Labyrinth: The Exit Is Closer

Labyrinth: The Exit Is Closer

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A game about collecting items and finding the exit in a maze.

Here is everything you can imagine about 3D labyrinths.

A huge number of different randomly generated mazes.

Large number of scale options, difficulty setting and navigation assistance options.

Real player with 249.1 hrs in game

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The game, where you try to find the escape from a labyrinth

Every time the way generated anew. The faster you find a way out the better. The game has many options and settings, which define the task in the game.

Inexpensive price and different options for passing are the main advantages of the game. Control from the keyboard or gamepad.

The music is normally selected but eventually gets boring.

Recommended for maze lovers

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Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Labyrinth: The Exit Is Closer on Steam