SonicLoop - Realtime VJ content creator for streaming, music videos and live performance

SonicLoop - Realtime VJ content creator for streaming, music videos and live performance

SonicLoop - Where audio meets art.

Welcome to SonicLoop, built by creators for creators.

SonicLoop empowers you to create real-time, reactive, audio visualizations for streaming (YouTube Live, Twitch), for live performances and for content creation (social media, music videos, or even live wallpapers).

By investing in this beta version you are joining our community and supporting future development by accelerating our roadmap.

Features in this Beta version include:

Load elements into up to 6 positions within 3 layers

Built-in element library categories include:

    - Static geometry

    - Animated geometry

    - 3D text

    - Lighting rigs

    - Dynamic effects (more coming soon)

Externally loadable assets include:

    - Import your own custom mesh

    - Import your own fonts

    - Import images or even stream in videos from the web

    - Import lyric files to play with videos (.lrc)


    - 45 Stackable and blendable effects

    - Many effects have customization options

    - Effects can be blended on top of other effects

    - Effects can be locked on or pulsed

    - Virtually limitless combinations


    - Stream video into SonicLoop and out to OBS and any other application that supports Spout

    - Control effects and set settings over OSC

    - Load and save FX presets

    - Load entire FX stacks over OSC (Touch OSC compatible)

we have many more exciting features to come…



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SonicLoop - Realtime VJ content creator for streaming, music videos and live performance on Steam

100-Player Twitch Chat Party Pack

100-Player Twitch Chat Party Pack

Welcome to the 100-Player Twitch Chat Party Pack, a set of upgraded arcade game classics that let you play in real-time with or against your viewers. Imagine something like Twitch Plays Pokemon where everyone controls their own character (viewers use Twitch Chat commands) and it’s absolute chaos. And when you need to step away, AFK Mode will give your channel a way to stay engaged during the downtime.

Current games included in the pack are:

Happy Tanksgiving

In this free-for all arcade game, everyone controls a tank on a battlefield free-for-all. It’s you versus 100. As a streamer, you’ll be commanding a super tank with heavy armor that can be controlled in real-time. Each of your viewers will command their own lightly-armored hovertank by using chat commands. They can kill you, or kill each other, but only one tank can claim victory.

Minesweeper 100

Why are we always minesweeping from a distance? Isn’t it about time we were actually there on the minefield with 100 of our friends, living or dying together, as a team? With Minesweeper 100, everyone controls their minesweeper on an active minefield, frantically trying to work together to clear it before a major earthquake triggers all the mines. Beware! A single mistake will cost you your life, and the lives of those next to you. This mode works well with a very small number of players, and gets even better as more viewers join the sweep!


The ultimate in 100-Player bomb-planting action! Control your bomber, surround your enemies with bombs, and be the last one standing, all the while collecting powerups and tightening the noose around your enemies.

DMCA-free music

With all the issues surrounding video game music DMCAs on streaming platforms, all the music has been either specifically created for the game, or licensed from the same indie artist (Couteau Papillon, who also did the soundtrack to Spaceteam), and is verified by SOCAN to be streamed without triggering a DMCA.

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100-Player Twitch Chat Party Pack on Steam