I have owned Realpolitks for a week now, so far I love it. It is a very good Grand Strategy Game, many people don’t like it and I see why, however here are the pros and cons in my opinion.


  • You can play as every country in the world, minus a few very small countries (e.g Figi).

  • You can start in the years 2020, 2050 and 2222, which all have different countries and starting points.

  • Very good starter game for anyone wishing to get into the Grand Strategy Genre, not to many aspects to learn, quite minimal.

Real player with 215.7 hrs in game

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Realpolitiks Review

Nostalgia Goggles Factor: None

Crash Factor: Crashless

Bug Factor: High

A Polish-made Grand Strategy game set in our Information age. Starting in 2020.

The Good

  • 3 starting dates; 2020, being similar to our world today, 2050, a post-apocalyptic setting and 2222, where nearly every province is it’s own country.

  • Play as any country.

  • Every start date has it’s own time limit, 2020 ends in 2100, for example. When the end date is reached, the country with the highest score will be the winner. However, it can be much more fun to simply ignore the score game and just play it like a sandbox, setting your own goals. You can play past the end date.

Real player with 152.9 hrs in game

Realpolitiks on Steam

Death Trader: Cold War

Death Trader: Cold War

This game was great! It was super fun and im suprised its not more laggy and gltchy than it is, i was sceptical buying it but im glad i did, lots of fun, you need to fix a few bugs but i loved it otherwise and suggest you buy it! One thing I would like to see is things like being able to change the time you start like 1960, 62', 65, etc. I would also like to see more weapons from more country’s, I would like a variety in this game.

Real player with 31.1 hrs in game

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Oct 28

The game has a few kinks but the dev(s?) have been quick to patch. It is worthwhile, especially on sale. I’ve not been able to get more than 2 years into the 30 that the game has due to bugs but I’ve gotten a lot of fun out of it.

Nov 8

I can now play 15 out of the 30 years of the game before it crashes or becomes unplayable. The majority of the early bugs are gone, the gameplay is more user friendly with a better ui/tooltip, was a fun game before but it’s even better now. The devs may have released it prematurely, even as early access, but it’s been rapidly improved.

Real player with 18.7 hrs in game

Death Trader: Cold War on Steam

Shadow Council: The Puppeteers

Shadow Council: The Puppeteers

First of all: I do this Review especially for the developers, since I hope they will read this and respond, like they did with other Reviews.

The game has a pretty cool idea and really nice concept, however there are some slight issues or rather.. inconveniences?

For example there is a common lack of transparancy, you really should get much more information about who supports you, how much money do you get, what will exactly happen if youdo this or that - a good idea to achieve this would be the implentation of things like “military support-23% conservatives support 75% socialist support 1%”.

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

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Honestly the game has died, for $15 this is very unfilled and doesn’t have content. The game is basically a wait along that pits you against a country (or more fittingly it’s many different provinces which I will admit have a good tid bit of backstory) fighting to get the people to uprise against their government. The game is a shell, a husk waiting to be filled by content like (not story) mechanics, game speeds, a pause option, and other valid criticisms made by the buyers of this.

And if the developer answers this, I have seen you comment and try to communicate with the community but honestly I have not seen many updates actually be fulfilled and action being done. Please, if you want to improve your game then stop using the good ol' politician’s response of promising and waiting for it all to blow right over.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Shadow Council: The Puppeteers on Steam

Act of War: Direct Action

Act of War: Direct Action

A superb, well detailed RTS where a varied army composition is needed and diverse strategies are key to victory as combat can end quickly and brutally. Gameplay is a great mix of casual and hardcore RTS with the usual base building and unit deployment except resources aren’t found in deposits instead are earned either from POW’s or finite oil fields/banks/ammo bunkers. Buildings also utilize realistic gameplay so you’ll have to MedEvac injured troops to field hospitals or ferry a heavily damaged vehicle to a repair depot. Lastly buildings can be garrisoned on different levels when the building provides like on the roof or other visible floors to defend from not just within the structure. Infantry units can depending on the unit type go prone stance for camouflage and gain additional cover at the cost of speed as well as storm a garrisoned building with varying levels of success depending on unit type. Sometimes your units or the enemy’s forces have a chance to survive a battle due to either heavy injuries or are part of a surviving vehicle crew unless captured, repatriate or healed they will eventually bleed to death or stay put for the enemy’s gain. Killing POW’s is useless unless to prevent them from exposing your stealth units so your better off getting them for more money. Vehicles like infantry aren’t all around powerful units so you can’t zerg in this RTS thankfully. Aircraft are treated as off-map support with varying aircraft for different sortie missions but all can be shot down if not properly deployed or if the Air Control Tower gets destroyed. WMD’s are in-game too but whats unique as well is counter WMD defensive teach to prevent such disaster. As your units gain veterancy they will become generally more effective and even heal/repair when idle so its best to keep your army well supported in the long term. Each faction is unique with their own tech trees, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The US Armed Forces has specialized firepower but needs electricity and descend their DEFCON alert level to access and maintain new tech. Task Force Talon is all about speed and flexability not needing electricity for a direct tech tree but doesn’t have the punch of the other two factions. The Consortium lastly requires you to use all of your units to get the best out of them. The story and characters are set in a well made semi-futuristic Military Sci-Fi theme with an interesting cast and a simple but effective plot that’s better, more interesting then most RTS stories especially if your a fan of Tom Clancy’s style writing though the main antagonist doesn’t have the same impact as say Kane of Nod is like. Cutscenes are made using a combination of real actors and CGI giving a nice cinematic feel for each missions all in a more realistic, gritty, serious take on the genre that’s more engaging and enjoyable then just a simple briefing. Missions have great variety that makes you utilize different strategic skills without being unfair with great AI as you increase the difficulty. Multiplayer is available as well with optional AI enemies or allies in good number of maps and nice number of game modes though its not functional online as its GameSpy so you’ll need 3rd party software like Hamachi or Game Ranger to do so. Graphics are dated and some animations too but it still has great detail with unit interactions, building functions, battlefield scarring and no unit limit help make it still impressive. Audio is passable with mostly similar unit dialogue and the soundtrack is good but limited. In summery a well made RTS despite its age for those wanting to find that niche for an in between casual and hardcore experience and more depth then to simply zerg.

Real player with 24.9 hrs in game


Act of War: Direct Action is a tactical RTS game set in the near future, which tells us the story of the conflict between US forces and terrorist baddie who went full mad berserk mode and almost made it to Nuclear war. Original game was released in 2005, so this is more of a retrospective review, as judging the game according to modern standards would be wrong.

A drama behind the scene:

From the actual announcement, Act of War was possessed as a straight rival to C&C Generals. I still have that fancy magazine where journalist made a review, calling AoW a killer of Generals. In all honesty, even if developers did not initially plan to fight C&C on their own field, the rumors and speculations aren’t born on empty place: both games really have similar gamestyle and gameplay, despite, quite often, having somewhat different approaches.

Real player with 24.2 hrs in game

Act of War: Direct Action on Steam

COVID: The Outbreak

COVID: The Outbreak

get it in 80% off

one of the best game during Lockdown or Quarintie or stay at home order !

compared to another Honor/ shooting / War fighting games flooding in Ste-am Va-lve playing million per day

this is great education game for upperclass and Private school or mutilanguastic or Frequency traveler to learn how the Commerical tycoon/Politican thinking

however according to mogolia/KAKZ conlony PRC citizen think , the wuhan bio-Weapon dead rate is 5% but if they don’t Work in nightlife, the dead rate is 100%

Real player with 21.2 hrs in game

So I found this game by a pure accident a couple hours before getting published and rushed to buy it, hoping to find a game that’s complex, detailed, realistic and most importantly, let’s me cope with the zombie apocalypse going currently in the world and the quarantine shitshow.

The game turned out to be exactly what I expected and far more, the amount of data available is truly astonishing and immersive, all the actions you can take, quarantine, public order maintenance, research, border closing, decisions you have to make during various random events that can appear, all this makes for an excellent simulation, and the fact that I’ve received a product that already looks very polished despite probably being made rather quickly is mindblowing. I really hope it’ll be updated accordingly as the situation develops and more knowledge about the virus will be gained.

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

COVID: The Outbreak on Steam



BUT - Alright another 300 hours down the tube and I have to amend nearly all of the below. There are mechanics in the game that allow for players that are in your coalition (Alliance) to move freely through your territory. Which is great in theory; until it cannot be revoked. There is a leave timer for your alliance set at 24 hours; the player leaving can start and stop this timer as many times as they please to get just the right amount of time to land in your homeland cities effectively removing you from the round. You will find a great many people hanging around trolling with this mechanic. So much so that any alliance made in a round is more dangerous to you than helpful. In speaking with staff, I’ve been told the same rules apply here for people legitimately playing as those whom are trolling. So; what this boils down to is if you want to invest upwards of 40 days in a round where someone will gleefully destroy themselves and you for the joy harassing another on the internet; or not. If you want to pay for this experience or not.

Real player with 2675.0 hrs in game

I like to play the game but it has a option for total paytowin. It destroys most rounds if someone spent alot gold to repair units, sabotage your city you cant counter. I understand that deployers need money but like in most games pay to win is the wrong way. Shame since it is a grat game.

Play Example:

I played Japan it is round 18 on a 24 hour cycle so i spent around 2 1/2 weeks in this round allready.

I managed get a coalition going with surrounding neighbors.

A few Ships are defending the Coasts and Industry is looking good.

Real player with 612.5 hrs in game


Pandemic: The Virus Outbreak

Pandemic: The Virus Outbreak

The Idea used for making this game is good but it needed more substance, the game is already over when started and there are no notes of what each of the percentages do in each tab, at least you have written the rate of increase in the right hand format and total increase in left hand format for more clarification. Anyway this game doesn’t have much of an understanding to the impact of virus in world since after 10% infection rate you will become a criminal of Humanity. This game has potential so develop it more. That’s all i have to say.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

i think the developer of this game is biased when it comes to the current real life situation when it comes to closing down the government because it is impossible to win if you decide to no shut down anything no matter how much propaganda you use how can you go form a hospital capacity of only 19% full too 124% full if you accept the donation to ease the work load of your hospitals and everything is 10 dollars form vaccine development too growing your hospital capacity and propaganda which would be fine if you didn’t start the game with only 40 dollars and make getting money very slow no matter how much your economy grows if you choose not to shut down and with an unemployment rate of 0% and if you choose not to close the economy in the pop up and ignore the WHO you lose almost immediately and this is when the infection rate is less then 1% in your country this is like playing a political simulator game where you can chose which party to play as but if you didn’t chose the party of the developer no matter what you do as the opposing government party you cant win unless the unbalancing changes when you chose not to shut down everything my review wont change

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Pandemic: The Virus Outbreak on Steam