Nomads of Driftland

Nomads of Driftland

Very entertaining game with innovative mechanisms. I can recommend this title to all RTS and god game fans. It felt great to move islands around the world, discover new lands to unlock new units. Unlike in Driftland base game, this free expansion allows the player to manually control the units and does not provide multiple choices of buildings to build, which makes the player have to combine and explore new lands to diversify their kingdom.

Do not get discouraged by the maps order. It seems that it is sorted by mission type, and it felt little boring to play three defences in a row, but it gets better later on. However, be aware that the maps are challenging.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

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So much to do with the free content, I can only imagine what the game is like once you purchase it. So much potential. I’m a big fan of the Nomads aspect which feels more like an RTS to me. The base game is more economy and micromanaging but harder to deal with threats because it is so limiting on defense.

Real player with 13.3 hrs in game

Nomads of Driftland on Steam

Terra Incognito - Antarctica 1911

Terra Incognito - Antarctica 1911

This is a very fun game and for only 3 dollars. Good for if you are stuck at home and need to pass the time.

Real player with 19.6 hrs in game

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Great game. Addictive. You’ll keep coming back to it!

Real player with 17.9 hrs in game

Terra Incognito - Antarctica 1911 on Steam

Squirrel Forest

Squirrel Forest

Squirrel Forest

If you were asked how you imagine an apocalypse you would probably mention zombies or a nuclear winter. This is not what happened to the squirrels, however. Deforestation is enough. Their habitats were destroyed. Food sources diminished. All hope is lost… Unless, you step in and help to guide two squirrel brothers Zen and Ven on this quest to restore the harmony in the forest.


The game is currently undergoing a design overhaul and is in early development stages. Please be patient!

Short Term Goal

Survive, gather resources and save fellow squirrels. They will join you and help you to restore the forest.

Long term goal

Re-plant the whole forest and ensure the survival of the species.

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Squirrel Forest on Steam

War Of The Zombie

War Of The Zombie

Like the best indie games this would be a well remembered classic had it been released twenty years ago.

Currently it plays like a mixture of X-Com in the turnbased strategic element and Microprose Special Forces (from the early 1990’s) in the realtime tactical battles. “Z-Com” is a quite accurate fan description.

While this is a port from a mobile game it is quite good already and the developers are planning to expand it into “PC possibilities” beyond the limits of the mobile original. The developers are quite active and responsive on the forums and there is already more content than there was in the mobile original with even more planned.

Real player with 186.2 hrs in game

As a rule, I absolutely detest zombie games. You can’t throw a dead cat into a Steam new releases list and not hit five different ones every day. On the other hand, holy crap do I love XCOM (I played the Microprose original that came on four 3.5" disks), so against my better judgement I took a chance on this WotZ.

I have been very, very pleasantly surprised by what I got, too. The tactical game, while seemingly simplistic (real-time only), is still fun and it really does create that cinema feel of trying to hold off an endless horde against all hope. But it was the strategy aspect that really won me over. A lot of work into planning & executing a solid stragey layer to this - one of the best I’ve seen in a long time, in fact. You begin with an aircraft carrier - a mobile base, if you will - from which to launch your missions. Over time, however, that won’t cut it as it can’t be everywhere at once, and you will need to be every where at once. So you can build up to four land bases and kit those out as well. In other words, they combined the base building of the original XCOM with the mobile base concept of XCOM2 at the same time. Woot!

Real player with 59.5 hrs in game

War Of The Zombie on Steam

Best Life Simulator

Best Life Simulator

cant believe i paid for this .i must have been drunk because the mechanics of the game and flow and ill be polite here ……leave a lot to be desired… to the devs: how about making it easier to succeed at something instead of struggling to stay alive with just eating and buying medicine ?because chance alogirythm is way off ive played for awhile a cant achieve alot.but none the less ill change my review if you produce a manual on how to do anything .it just seems to me that developers are just throwing shit up on steam under the ruse of calling it a game….

Real player with 55.9 hrs in game

I really like this game, since it is refreshing. It’s a shame because I am stuck on level 9. This game keeps crashing when I try to do ANYTHING. Like… anything…… I want to give it a thumbs up, but until the crashes get fixed, it will remain a thumbs down.

Real player with 20.7 hrs in game

Best Life Simulator on Steam



Civlands is a minimalist hybrid mix combining fan favorite elements from popular RTS titles with classic turn-based gameplay. The result is like none other; command a feudal empire from its start and strive to be the dominant civilization in an ever-changing medieval fantasy world. Will you be the number one civ?

  • Simplistic, retro pixel art. Civlands aims to focus less on high fidelity graphics and rather high fidelity gameplay. Each unit is represented by a single pixel, its only distinguishing mark beings its color. Despite its simplicity, it makes for exceptionally smooth gameplay and management that would not be possible otherwise.

  • Randomly generated maps, procedurally created with care. Each game is entirely unique, some games will offer you a distinct advantage, some a disadvantage, and some will be mediocre. Every game guarantees a new experience from the start each time.

  • Victory more than one way. The objective of each match is to achieve victory, either through military domination, political prowess, economic superiority, or knowledge.

  • AI opponents. Face off against up to 9 other AI civilizations all vying for world domination. Each AI has uniquely generated attributes that will affect their economic, military, and political focus.

  • Fog of War. Play your game with fog of war for increased tactics and rewarded exploration.

  • Diplomacy. Talk to other civilizations through diplomacy and negotiate trade deals, declare war, conspire against other civilizations, and more.

  • An ever changing world. Just as a real world changes, so does Civland’s. Experience spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons which will affect combat, economic production, random events, and the environment.

  • Guard your borders. Spend influence to grow your borders and extend your political power. Stay inside your borders and expand for steady and safe domination or risk building outside its safety and face the dangers the wild has to offer.

  • Control without the headaches. Each unit has built in AI that makes it (somewhat) smart. Developed to avoid unnecessary micromanagement, you have the control to guide and configure when you want so that you don’t have to stress about every unit’s whereabouts at any time.

  • Progress! Upgrade your buildings, research new technologies, and develop your government.

  • Random Events. Experience unique randomly generated events that are based around the context of each game. These events can drastically affect gameplay, providing fantastic bonuses, mini-quests, or negative side effects.

  • Government. Develop and manage your government to prevent civil anarchy. Invest influence to shape your government through a unique, branching tree that will affect your civilization’s combat, economic, and political power.

Civlands is a labor of love created by a team of one. It intends to fully release in mid to late 2020 (that’s right folks, it won’t be a neglected early access money grabbing title!) Future updates after release, such as multiplayer/remote play/splitscreen may be added. Please “follow” for updates on development progress!

Civlands on Steam



Good game has it’s pros and cons



Nice gameplay

Easy control



Good/challenging missions


Mission 7’s impossible


Gets repetative after a while

No mods :(

Old game (2002)

Pathfinding AI is quite bad

Real player with 67.9 hrs in game

If everything goes right, that means EVERYTHING goes wrong.

Real player with 34.7 hrs in game

EMERGENCY 2 on Steam

Pandemic: The Virus Outbreak

Pandemic: The Virus Outbreak

The Idea used for making this game is good but it needed more substance, the game is already over when started and there are no notes of what each of the percentages do in each tab, at least you have written the rate of increase in the right hand format and total increase in left hand format for more clarification. Anyway this game doesn’t have much of an understanding to the impact of virus in world since after 10% infection rate you will become a criminal of Humanity. This game has potential so develop it more. That’s all i have to say.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

i think the developer of this game is biased when it comes to the current real life situation when it comes to closing down the government because it is impossible to win if you decide to no shut down anything no matter how much propaganda you use how can you go form a hospital capacity of only 19% full too 124% full if you accept the donation to ease the work load of your hospitals and everything is 10 dollars form vaccine development too growing your hospital capacity and propaganda which would be fine if you didn’t start the game with only 40 dollars and make getting money very slow no matter how much your economy grows if you choose not to shut down and with an unemployment rate of 0% and if you choose not to close the economy in the pop up and ignore the WHO you lose almost immediately and this is when the infection rate is less then 1% in your country this is like playing a political simulator game where you can chose which party to play as but if you didn’t chose the party of the developer no matter what you do as the opposing government party you cant win unless the unbalancing changes when you chose not to shut down everything my review wont change

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Pandemic: The Virus Outbreak on Steam

Prometheus: Omex Rising

Prometheus: Omex Rising

PROMΞTHΞUS is a singleplayer/cooperative game that takes place in the distant future, where humanity has taken an endeavor to a distant sci-fi planet, known as Orpheus. Here the player fights super-advanced and intelligent AI that reacts based on your actions within the game. Survival is the key element in PROMΞTHΞUS.

Prometheus: Omex Rising on Steam



It is the year 1984. A lonely computer programmer is found dead in front of a teletype terminal, bad garage rock blasting in his room. The last application he ran? snake::reloaded.

snake::reloaded is an immersive story-driven classic snake game, enjoyed through the beauty of an 80x25 text-based interface. The rules are simple - collect fruit, grow longer, and finish the level.

Find out what happens to the warring factions of the Planet of the Snakes! Use special abilities and items such as your armor, portals and even time reversal to aid in your quest.

snake::reloaded on Steam