War Of The Zombie

War Of The Zombie

Like the best indie games this would be a well remembered classic had it been released twenty years ago.

Currently it plays like a mixture of X-Com in the turnbased strategic element and Microprose Special Forces (from the early 1990’s) in the realtime tactical battles. “Z-Com” is a quite accurate fan description.

While this is a port from a mobile game it is quite good already and the developers are planning to expand it into “PC possibilities” beyond the limits of the mobile original. The developers are quite active and responsive on the forums and there is already more content than there was in the mobile original with even more planned.

Real player with 186.2 hrs in game

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As a rule, I absolutely detest zombie games. You can’t throw a dead cat into a Steam new releases list and not hit five different ones every day. On the other hand, holy crap do I love XCOM (I played the Microprose original that came on four 3.5" disks), so against my better judgement I took a chance on this WotZ.

I have been very, very pleasantly surprised by what I got, too. The tactical game, while seemingly simplistic (real-time only), is still fun and it really does create that cinema feel of trying to hold off an endless horde against all hope. But it was the strategy aspect that really won me over. A lot of work into planning & executing a solid stragey layer to this - one of the best I’ve seen in a long time, in fact. You begin with an aircraft carrier - a mobile base, if you will - from which to launch your missions. Over time, however, that won’t cut it as it can’t be everywhere at once, and you will need to be every where at once. So you can build up to four land bases and kit those out as well. In other words, they combined the base building of the original XCOM with the mobile base concept of XCOM2 at the same time. Woot!

Real player with 59.5 hrs in game

War Of The Zombie on Steam

COVID: The Outbreak

COVID: The Outbreak

get it in 80% off

one of the best game during Lockdown or Quarintie or stay at home order !

compared to another Honor/ shooting / War fighting games flooding in Ste-am Va-lve playing million per day

this is great education game for upperclass and Private school or mutilanguastic or Frequency traveler to learn how the Commerical tycoon/Politican thinking

however according to mogolia/KAKZ conlony PRC citizen think , the wuhan bio-Weapon dead rate is 5% but if they don’t Work in nightlife, the dead rate is 100%

Real player with 21.2 hrs in game

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So I found this game by a pure accident a couple hours before getting published and rushed to buy it, hoping to find a game that’s complex, detailed, realistic and most importantly, let’s me cope with the zombie apocalypse going currently in the world and the quarantine shitshow.

The game turned out to be exactly what I expected and far more, the amount of data available is truly astonishing and immersive, all the actions you can take, quarantine, public order maintenance, research, border closing, decisions you have to make during various random events that can appear, all this makes for an excellent simulation, and the fact that I’ve received a product that already looks very polished despite probably being made rather quickly is mindblowing. I really hope it’ll be updated accordingly as the situation develops and more knowledge about the virus will be gained.

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

COVID: The Outbreak on Steam

Pandemic: The Virus Outbreak

Pandemic: The Virus Outbreak

The Idea used for making this game is good but it needed more substance, the game is already over when started and there are no notes of what each of the percentages do in each tab, at least you have written the rate of increase in the right hand format and total increase in left hand format for more clarification. Anyway this game doesn’t have much of an understanding to the impact of virus in world since after 10% infection rate you will become a criminal of Humanity. This game has potential so develop it more. That’s all i have to say.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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i think the developer of this game is biased when it comes to the current real life situation when it comes to closing down the government because it is impossible to win if you decide to no shut down anything no matter how much propaganda you use how can you go form a hospital capacity of only 19% full too 124% full if you accept the donation to ease the work load of your hospitals and everything is 10 dollars form vaccine development too growing your hospital capacity and propaganda which would be fine if you didn’t start the game with only 40 dollars and make getting money very slow no matter how much your economy grows if you choose not to shut down and with an unemployment rate of 0% and if you choose not to close the economy in the pop up and ignore the WHO you lose almost immediately and this is when the infection rate is less then 1% in your country this is like playing a political simulator game where you can chose which party to play as but if you didn’t chose the party of the developer no matter what you do as the opposing government party you cant win unless the unbalancing changes when you chose not to shut down everything my review wont change

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Pandemic: The Virus Outbreak on Steam

Theology - Religion Creator

Theology - Religion Creator

Theology is a management game, in which you create your very own religion and use all means necessary to spread it through the whole wide world!

Unite the World under one God, one Religion! Create your dogmas and use them to convert as many as you can to your belief system. Watch as your enemies fall and disappear, forgotten by history. From ancient times, through middle ages, to the year 2020, do everything in your power to remain dominant and in control!

Choose the location of your religion’s origin. Find your first followers and use them to spread the word of your God to neighboring cities and countries. Stay in power using your own places of worship and a holy army. Convert everyone you can to your cause, peacefully or by force. The choice is yours!


  • Create your very own religion and define all its rules and dogmas

  • Build and manage places of worship

  • Create armies of devoted followers

  • Wage holy wars on land, sea, and in the sky

  • Watch as your religion grows from ancient times to the year 2020

Theology - Religion Creator on Steam