Prometheus: Omex Rising

Prometheus: Omex Rising

PROMΞTHΞUS is a singleplayer/cooperative game that takes place in the distant future, where humanity has taken an endeavor to a distant sci-fi planet, known as Orpheus. Here the player fights super-advanced and intelligent AI that reacts based on your actions within the game. Survival is the key element in PROMΞTHΞUS.

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Prometheus: Omex Rising on Steam



Good game, I very much enjoyed it.

As I see some reviews, I feel I should write something that ‘overcomes’ them all - well, I cant do that. But… This is finished game, balanced and polished. Long enough - maybe 14 hours to end story mode. Some levels are harder than others, not overwhelming, so game difficulty (adjustable: easy, normal, hard)is fine.

It brought me memories of Xenon II Megablast - my favorite shmup of all time - you have to even collect little balls from dead enemies, except story mode can’t be played through on one session (thankfully) and the music is not as good and…

Real player with 28.4 hrs in game

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I actually do recommend Stellatum, but it comes with an awfully long list of qualifiers to that and a lot of issues, so this is marked not recommended for those who are looking for the problems with the game as there may very well be dealbreakers in here for you. I could not in good conscience recommend it to just anyone who likes space shooters. If you don’t mind the things I’m about to mention though, then I can fully recommend it.

So first off, other negative reviews have stated that the component parts you need to craft items are really random. This is true, you will often be missing key pieces. As you get into later levels, more pieces drop, but more are needed, so this doesn’t help much. Fortunately, there is also a universal item drop that every enemy drops which lets you craft any component part you need. This isn’t mentioned anywhere in the tutorial and it’s not especially obvious on the crafting screen you can do this, but it means playing through each level once will typically give you enough parts to build anything you need, but you may need to craft specific parts at times.

Real player with 26.9 hrs in game


Supreme Commander 2

Supreme Commander 2

As a stand-alone game it is amazing. But compared to the previous to Supreme Commander games this is a major step down. Remember how there were huge tech trees? such as the tier one factory can upgrade to the teir two which unlocked more units, well thats all gone. Instead now you build a research station which slowly gains research points which you use to upgrade your units not unlock new ones. Remember how you could choose a commander to start the game with? well now it is story based so you have to play the commanders in order (UEF, AEON the Cybran). Explosions are amazingly downgraded aswell. Remember the satisfaction of destroying a commander and watching a huge nuclear blast spread and destroy their base? Well now the commander explodes in a small blast and and all the oppents units die at once. Also all of the experimental units are extremely nerfed remember the AEON saucer? now it is smaller and much weaker, send 7 intercepters at it and it’s gone. The Cybran spider bot has been turned into a crappy little beetle bot which are so easy to defeat they’re in the first mission. All shields are the same size now (small, unless your counting huge UEF shield in the DLC) and instead of them all blocking shots the Aeon and Cybran shields let 15% of shots through! and now all shields look the same aswell. But the most annoying thing, the most annoying thing of them all is that everything you build counts as a unit. No more unlimited turrent defences, no unlimited shield protection and no more complex base defences. If you’re reading this review before buying the previous games then buy this game first or dont buy it at all

Real player with 25.9 hrs in game

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–-{Graphics/Art Style}—

☐ It’s the Matrix

☐ Beautiful

☑ Meh

☐ Paint.exe

☐ It looks like that one Rambo game everyone forgot about


☑ Fantastic

☐ Good

☐ Meh

☐ Having just the base controls doesn’t count as gameplay

☐ Staring at walls is better


☐ Audiophile’s wet dream

☑ Good

☐ Meh

☐ Early 1990’s TV static sounds better

☐ Crickets


☐ Mick Gordon’s music or equivalent

☐ Good

☑ Meh

☐ It’s not winning any awards

☐ Nickelback level of quality

—{PC Requirements}—

Real player with 23.4 hrs in game

Supreme Commander 2 on Steam

Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander

Imagine a 6 year old boy just learning how play video games being sat down and shown this game. giant robots, lasers, cannons, etc… It boggled my 6 year old mind. I spent much of my early childhood playing this game on my brothers steam account. of course as i got older i moved onto other things such as minecraft because i had no friends my age who played strategy games like i did. as time went on i eased back into strategy games such as Civ 5, hearts of iron, men of war, planetary anhilliation. Then i met a friend in 7th grade that had the same love of strategy games like i did. He had just moved from florida to wisconsin and i was the first friend he had at school. Him and i were sort of bullied and we grew very close. I later learnt that he loved the game supreme commander as i did. i bought the game for my own steam account and the game that fostered my love of video games and strategy was soon remembered. He and i spent hours going home after school and playing this game. unfortunetly as i graduated i moved to california and he moved to virginia. Me and my friend slowly stopped playing video games as my friend had started switching to consul games. by the time i was in california i had stopped playing supreme commander again and played other games. then about 1 month ago i saw my supreme commander game in the top left corner of the screen. i clicked on it and the nostalgia came flooding in. this game helped me evolve into what i am today. I sat there thinking back to playing this game when i was little but sucking at it, but i remember having a blast. then i remembered my friend from middle school, how we came so close, the drifted so far away. I will always cherish this game, i will always remember this game for the true joy it gave me. i dont know if anyone will read this review considering it is 2019 now, but if there is someone out there who reads this, just know that this game is special and i want you and everyone else to experience it. if you want to play against me sometime add me on steam and send me a message or on discord Bashar al-Assad#8760

Real player with 253.9 hrs in game

The spiritual successor to Total Annihilation. If you loved playing T.A. back in the day, then you’ll feel right at home.

9 out of 10 - A phenomenal RTS game that, in my opinion, is far better than other titans in the genre. It may not have the graphics or popularity that Starcraft does, but the overall mechanics, maps, economy, and general gameplay feel much more polished (please don’t @ me). Who wouldn’t want to watch 250+ tanks, submarines, gunships, bombers, assault bots, and warships obliterate each other in a tremendously satisfying fashion? Seriously, maybe check out a random ‘Let’s Play’ video on YouTube if you’re interested.

Real player with 80.7 hrs in game

Supreme Commander on Steam



When I came to Zero-K a few years back, I thought it was just another TA clone with improved graphics. It turns out that I have a weird taste for RTS graphics and Zero-K’s graphics supposedly suck. Either way, this game is about depth if anything. I’ve played over 5000 matches, yet there are still strategies and tricks to explore.

I’m mostly a fan of competitive play, so this is what this review focuses on.

Comparing ZK to other strategy games, you’ll notice that it has a lot less rules. While there is a very basic economy that needs to be carefully maintained for competitive play, there are hardly any “wrong” openings. In the early game it’s very important to scout your opponent’s opening and react accordingly, as games can be decided very quickly. This phase demands good micro and APM to make the most out of the few units you have.

Real player with 5537.4 hrs in game

Completely ripping out my old review on this game for a new one. Into the rabbithole we go!

I would say, as a TL;DR right out the gate, that this is hands-down, the best RTS I have ever played for coop and campaign content.

The amount of content in this singleplayer/coop campaign is MASSIVE. Hours upon hours upon hours of content for most players. While speeding through it is entirely possible, it’s usually not how new players explore the game.

Additionally, the actual tactical diversity, choice, exploration, and creativity of the game’s mechanics is unparalleled by any RTS I have ever played. Easily.

Real player with 702.8 hrs in game

Zero-K on Steam

Executive Assault

Executive Assault

Before starting, Im giving a disclaimer. THIS GAME PROBABLY WONT BE UPDATED MUCH ANYMORE. There wont be more content coming. What you buy is what you get. There isnt DLC’s. And Im not 100% you get my golden rule of 1 hour for 1 dollar of playtime for this game. Now I’m gonna do nothing the negative reviews ive seen say, but explain why there isnt more content. There is a 1 man dev team and hes coming out with the sequel set in SPACE GET HYPE. Look up exec assault two and he has frequent updates and photos and gifs from what hes working on. And he gets a Sh*t ton of respect from me from being a solo dev.

Real player with 32.9 hrs in game

This has the potential to be an awesome game. What you can play of it is rather enjoyable. As far as alpha’s go, it’s great. But the developer seems to think it’s full release. And is working on Executive Assault 2. So, I don’t forsee a significant amount of development happening on this, especially considering the patch release history prior to working on EA2.

That said, I will probably purchase EA2. From what I read it’s a single individual who makes the full game, which makes this kind of an incredible project, and if that game gets more developed than this, I’ll very likely recommend it.

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

Executive Assault on Steam



I’ve been playing phr00t’s games since 3079 (great game in its own right!) and I think this is the best combination of the exploration, kill, loot, upgrade cycle which characterize his rpg-type games.

The loot/repair upgrade system in this game is addicting and definitely doesn’t dole out the good drops like before making the rewards and choices more meaningful. The environment is more streamlined and part of the gameplay, I always felt cover was just a dive or dash away and maintaining jet energy has real consequences with the acid river always below. The shooting feels nice and the new combat mechanic of hitting critical areas on enemies makes even the toughest ROMBIES victim to a carefully planned shot! I really like the cryptocoin economy even though it hasn’t worked out for me yet, it’s awesome making investments and hoping they come through! The standard credits economy is also very well balanced and there are always things to buy as having a surplus of money means you can move faster between areas. The story and writing in general are quite barebones and not as engaging to me as in 5089 but I do like how this game has a few set pieces and story parts. The sound is a step up from previous titles and the soundtrack is great as always.

Real player with 62.7 hrs in game

A phr00t FPS where you can be a head-sniping ninja robot frankenstein who jetpacks across a long series of bleak abstract floating islands filled with infinitely re-spawning modular machines which you harvest for upgrades by leading them into quiet corners and shooting them in the head with projectile-based (not hitscan) self-recharging energy weapons.


Robot mugging simulator.


ROMBIE is a ‘real’ shooter, in the sense that aim is a huge part of combat. All the guns shoot slow-moving projectiles which force you to lead your targets a lot more than in your typical “modern” Battlefield-style shooter, and enemies in the game will be far more reliable at shooting you than you, them (which is why you gotta get up close). ROMBIE starts out tough and continues to be dangerous throughout. You’ll be doing a lot of shooting and fleeing (..or cloaking).

Real player with 39.1 hrs in game

ROMBIE on Steam

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

This game…

Well, I can honestly say that it is not only one of the best games I’ve ever played, but I would also dare to state that -in my opinion- this is THE best RTS of all time (possibly excluding Total Annihilation, I’ve never played that.)

Attention: If you just want to see my rating of this game, skip right down ahead to the bottom of the review.

Okay, so assuming you didn’t just skip all this, here comes a more in-depth explanation.

This is an RTS, real-time strategy, but you’ve probably already figured that out. Firstly, I will go over the base story, which is told during the opening cutscene. (You’re totally free to skip the story part too, if you want to. Just scroll right down a bit, I will mark it off with a few —-)

Real player with 401.5 hrs in game

Just a heads up, this is my first review so I apologize in advance for any suckyness. Also I have played much more off of steam. Also this goes for both games.

The best game “ever” is a very hotly disputed subject. Most people say it’s WOW, or Halo, or CS go, or COD, or Shadow of the Collosus, or some other game with a big fandom. All things considered, I say this one, because I truly believe it has (almost) every aspect of the ideal, at least strategy, game.

Great Interface

Real player with 266.0 hrs in game

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance on Steam

Rusted Warfare - RTS

Rusted Warfare - RTS

OVERALL: Excellent simple game presenting solid RTS fundamentals with a non-threatening interface. Limited balance issues (but nothing super OP) and occasionally awkward pathfinding occur, but the simplicity and variety of gameplay through such simple mechanics plus a reliable lobby system makes the game a ton of fun.


  • Units and economy are simple. At time of writing, there’s only one resource to track (though the dev does plan to add more forms of economy later), and units don’t have “special activated abilities”, they just shoot stuff. Some shoot up, some can’t; some shoot long, some short. Dev’s done a really good job of balancing basic play styles so most games are pretty fun.

Real player with 483.1 hrs in game

What can I say. I love RTS games, and this fits into the catagory of what I love IN a RTS game. It has amazing diversity, the AI keeps you on your toes, custom maps, mods, and the multiplayer is very easy to set up. This is a gem of a game, im excited to see what it will hold in the future.



+Many maps + custom maps makes good replay value

+Multiplayer is very easy to use, and setting up a game with friends is quick

+Unit diversity is ever expanding, from many types of aircraft to mech

Real player with 149.7 hrs in game

Rusted Warfare - RTS on Steam

Siege of Centauri

Siege of Centauri

Siege of Centauri is one of the best looking tower defence games available and as a tower defence aficionado, I would say it is worth playing.

Forgive the comparison, but Siege of Centauri was clearly made by and for people who are looking to scratch their Defense Grid itch. It turns out that Siege of Centauri has some fairly obvious references in it that pay homage to Defense Grid, namely the interface looks almost like it was lifted from Defense Grid and some of the music too. It also has a similar story with advisers popping up between missions to brief you on what the mysterious enemy is up to.

Real player with 48.6 hrs in game

I don’t play many tower defense games. It’s essentially a puzzle, where you try to figure out the most efficient combinations of towers and placements to defend your base. There are features that let you see what is coming, and once you learn the units and iconography, you can definitely develop strategies and plans ahead of time. There are terrific controls for difficulty, as well as mechanics that let you customize and upgrade your available tower selection. I also see capabilities for a survival mode (defend as long as you can) and custom map development. I think there might also be an intent to support steam workshop, so that mods and custom maps can be shared.

Real player with 41.2 hrs in game

Siege of Centauri on Steam