Miner’s Mettle

Miner’s Mettle

I like how the game has minimalistic control for units, where they traverse over a fixed path, kind of reminds me of physical board games where i have to move my pieces. I would like to see efforts at reducing micro management over time so I can control the units more comfortably, being able to do things like patrol a route or carry minerals back and forth on their own.

The in-game music also feels good and complements the chosen factions. The maps are also unique between different biome types and look good, but feel a bit sparse at the moment, they can also be improved with some weather effects that could add some visual/auditory ambiance to the game, hopefully that will change overtime.

Real player with 71.5 hrs in game

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I’m not one for leaving reviews that often, but this experience is so frustrating and unbelievable I couldn’t help but say something. My complaint isn’t about the game play mechanics but the games functionality. This game is very prone to crashing even on a computer that’s more than capable of running it on the most intense settings. I was in the middle of a campaign mission and all of a sudden the battle field goes black. I thought “No biggie, I’ll just save and reload the game.”. I reload the game and every time I do, there is a fatal error including from auto saves, which crash the game. If you don’t mind bugs that ruin the game and force you to effectively restart everything you did since saving and reloading isn’t an option, have fun! Otherwise don’t waste your time nor money.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

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