Gun Bombers

Gun Bombers

I am addicted to this game. 59 hours in, and I still want more. I got 3, so I could play with my kids, and they destroyed me. So I decided to practice in single player mode, and I am having more fun trying to beat my high scores than I was playing multiplayer. The addicting parts are 1) finding gems or gold, and 2) trying different strategies to last longer.

Admittedly the graphics are not very good, but the gameplay is fantastic and devilishly hard.

– Real player with 168.0 hrs in game

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This is a fantastic throwback to the original Mine Bombers. Got a copy for myself, my brother and one of my freinds, convinced a few more to get it and had an awesome time playing. I don’t generally write reviews but this game deserves it. I highly anticipate what features come out for it in the future as it is early access.

This gets a huge reccomend from me, get it, grow the community I want to blow of more people.


You will have to forward ports 55555 in order to host.

it does not get along with certain antivirus programs for some dumb reason.

– Real player with 43.0 hrs in game

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