Civlands is a minimalist hybrid mix combining fan favorite elements from popular RTS titles with classic turn-based gameplay. The result is like none other; command a feudal empire from its start and strive to be the dominant civilization in an ever-changing medieval fantasy world. Will you be the number one civ?

  • Simplistic, retro pixel art. Civlands aims to focus less on high fidelity graphics and rather high fidelity gameplay. Each unit is represented by a single pixel, its only distinguishing mark beings its color. Despite its simplicity, it makes for exceptionally smooth gameplay and management that would not be possible otherwise.

  • Randomly generated maps, procedurally created with care. Each game is entirely unique, some games will offer you a distinct advantage, some a disadvantage, and some will be mediocre. Every game guarantees a new experience from the start each time.

  • Victory more than one way. The objective of each match is to achieve victory, either through military domination, political prowess, economic superiority, or knowledge.

  • AI opponents. Face off against up to 9 other AI civilizations all vying for world domination. Each AI has uniquely generated attributes that will affect their economic, military, and political focus.

  • Fog of War. Play your game with fog of war for increased tactics and rewarded exploration.

  • Diplomacy. Talk to other civilizations through diplomacy and negotiate trade deals, declare war, conspire against other civilizations, and more.

  • An ever changing world. Just as a real world changes, so does Civland’s. Experience spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons which will affect combat, economic production, random events, and the environment.

  • Guard your borders. Spend influence to grow your borders and extend your political power. Stay inside your borders and expand for steady and safe domination or risk building outside its safety and face the dangers the wild has to offer.

  • Control without the headaches. Each unit has built in AI that makes it (somewhat) smart. Developed to avoid unnecessary micromanagement, you have the control to guide and configure when you want so that you don’t have to stress about every unit’s whereabouts at any time.

  • Progress! Upgrade your buildings, research new technologies, and develop your government.

  • Random Events. Experience unique randomly generated events that are based around the context of each game. These events can drastically affect gameplay, providing fantastic bonuses, mini-quests, or negative side effects.

  • Government. Develop and manage your government to prevent civil anarchy. Invest influence to shape your government through a unique, branching tree that will affect your civilization’s combat, economic, and political power.

Civlands is a labor of love created by a team of one. It intends to fully release in mid to late 2020 (that’s right folks, it won’t be a neglected early access money grabbing title!) Future updates after release, such as multiplayer/remote play/splitscreen may be added. Please “follow” for updates on development progress!

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Civlands on Steam



How do I end my subscription? Please end my subscription

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

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Gestaltor on Steam

Rival Nation Wars

Rival Nation Wars

Very addicting game! brings back good memories, fun game-play, loving the playing 2 player mode!

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

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Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Rival Nation Wars on Steam

Angry Giant

Angry Giant

Nice Action - CHECK

Cool Soundtrack - CHECK

Retro Style - CHECK

Weird Story - CHECK

Varied - CHECK

Flying on a Dragon - CHECK

Smashing Humans - CHECk.

Punishing Humans- CHEck..

Eating Humans - CHeck… ehm.

Naked Giant - Check….. whoa whoa whoa! What the Heck am i playing????

Welcome to ANGRY GIANT!

At first, before we start with the Review, let me tell you something i

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER said before in one of my Reviews.

G A M I N G M A S T E R P I E C E I N C O M I N G ! ! ! ! ! !

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

Platform puzzleish with metroidvania progression and rpg grind. Content is solid, fun graphics, music, art and humor are charming, retro throwback. Controls are awkward and structure of the game is too grindy for me but it is amusing to do even simple things because of physics and overall craziness. it is also annoying to do simple things because of physics and craziness. This is that kind of game. It has too much going on; it’s sometimes hard to get to the part you like. Plenty of bugs which have been fixed quickly thus far. B-

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

Angry Giant on Steam

Earth 2160

Earth 2160

Earth 2160 is a somewhat unappreciated RTS with a number of nice features mixed in with a truckload of bland. It will provide some decent entertainment in the here and now but it will never be remembered for anything.

Earth 2160 sets you in the future, corporations fight for control over the Solar System’s dwindling resources as a new discovery rocks the power structure and sets the game’s events in motion. As you start out you get to play as either a generic male dominated corporation or the curiously female dominated Mars corporation. They both, not surprisingly, turn out to be evil rather quickly into the campaign and you eventually get to play as the “good” faction, a generic robot corporation that really has no personality and eventually, a menacing alien horde.

Real player with 67.0 hrs in game

I finally got down and finished the game all the way through, after nearly completing it some 12 years ago, and then not-even-close to finishing it some 5 years ago, so I’m naturally biased with nostalgia, but I think it’s an overall great rts, but sadly with a few shortcomings that can ruin the experience if you can’t or can’t be arsed to learn to avoid them.

The graphics in the game are often complimented, and at times they’re really amazing for 2005, but it kinda depends where you look. What I’m most impressed with though, is that each of the four factions has a COMPLETELY different gameplay. Literally every mechanic is altered: completely different vehicles with completely different types weapons, different ways to harvest resources (which require very different planning and sometimes microcontrol), different ways to set up bases and interconnect buildings, different defence systems (which require completely different base layout), etc. It’s literally a different game depending on what faction you play with, which is incredibly enjoyable. Crucially, the factions are all really well balanced, so that every faction has a fair chance against every other. Together with expansive unit customisation and cool base expansion options, it makes for tremendously fun gameplay once you get a hold of the basic faction mechanics. On top of that, the soundtrack is wicked!

Real player with 39.6 hrs in game

Earth 2160 on Steam



This game definitely has a steep learning curve, which stopped me from playing it for a while, but once you learn how the game actually works it becomes a lot of fun. It has some drawbacks, like how upgrading anything but weapons at the beginning leads to instant death, and the default settings being weird, but it also has some fun gameplay, oodles of replayability, and bunch of weapons and enemies. Furthermore, this game looks great and I have yet to encounter any bugs in it.

In short: Worth the two dollars you should get it.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

It’s a fun little game that I enjoyed while being idle on my computer most of the times. It’s quite hard and things get really chaotic after a while. It’s really fun! Haha

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

Planetbound on Steam

Astro Joust

Astro Joust

Update: I have found people to play with, and its honestly one of the most fun games on Steam. Its leaps and bounds better then the shit you see on this place. Its simple but hits right at the core of fun. The after death effects are almost more fun than trying to win. Its incredibly clever and the art is fantastic. I really hope the creator makes wallpapers available, otherwise if you screenshot the game during play it makes an instant wallpaper thats super beautiful.

While I really enjoyed the prior games by Mutant Entertainment, this one isn’t as enjoyable. I didn’t realize it was just local multiplayer until I got the game. Because of that, and lack of people to play with locally, I have been unable to even play the game until I find someone.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Astro Joust is simple and delightful. If you have an opportunity just to play some local multiplayer games, you really can’t go wrong with this. It’s not the most exciting or has super refined systems, but it’s a charming game and all elements of it are polished.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Astro Joust on Steam

DON’T GIVE UP: A Cynical Tale

DON’T GIVE UP: A Cynical Tale

I remember playing the first demo for this wonderful game way back when the Kickstarter campaign first launched. From that first moment I knew this could be something really special!

It’s got incredibly off-the-wall humour, lashings of self-deprecation (which I’m pretty adept at myself), a dollop of meta, wall-breaking moments and a wonderful helping of deep, emotional storytelling. Underneath all of the fantasy-style plot there’s a raw, pulsating bundle of feelings that really comes through in some of our protagonist’s monologues.

Real player with 14.4 hrs in game


Don’t give up has an interesting premise, but in my opinion is falls short halfway thorough the story.

the villain seemed interesting but as soon as its intensions are revealed, made me loose al the hopes for the game’s story.

The story in part circles around the depression which affects character’s everyday life, and it can give some nice insight on how people with depression reason or react to situation, for me it seem to fall flat at the end of the story.

the story also has plot holes, especially as you progress towards the end, and in some way it took me out of the story since some of the informations on the characters are just left out. and it was hard to understand what was going on.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

DON'T GIVE UP: A Cynical Tale on Steam

Gekido Kintaro’s Revenge

Gekido Kintaro’s Revenge

Gekido Kintaro’s Revenge is an okay Beat ‘em up game, so it’s time for the story.

After stopping the evil Kintaro, our hero Tetsuo returns to his sensei’s house were all is quiet for a year. But soon his sensei feels a dark, ominous and evil presence returning, he sends Tetsuo to a faraway farming village outside the city to see what it is.

Now let’s talk about the likes. The game play was simple, but fun. Some of the enemies were cool looking. Game was not too hard and the cutscenes were nice to look at. Survive mode in the game was okay.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

I was craving a simple beat ‘em up and the colorful retro graphics of Gekido caught my eye. I have to say I sure am glad it wasn’t more expensive as I frankly hate this game. The stages and enemies were designed to make every death feel incredibly cheap and infuriating. Every trap is guaranteed to hit until you know their exact placement ahead of time, and even then it’s a toss as they appear just off the screen so you often can not be precise enough. Both the enemy AI and your own combos tend to place you overlapping an enemy sprite, rendering you incapable of striking that specific enemy regardless of the direction you’re facing, while the said enemy has no issue striking you. The jumps are imprecise and will leave you wondering whether you should keep trying or if the gap really is just too big. The hit boxes on some objects make absolutely no sense (a falling rock will hurt you even though it misses by a half an inch on the screen), and the game even has a habit of forgetting to let you move after you clear the screen of all enemies making you restart the stage. Do yourself a favor and replay Streets of Rage 4 instead if you need a simple but properly made game.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Gekido Kintaro's Revenge on Steam

Rusted Warfare - RTS

Rusted Warfare - RTS

OVERALL: Excellent simple game presenting solid RTS fundamentals with a non-threatening interface. Limited balance issues (but nothing super OP) and occasionally awkward pathfinding occur, but the simplicity and variety of gameplay through such simple mechanics plus a reliable lobby system makes the game a ton of fun.


  • Units and economy are simple. At time of writing, there’s only one resource to track (though the dev does plan to add more forms of economy later), and units don’t have “special activated abilities”, they just shoot stuff. Some shoot up, some can’t; some shoot long, some short. Dev’s done a really good job of balancing basic play styles so most games are pretty fun.

Real player with 483.1 hrs in game

What can I say. I love RTS games, and this fits into the catagory of what I love IN a RTS game. It has amazing diversity, the AI keeps you on your toes, custom maps, mods, and the multiplayer is very easy to set up. This is a gem of a game, im excited to see what it will hold in the future.



+Many maps + custom maps makes good replay value

+Multiplayer is very easy to use, and setting up a game with friends is quick

+Unit diversity is ever expanding, from many types of aircraft to mech

Real player with 149.7 hrs in game

Rusted Warfare - RTS on Steam