I’ve been playing phr00t’s games since 3079 (great game in its own right!) and I think this is the best combination of the exploration, kill, loot, upgrade cycle which characterize his rpg-type games.

The loot/repair upgrade system in this game is addicting and definitely doesn’t dole out the good drops like before making the rewards and choices more meaningful. The environment is more streamlined and part of the gameplay, I always felt cover was just a dive or dash away and maintaining jet energy has real consequences with the acid river always below. The shooting feels nice and the new combat mechanic of hitting critical areas on enemies makes even the toughest ROMBIES victim to a carefully planned shot! I really like the cryptocoin economy even though it hasn’t worked out for me yet, it’s awesome making investments and hoping they come through! The standard credits economy is also very well balanced and there are always things to buy as having a surplus of money means you can move faster between areas. The story and writing in general are quite barebones and not as engaging to me as in 5089 but I do like how this game has a few set pieces and story parts. The sound is a step up from previous titles and the soundtrack is great as always.

Real player with 62.7 hrs in game

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A phr00t FPS where you can be a head-sniping ninja robot frankenstein who jetpacks across a long series of bleak abstract floating islands filled with infinitely re-spawning modular machines which you harvest for upgrades by leading them into quiet corners and shooting them in the head with projectile-based (not hitscan) self-recharging energy weapons.


Robot mugging simulator.


ROMBIE is a ‘real’ shooter, in the sense that aim is a huge part of combat. All the guns shoot slow-moving projectiles which force you to lead your targets a lot more than in your typical “modern” Battlefield-style shooter, and enemies in the game will be far more reliable at shooting you than you, them (which is why you gotta get up close). ROMBIE starts out tough and continues to be dangerous throughout. You’ll be doing a lot of shooting and fleeing (..or cloaking).

Real player with 39.1 hrs in game

ROMBIE on Steam

Shadow Council: The Puppeteers

Shadow Council: The Puppeteers

First of all: I do this Review especially for the developers, since I hope they will read this and respond, like they did with other Reviews.

The game has a pretty cool idea and really nice concept, however there are some slight issues or rather.. inconveniences?

For example there is a common lack of transparancy, you really should get much more information about who supports you, how much money do you get, what will exactly happen if youdo this or that - a good idea to achieve this would be the implentation of things like “military support-23% conservatives support 75% socialist support 1%”.

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

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Honestly the game has died, for $15 this is very unfilled and doesn’t have content. The game is basically a wait along that pits you against a country (or more fittingly it’s many different provinces which I will admit have a good tid bit of backstory) fighting to get the people to uprise against their government. The game is a shell, a husk waiting to be filled by content like (not story) mechanics, game speeds, a pause option, and other valid criticisms made by the buyers of this.

And if the developer answers this, I have seen you comment and try to communicate with the community but honestly I have not seen many updates actually be fulfilled and action being done. Please, if you want to improve your game then stop using the good ol' politician’s response of promising and waiting for it all to blow right over.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Shadow Council: The Puppeteers on Steam

Roller Drama

Roller Drama


In Roller Drama you (Joan) live together with five athletes as their coach and hopefully friend:

Anne, Portia, Pippi, Cordelia, and Juliet. They just formed a Roller Derby top team!

Portia is the property “guardian”, the others (you too) just squatted in the dilapidated building. You have to try to be the balancing factor as these top athletes develop close personal relationships and the group navigates rivalries, love stories, and sexual tension.


All this while playing Roller Derby-like full-contact matches, where in real time you have to give the right hints, decide strategies, and give orders. You’ll have arcade-like controls and power cards!


Daily life in the game’s world is not easy; political and environmental problems interfere with complex personal lives. The game’s universe is a slightly altered perspective of today’s world, with the same problems but… more explicit. It’s a dystopia that talks about our present (thank you Terry Gilliam).


  • Interactive narrative with meaningful game-changing choices

  • Explorable universe

  • Replayable narrative and matches: every championship is unique, several different endings

  • Real-time match play, fully generative

  • Deck-building mechanics determined by player choices and game results

  • Beautiful, hand drawn art

  • Full controller support

  • Localized in nine languages

  • Cloud saves


We are four people making narrative sports games since 2017, based in Florence, Italy.

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Roller Drama on Steam

Until the last

Until the last

Not a good game. The RNG sucks, items are often hidden far away from the path and you just won’t find them. Also the monster walks and kills you to fast and he seems to teleport himself. So you will die a lot of cheap deaths.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

I bought this game after watching the intro video. After winning Until the Last, here are my thoughts.

This is a very, very short game. I died twice and won it the third time. Those 3 attempts took me 24 minutes. If you read the help before playing the game you could easily win it the first try. That means the game could take a tiny 7 minutes to win.

Yes there is the replayability factor. The items appear randomly and you could go through the motions of doing everything again and again.

So the time it took to win the game was obviously a big negative. It felt like one level of a much bigger game. I was actually dissapointed when after winning the first level there was nothing more.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Until the last on Steam

Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope

Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope

Cloud Chasers is a text-based adventure that incorporates survival elements, map exploration, and a flying mini-game. I think the game is pretty decent when it comes to resource management and storytelling, although the controls for the glider are a bit wonky. The goal is to get across the desert which includes 5 separate levels with randomly generated events. If one of your characters dies, you start over. However, the game is not particularly hard as I was able to beat it on the second try (in less than 1 hour on normal). Since many of the achievements are attached to unique events, it does have some replay value because you can’t get everything in one run.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

At $4 this is a good game. Perma death rogue lite, FTL-lite, prequel to the excellent Airheart. However, it has very little action (passive glider flying avoiding bad buys and their bullets) to collect water aka cash.

I completed it in 4 hours and don’t really feel compelled to play again soon. There are items that are worthless except for fufilling dialogue options. There are a few basic upgrades for your glider that make the water collection mini game much easier to almost trivial when the gilder is fully upgraded.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope on Steam

梦乡 The Dreamcatcher

梦乡 The Dreamcatcher

This game is a bit hard to follow in terms of story, BUT - the story that I interpreted was a well-crafted one. If you are looking at this game as a horror game, I suggest you stop looking. This isn’t a game to expect to piss your pants on. The story is fairly linear from what I have gathered, although there was one part of the game that I never got to explore near the end. The graphics are plenty good, and considering this is the only game I even know of that came from this developer, I give it a 7/10

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

I think the game’s a bit monotonous and hard to understand.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

梦乡 The Dreamcatcher on Steam

War Room

War Room

I’m going to make this very brief under the assumption you are a busy person like me. This game has a lot of potential and some unique and interesting mechanics. That being said however, you can very clearly feel the pressure the devs were under to release this game, as it is riddled with some extremely basic bugs that should have been caught at the alpha and beta testing phases (update: while very basic bugs are fixed, statement holds true overall).

This game is labeled as a completed product and sold at “full price”, but it really feels like an early access title that could be wiped under the rug and forgotten about. It would be a total shame if that were to happen, as I said earlier, this game has a lot of potential. However, the devs really need to hop on some of these basic issues.

Real player with 31.7 hrs in game


To start off, the whole concept of this game is amazing and is going in the right direction. You get a tutorial at the beginning of the game to show you how things work, how to send troops on missions, use supports, even do supply runs and so on. I’ve seen people say this game is too easy but once you’ve completed the tutorial you are on your own and if you push too hard too fast you will loose troops, vehicles, and security / popularity in sectors, ultimately resulting in a loss or at the very least put you in a hard spot. There are multiple different missions / events to do in this game so far from doing recon on possible suicide bombers in town to scouting for enemy camps to sending troops on patrols and hearts and minds missions and more. Your troops will get ambushed quite often (more on this in cons) so you cant just send out two guys in a HMMWV. The further you progress you will capture more bases and have to manage reallocating troops and vehicles as well as supplies. This is not like Wargame, for example, where you control individual units and tell them what to attack, this is more of a laid back commander role, you will tell troops to go somewhere and from there they will engage how they see fit (More on this in cons), you can help them out with air support but that’s about it. The camera controls are a little funky and something I havent really seen before but once you play around with it for a while you get the feel for it and it becomes almost natural (More on this in cons). The camera has 3 different visions, Electro Optical (EO) or just you standard view if you will, White Hot, and Iron Bow (another type of thermal), these views are very nice and useful during the nightime and work very well during the day as well, only small complaint is that troops are just big glares in White hot mode, other than that it’s really well done.

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

War Room on Steam