it’s a much better experience on PC. (improved video quality and controls)

The gameplay is smooth and the action scenes are amazing :)

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Hijacker Jack : ARCADE FMV on Steam

Angry Giant

Angry Giant

Nice Action - CHECK

Cool Soundtrack - CHECK

Retro Style - CHECK

Weird Story - CHECK

Varied - CHECK

Flying on a Dragon - CHECK

Smashing Humans - CHECk.

Punishing Humans- CHEck..

Eating Humans - CHeck… ehm.

Naked Giant - Check….. whoa whoa whoa! What the Heck am i playing????

Welcome to ANGRY GIANT!

At first, before we start with the Review, let me tell you something i

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER said before in one of my Reviews.

G A M I N G M A S T E R P I E C E I N C O M I N G ! ! ! ! ! !


Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

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Platform puzzleish with metroidvania progression and rpg grind. Content is solid, fun graphics, music, art and humor are charming, retro throwback. Controls are awkward and structure of the game is too grindy for me but it is amusing to do even simple things because of physics and overall craziness. it is also annoying to do simple things because of physics and craziness. This is that kind of game. It has too much going on; it’s sometimes hard to get to the part you like. Plenty of bugs which have been fixed quickly thus far. B-

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

Angry Giant on Steam

Hunter’s Arena: Legends

Hunter’s Arena: Legends

A bit of a hot take.

I’d say I gave this game more than a fair shake. I slogged through it as courtesy to a friend who gifted it to me.

I was lured in by the idea of this being a unique fighting game. The characters look cool, the fighting styles looked saucy, and the battle royale was just extra. When i got into it though, i found every encounter frustrating, win or lose.

My main gripe are the fights themselves, victors are decided by whoever rushes down 1st and simply guesses right. But that’s not all, the way the game tells you to block isn’t the correct way to defend, dodges do nothing, inputs seem to vanish into smoke, and your 1 functional escape skill can be easily activated on accident.

Real player with 172.9 hrs in game

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Not sure what the negative reviews are about, Most people dont like to look at things in perspective. This is a new developer and this is their first game being put out, and with that being kept in mind the game is actually very good. but most importantly IT WORKS! I cant tell you how many multi billion dollar companies put out games that are poorly optimized garbage (blizzard).

This game does have its bugs obviously, but most are fairly rare. nothing that cant be patched out as long as people are reporting it. But i REALLY want to emphasize the optimization of the game. I experience zero lag, no rubber banding, no input lag, and no random disconnects. In terms of PvP combat, this game plays better in PvP than any other MMO that has mass PvP or open world PvP. This includes tera (especially tera), BDO, BnS, etc. There IS some quirkyness tho that happens when chasing and tagging a enemy down. Attacks from melee seem to hit when they shouldnt hit, but thats honestly the only weird thing ive noticed thus far and its not anything to rage about considering you can not flee from fights anyway since the opponent will eventually catch up to you through the wind current mechanic.

Real player with 151.6 hrs in game

Hunter's Arena: Legends on Steam