Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy


Ancestor’s Legacy is a hybrid game of RTS and Real-Time Tactics(RTT) Gameplay, though it likes to side a bit more with the RTT genre.While this game has base building, it isn’t in the typical sense. The player is given a main base camp that has a build menu. After clicking the button to build a structure, the structure is built by peasants at a location predetermined by the game. The base camp is also not the main place the player will get resources. A variety of villages of different sizes are scattered around each map with resource points attached to them. Each faction has different specialties. Units can be leveled up and be given armor to increase their power. The squad limit is set at 10. The game uses a Rock-Paper-Scissors style system to make some armies great at defeating others, but each factions version of the army has their own individual stats. The graphics are phenomenal, the sound design is great, and the campaign is excellent.

Real player with 35.8 hrs in game

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These people nailed what a limited base building unit capped RTS should be. There are choke points, open fields, water that slows you as you move through it (including swamps), trap building, terrain elevations & weather effecting line of sight (and fire), special traits per unit per factions that still feels balanced.

It executes exceptionally well on limited base building RTS with unit creation and replenishment and rewards well thought out RTT gameplay as all units level and can be upgraded thus rewarding teamwork and unit specialization with the population cap, traps, and size of the map encouraging strategy whilst limiting unit production to the starting base and permitting unit replenishment at any captured (ally) village for a nominal fee.

Real player with 33.4 hrs in game

Ancestors Legacy on Steam

Empires and Tribes

Empires and Tribes

Empires and Tribes offers a lot of what I’ve been searching for in years: a medieval city and castle building game with a lot of freedom to build what you want almost anywhere you want it. But it still needs a lot of improvements to get there…

The positives:

  • a pure medieval city/castle bulding game (no wizards, dragons etc.)

  • beautiful graphics

  • a high level of freedom in building and forming your city and castle keep

  • a lot of citizen/worker activity (makes your city come alive)

  • You can walk through your city in 1st person and build in 3rd person.

Real player with 91.9 hrs in game

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I really like the game so far!! I now wonder, as a noble and probably the future King/Emperor, will the player have the chance to marry to form an alliance with another nearby faction? (For male players, they marry a female NPC noble/royalty or vice versa, female players marry a male NPC noble/royalty.)

The five suggestions I will bring up to the devs in my game review:

  • Marriage to a daughter of an important prominent noble family (If playing as a male character and vice versa, to a son of an important prominent noble family if playing as female)

Real player with 84.2 hrs in game

Empires and Tribes on Steam

City Of Jade: Imperial Frontier

City Of Jade: Imperial Frontier

Not recommended.

I’ve played the game several times with varying strategies and each time failed to figure out a way to build a sustainable city. So after 18 hours of game play, and discussing with other friends who have played, I believe that the balance of the game is broken. I’ve tried to contact the devs but they’ve not responded.

Real player with 50.6 hrs in game

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Real player with 22.5 hrs in game

City Of Jade: Imperial Frontier on Steam



Civlands is a minimalist hybrid mix combining fan favorite elements from popular RTS titles with classic turn-based gameplay. The result is like none other; command a feudal empire from its start and strive to be the dominant civilization in an ever-changing medieval fantasy world. Will you be the number one civ?

  • Simplistic, retro pixel art. Civlands aims to focus less on high fidelity graphics and rather high fidelity gameplay. Each unit is represented by a single pixel, its only distinguishing mark beings its color. Despite its simplicity, it makes for exceptionally smooth gameplay and management that would not be possible otherwise.

  • Randomly generated maps, procedurally created with care. Each game is entirely unique, some games will offer you a distinct advantage, some a disadvantage, and some will be mediocre. Every game guarantees a new experience from the start each time.

  • Victory more than one way. The objective of each match is to achieve victory, either through military domination, political prowess, economic superiority, or knowledge.

  • AI opponents. Face off against up to 9 other AI civilizations all vying for world domination. Each AI has uniquely generated attributes that will affect their economic, military, and political focus.

  • Fog of War. Play your game with fog of war for increased tactics and rewarded exploration.

  • Diplomacy. Talk to other civilizations through diplomacy and negotiate trade deals, declare war, conspire against other civilizations, and more.

  • An ever changing world. Just as a real world changes, so does Civland’s. Experience spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons which will affect combat, economic production, random events, and the environment.

  • Guard your borders. Spend influence to grow your borders and extend your political power. Stay inside your borders and expand for steady and safe domination or risk building outside its safety and face the dangers the wild has to offer.

  • Control without the headaches. Each unit has built in AI that makes it (somewhat) smart. Developed to avoid unnecessary micromanagement, you have the control to guide and configure when you want so that you don’t have to stress about every unit’s whereabouts at any time.

  • Progress! Upgrade your buildings, research new technologies, and develop your government.

  • Random Events. Experience unique randomly generated events that are based around the context of each game. These events can drastically affect gameplay, providing fantastic bonuses, mini-quests, or negative side effects.

  • Government. Develop and manage your government to prevent civil anarchy. Invest influence to shape your government through a unique, branching tree that will affect your civilization’s combat, economic, and political power.

Civlands is a labor of love created by a team of one. It intends to fully release in mid to late 2020 (that’s right folks, it won’t be a neglected early access money grabbing title!) Future updates after release, such as multiplayer/remote play/splitscreen may be added. Please “follow” for updates on development progress!

Civlands on Steam

Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms

Okay, with over 12000 hours on steam alone I think it’s time I review this game. This is a very addicting very parasitic game. It is completely pay to win. While it is possible to do everything for free it would take too much time. The steam version has a lot of issues with crashing so It’s probably best to just download the client at I actually quit this game for some time after leading my house to win an Age then plunging it into war.

If you want to be successfull in this game (in terms of leading other players) you have to have a basic understanding of politics and diplomacy. This game has tightly weaved webs in its community that can sometimes be very hard to climb. It took me most of an age to rise to the rank of House Marshal. It took rising up through the ranks of a faction within house 16. Then when I had a reputation I formed my own faction and filled it with volunteers from other factions of House 16 and the gloucestershire area. Pretty soon it was full and I formed 2 more factions and joined them to house 16. At this point I had 3 votes to make myself marshal. But it was not time to strike. I waited for the opportune moment which presented itself as a out of game issue that my house marshal had. Suddenly he had to go on vacation mode. During his vacation the house started to go slightly down hill and I would just keep whispering how we needed a house marshal. It wasn’t long before I had some of the other convinced that we needed a new HM. But they wern’t sure who, it’s not normally a responsibility people want. Luckily I already had plans of stepping up and ran unopposed. This wasn’t the top of the ladder though. House 16 (at this point) was in a super alliance that controlled the server. House 16 happened to be slated for winning the second age. I had to maintain diplomacy with the other houses of the alliance while waiting for my age to begin. Once it began I became the leader of the super alliance it was just a matter of keeping stability. Which takes all your time. I was psychologically drained and by the end of the round I was ready to quit. But the world at this point was farmville. So I declared war without warning on our main enemy and left the game. I found out later that the enemy won and took the next age.

Real player with 12899.3 hrs in game

Dear Wallets, the TL;DR is run from this game. It will make promises about delivering the best night of your life, only to steal your dignity, and your pocketbook

I started SHK approximately a year ago, in that time i’ve learned that sometimes customer service does get so bad that your absuive family relations really did you a favor preparing you for the “Real World”.

The issues as I see them:

1. You MUST pay to play: You can invest all the time you have to be “the best” but you’ll never come close to the lady/fella that has thousands to spend in order to become the digital pimp of SHKland. You will forever be outclassed and outgunned, and if you want to have any hope of being a competitive player, you’ll end up spending at minimum a few hundred dollars to keep up. Free to pay this game isn’t.

Real player with 3358.0 hrs in game

Stronghold Kingdoms on Steam

Veil of Crows

Veil of Crows

So when I bought this game I believed this to be a cross between total war and mount and blade. The reality is its closer to a cross between stronghold and mount and blade. That said I’d still definitely reccomend the game. Even in its current state its worth buying and is great fun with decent replayability. It also has a very good death system. For starters death is an actual fear unlike mount and blade and if someone ticks you off you can put them to the sword. When you die you can start in the world your last character died in. Meaning even though your previous person may have died their faction can still have an impact on the world and you can monopolize on it. For instance I had a bandit run through where I occupied a key mine cutting off a factions only source of metal preventing them from fielding units. I died and had to come in as someone else however taking that mine caused the faction to ultimately collapse in external wars, allowing my new character to seize several villages before they did. Resources are important without metal and leather troops don’t happen, without wood or stone buildings don’t happen, and without food villagers will starve and turn to banditry. The AI, like you, needs all of these and without them they will collapse (although it takes a while).

Real player with 52.9 hrs in game

So I’ve put some time into this game, not as much as I would like to, mostly due to real life things. With that being said, the game is not in the best of shape. It has it’s bugs, some more irrating than others. While there is no argueing that, I do have to point out in the short period the game has been released, there have been many updates that significantly increase the playability of this game and the overall enjoyment. I’ve seen some of the other reviews and don’t feel it does this game justice. Is the game rough at the edges? Yes. Are they being polished? Absolutely and the response of the developer is quite amazing. In the couple of months the game has been out, the content has significantly increased, and the quality of the game has increased as well. This is not the most coherient of reviews, but I do feel like this is a good game and is going in a great direction. I would and do recommend this to my friends, and do to you as well.

Real player with 46.0 hrs in game

Veil of Crows on Steam

Knights of Honor

Knights of Honor

Knights of Honor is a classic grand strategy game, quite different from any other in the genre. Everything happens in real time, including the battles that can be fought manually and the campaign map really feels alive as a lot of things are happening at the same time.

There are a few things to manage, like your town construction, your royal court, armies and diplomacy. These things are fairly simplistic (compared to the modern games) and are easy to learn, but very fun to play with once you understand them. While the manual battles can be fun and dynamic, they aren’t the strong part of Knights of Honor. The actions on the campaign map are definitely where the main entertainment comes from.

Real player with 124.6 hrs in game

Before I start, I want to mention one thing: this negative review is not about the game itself. Knights of Honor is a great RTS game, and you should definetly play it. My problem stems from the fact that this game is a prime example of a developer being lazy and just dumping the original game, unpatched and unoptimized to Steam for a price that seems very steep, considering the performance quality of this game. To first start off, this game’s major fault is the fact that it cannot boot into its default resolution properly. No matter what you do, it will only show 3/4s of the image (in some cases, the game will also force your monitor resolution to 640x480) that can only be fixed via the HD patch. The main issue with the HD patch is that for some people, it will not work. I have had friends who purchased this game and were unable to get the patch running, leaving them with a game that was a waste of money and time. The game also still has a major issue that I’ve experienced even on an old XP machine as a kid with an original (now lost) disc copy; Random crashes. These seemingly have no real trigger, they will happen often after 1-2 hours of play, and while not annoying due to the ability to set frequent autosaving, preventing loss of progress, its insulting that this issue still persists years later, with the developers never addressing it or releasing a patch. Overall, I don’t recommend the game due to the aforementioned HD patch issue some people I know have had, otherwise if you’re lucky enough to get it working, it is possibly one of the most addicting strategies out there.

Real player with 115.8 hrs in game

Knights of Honor on Steam

Rakion Chaos Force

Rakion Chaos Force

I have almost 3k hours and Rakion just feels fresh with every new update, my nick in game is Savantage if you need when doing stages!

In this game unlike any other game, you feel the pleasure of destroying your enemy’s armor with every single hit, and as your enemy loses it’s armor, you deal greater damage to them.There are 7 unique classes you can choose, each one with a set of abilities and you can improve your character stats and set of abilities according to your own playstyle. I’ve made great friends through this game, and we’re so excited with every new upcoming event!

Real player with 4041.3 hrs in game

Well, as a 15 years old player of rakion , watching the up and down of this game, I have gain a lots of joyful moments and friendships by rakion. In 2005 , Rakion has been captured my heart and lead me playing a long journey because of brand new battle mode , creative movement and tactics. Thank you softnyx.

Some old players and friend return to this games because it is balance on March , cell lv 30( Good job), few cash item and some gold items are similar stat with cash item (Sparta , Nobleness and Bolivar 2 etc,). Also , Login gauge system are quite useful when you need gold and event point . They are friendly to non-cash players ,newbies and people do not have time to play rakion. Besides ,Advanced class (better remove bead) are trying to make the game to be mature and strategic. These are nice issues for innovate the game.

Real player with 1536.7 hrs in game

Rakion Chaos Force on Steam

Age of Empires II (2013)

Age of Empires II (2013)

gameplay is excellent, community is psychedelic.

Real player with 2675.1 hrs in game

very good i play this with my father every week.

Real player with 909.9 hrs in game

Age of Empires II (2013) on Steam



There aren’t many RTS game nowadays. So, this one is like… a rare gem. One of the most brilliant contemporary RTS out there.

The objective is simply to win, by which means though is entirely up to you. You can choose a mercantile clan and obliterate your enemies from the map or a war-mongering one and wins the wisdom victory, for example. It’s possible, but not ideal, but again we have to make do with what we have. The game offers like so many clans to choose from (many of which are DLCs though). Your town hall, the main building, regularly generates your population. One at a time. You construct a building and assign a worker to it. You explore the map, each zone in tile with designated resource(s). You colonize a tile and construct a building you see fit. During winter each year, you suffer production penalty. And everything moves along the passage of time until one clan rises to supremacy, or everyone else falls. Oh, and all the while some special events occur: Kraken attacks, abnormally harsh winter, annoying earthquake, etc. One of the best things about this game is that you don’t have to micromanage your resources and workers so meticulously. The town hall only produces one person at a time and each production building can hold but a few assigned workers, so everything is easy to put under control.

Real player with 636.7 hrs in game

gave 250 hours of my life to get an extra chromosome very worth

Real player with 263.0 hrs in game

Northgard on Steam