Earth 2160

Earth 2160

Earth 2160 is a somewhat unappreciated RTS with a number of nice features mixed in with a truckload of bland. It will provide some decent entertainment in the here and now but it will never be remembered for anything.

Earth 2160 sets you in the future, corporations fight for control over the Solar System’s dwindling resources as a new discovery rocks the power structure and sets the game’s events in motion. As you start out you get to play as either a generic male dominated corporation or the curiously female dominated Mars corporation. They both, not surprisingly, turn out to be evil rather quickly into the campaign and you eventually get to play as the “good” faction, a generic robot corporation that really has no personality and eventually, a menacing alien horde.

Real player with 67.0 hrs in game

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I finally got down and finished the game all the way through, after nearly completing it some 12 years ago, and then not-even-close to finishing it some 5 years ago, so I’m naturally biased with nostalgia, but I think it’s an overall great rts, but sadly with a few shortcomings that can ruin the experience if you can’t or can’t be arsed to learn to avoid them.

The graphics in the game are often complimented, and at times they’re really amazing for 2005, but it kinda depends where you look. What I’m most impressed with though, is that each of the four factions has a COMPLETELY different gameplay. Literally every mechanic is altered: completely different vehicles with completely different types weapons, different ways to harvest resources (which require very different planning and sometimes microcontrol), different ways to set up bases and interconnect buildings, different defence systems (which require completely different base layout), etc. It’s literally a different game depending on what faction you play with, which is incredibly enjoyable. Crucially, the factions are all really well balanced, so that every faction has a fair chance against every other. Together with expansive unit customisation and cool base expansion options, it makes for tremendously fun gameplay once you get a hold of the basic faction mechanics. On top of that, the soundtrack is wicked!

Real player with 39.6 hrs in game

Earth 2160 on Steam

Conquest: Frontier Wars

Conquest: Frontier Wars

Finally, my favourite childhood game is on Steam! This one is definitely a rare and well polished gem.

I have wasted spent countless hours playing this game and it is definitely worth checking out. It has some interesting concepts that rarely appear in other games, like playing across multiple maps, managing supply lines, special hero-like admirals, that make fleet management much easier.

The campaign storyline is somewhat linear, but very enjoyable and a great way to get into the game’s lore, which I find is one of the most fun aspects of the game.

Real player with 12.8 hrs in game

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one of the best RTS game i have aver played

Conquest:Frontier wars is a RTS like no other! every time you do battle you will get a newly created randomly battlefield and you can have up to 16 of them at once that are connected by wormholes! wormholes that you can build a “jumpgate” around that only lets allied units move through!

ships also have supplys! somthing i have not seen any other RTS do yet if your ship runs out of supplys they are dead in the water! all you have to do is make supply ships and your fleet will stay supplied!

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Conquest: Frontier Wars on Steam

Noble Armada: Lost Worlds

Noble Armada: Lost Worlds

Despite the fact I backed the game because of sentiment of the setting I quite suprised because I really enjoy it:) Especially, I love movement of the ship-as physicist I really enjoy it:) From my point of view it is very realistic

It is simple game, but with lot of possibility to play:)

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

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Poor. It is, more or less, about the quality of a cheap game from 1995 with poor documentation and mechanics. Worse, the campaign game is pretty buggy. I’ll probably put some more effort into learning/playing…maybe some of it is a learning curve and maybe some of it has a bug/fix/workaround.

Real player with 10.7 hrs in game

Noble Armada: Lost Worlds on Steam

Beyond Sol

Beyond Sol

This review is based on about 50 hrs play (of which maybe 10 away from screen), single player mode

In short you control a space ship, build a fleet of battle and support ships to accompany you, build a base and extend it, manage resources such as population, energy, credits and 6 material resources. Expand your territory with military bases and vanquish your neighbours. You win either by Economic, military or diplomatic achievements. The focus is on strategy rather than piloting/shooting skills of the ship you control.

Real player with 148.7 hrs in game

Here is my brutally honest review. Be forewarned that the game includes additional software which I will also be including in my review.

Compliance With EU

Not compliant. The game is made with unity and you may rest assured that the included spyware in this game will seamlessly slurp your browser data. It has neither an opt out or an opt in, and will seamlessly connect to without your knowledge until you happen to check your event logs after disconnecting from the internet. In the system events log it will happily appear as a warning that it has failed to resolve dns to

Real player with 108.4 hrs in game

Beyond Sol on Steam

Nomad Fleet

Nomad Fleet

Easily the best ten bucks I have ever spent.

It’s a simple enough concept - get your mother ship from over here on the galactic map… to over there… through hostile space.

The galactic map is made up of randomly generated tiles at the beginning of each new game. Most of the time you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into when you enter a sector. Sometimes you find a nice little debris field. After you wipe out a few enemies, you can sit back and relax with a nice cup of tea as your harvesters gather up the resources.

Real player with 43.7 hrs in game

Good game so far with potential for more. As many have pointed out its a cross between Homeworld and FTL.

Things that will really make this game shine is fleshing out the ships better. While you have many to build most feel .. lacking and without a uniqueness. In the end it becomes just a build quick and toss em at the enemy styled game. Much similiar to the tank rush tactics of the Command and Conquer Series.

The individual systems end up being repetitive. Within a few battles as you jump around the map you can tell upon landing what scenario it chose for you. The Randomness is also missing in these scenarios. You wind up ahead of time knowing where the enemy will jump into and having pilots and caps positioned at each point and waiting.

Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

Nomad Fleet on Steam

Space Fighters

Space Fighters

Considering that this is a single man developer releasing his first game, this game is very polished. The Gameplay is balanced and the UI is intuitive. This is a great simple game! I received a key for beta testing and was astonished by the dedication by the developer and his willingness to accept feedback that is actually implemented.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Space Fighters on Steam

Distant Worlds: Universe

Distant Worlds: Universe

This game should be fun, it looks like great fun and will lead you to expect that true enjoyment is just around the corner. However the fun you are anticipating will always be just beyond your fingertips until you finally get fed up and learn to stop trying, because in the end, there really isn’t any, just frustration at how this game could of been awesome.

1. The Crashes: This game crashes a lot, but only starts doing so after you have invested so much time into your save that you’re faced with abandoning an empire you have spent hours cultivating, or routinely losing 20-30 mins of progress or more depending on how long you set your autosaves to be. You may think the solution is to make autosaves more frequent, but once your game get’s to that point, it’s now taking 5+ minutes to save your game every time. If you can mke it to some real endgame points where you really are invested and theres multiple large, well developed empires that can truly challenge you, prepare for that to take even longer. Even better, reloading saves seems to randomly reset the enemy AI in certain ways that are difficult to immediately decipher but will become apparent eventually. For example, one game I manage to start getting friendly with a lot of empires that I had been trying to open free trade agreements with and suddenly they sort of cascade to where I want them to be, one after the other. Ok, not sure why but cool. Whoops, game crashed, reload autosave. Now all of a sudden, even though I followed the same actions I did last time, they’re all imposing trade sanctions and moving to war decing. Cool.

Real player with 564.9 hrs in game

An incredibly deep and rewarding game which has some of the deepest and advanced AI you may ever witness in a game, especially one of this scope. It’s clear the developers focused near purely on content over most other things for this game and unfortunately that comes at the cost of having a game that’s imposes a significant learning curve. Getting to grips with the UI will be a difficult romp, and the mass amount of options given to you will both satisfy veteran 4X players and discourage most beginners.

Real player with 463.9 hrs in game

Distant Worlds: Universe on Steam

Gemini Wars

Gemini Wars

“So i had around 40 hours in this game, it is not good it is not bad either. Missions lack in challenge, they are mostly the same, protect this, defeat that. The later part where the aliens apears was slightly better but i wish game is longer, more ship classes and details. However for people who like this kind of game its okay. Graphics, could be better, much better.

Would i recommend this game?

Game recieved many negative reviews,and mostly because it didnt deserve positive ones, for the current price of 14,99EUR i wouldnt recommend this game. If you find it on sale, for cheap, try it, you wont lost anything except few hours of your life. I would give positive on this one since i did had fun in skirmish with this game, and because i love some of the ship designs. Otherwise if there is neutral button i would hit instead.

Real player with 43.6 hrs in game

This game feels like it is still in beta with all the glitches.


Good concept. I enjoy how quickly bases can be built if you have the resources which makes comebacks not entirely out of the picture. Easy to pick up.


Ships will shake violently when trying to move and sometimes won’t even move when part of a large selected group. AI is horrible for skirmishes. I played a skirmish where the AI player sent its starting construction ship to where I was building my fleet about 5 minutes into the game and it was destroyed easily ending the game.

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

Gemini Wars on Steam

Star Trek: Starfleet Command Gold Edition

Star Trek: Starfleet Command Gold Edition

Between my times living inKansa,sw Florida and here in Arizona…I’ve logged a lot of time playing this game…it goes a long way trying to capture the game mechanics of the original game which it is based upon, Star Fleet Battles,they come reasonbably close with a few difference only a truist SFB player would notice.this game can ca be easy as a walk in the park or a true boat ride to Sto’vo’kohr without any adjustment to the difficulty level. The game serves the pvp’er vry well and there is also a thorough single player campaign, although it really only is an unending string of soprties versus mostly Orion Pirates in ships of commensurate size.

Real player with 180.8 hrs in game

Alright, so I’m NOT one of the people who couldn’t get this to work. It started out fun, but is riddled with an absolutely infuriating number of bugs and stupid oversights. For example, several missions have triggers based off retreating enemy forces. When you capture an enemy ship and it subsequently disengages, those triggers will still pop when they leave the map. This can easily lead to failed missions, something which is insanely frustrating.

Some of the more egregious examples of bugs/oversights…

Real player with 38.9 hrs in game

Star Trek: Starfleet Command Gold Edition on Steam




This is still being working on as of 2020

Remember that these are unofficial patches. BlackBox isnt designed to change the games vision only enhance it.

We almost have venus completed.

What is Venus? its the latest version of the BlackBox Code mod (unofficial patches) for stardrive.

More information here:

Major issues fixed:

Out of memory errors. OM MY GOD. FIXED. at least to the point they wont crash the game.

The game will run with 15k + ships and playable with max settings at 5k.

Real player with 336.3 hrs in game

Warning - this is long

I found Stardrive ages ago and saw a lot of good things about it. It was in alpha/beta though and Steam was nice enough to point me at the products webpage, because as handy as steam is they cant list all of a products features on their little webpage (I dont think it had the read more tabs at the time). Looking at the developers product page and seeing youtube videos of what you are going to purchase is just good consumer behavior so that you know what you are purchasing. It looked really interesting and offered things such as

Real player with 191.1 hrs in game

StarDrive on Steam