Voice of Pripyat

Voice of Pripyat

People have definitely not given this game enough credit. Yes the graphics are a bit lo-fi and development seems to have stopped… but it is a fun game in the vein of old school Half Life Deathmatch. Even some of the maps are clearly remakes of Counter-Stike maps [which I think is more charming than not].

In practice the game is perhaps a little ugly, but livable. In a rare display of progress, you can opt to have a male or female avatar. The execution of Stalker elements is enjoyable, with the maps being littered with anomalies and TDM rounds occasionally featuring a random wave of zombies and mutants [some of which STALKER fans will recognize lol], there are other gameplay modes and many maps, but in the noobie lobby people seem to play mostly Bunker. Also, those people are Russian. Very Russian.

Real player with 13.0 hrs in game

[Updated the 26/04/2015, scroll down to the end]

Let’s present this “Stalker impersonator” [Long review].


As a Stalker, a modern scavenger in the irradiated “Zone” of Tchernobyl, you fight for power and fame against other Stalkers and horrible mutants.


You have 2 currency: bolts and gold, to buy weapons, ammunitions, armors, items such as food/ medkits and bonuses (you don’t need to use real curency to buy items in the game, contrary to the browser versions with microtransactions). Items are great and bring a fresh air to this kind of game, the only problem is that some fights became longuer and more complicate if you use all items availiable.

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

Voice of Pripyat on Steam

Spuds Unearthed

Spuds Unearthed

Played with Samsung Odyssey wmr headset

Spuds Unearthed is a strategy/defense game where you have to keep the spuds from the other side from getting to your base and destroying it.

In order to do this you first need to prepare for every battle by mixmatching different tokens to make different turrets and spud upgrades and vehicles .

You can make a plane put a spud in it and throw it on the battlefield and watch it fly around shooting and bombing enemy spuds.

You have to use your hands for everything witch is great in vr, example is manning your turrets throwing spuds into tanks and planes and throwing them onto the battlefield.

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

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Spuds:Unearthed is so frustrating because I want to love this game so badly. It’s like someone made my favorite VR game ever, then scrambled it up, hid some of it, and took away all the directions and clarity.

This game is horribly broken in a very unique way. Most games are broken because of a technical flaw or poor performance (especially with VR games). Spuds:Unearthed actually runs reasonably well. I get GPU frame drops on a 2080ti in the planet system view, and its crashed mid-battle a couple of times, but both these issues are relatively minor. The art is cute and original. The mechanics are polished and fun (other than a couple useless and frustrating firing mechanisms for the turrets). The heroes are varied, and the turret types would be great if I knew what the differences between them are. But I just have no idea what the hell is going on in the game as a whole, what the purpose is, what different statuses and victories mean, and so forth.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

Spuds Unearthed on Steam

Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms

Okay, with over 12000 hours on steam alone I think it’s time I review this game. This is a very addicting very parasitic game. It is completely pay to win. While it is possible to do everything for free it would take too much time. The steam version has a lot of issues with crashing so It’s probably best to just download the client at strongholdkingdoms.com. I actually quit this game for some time after leading my house to win an Age then plunging it into war.

If you want to be successfull in this game (in terms of leading other players) you have to have a basic understanding of politics and diplomacy. This game has tightly weaved webs in its community that can sometimes be very hard to climb. It took me most of an age to rise to the rank of House Marshal. It took rising up through the ranks of a faction within house 16. Then when I had a reputation I formed my own faction and filled it with volunteers from other factions of House 16 and the gloucestershire area. Pretty soon it was full and I formed 2 more factions and joined them to house 16. At this point I had 3 votes to make myself marshal. But it was not time to strike. I waited for the opportune moment which presented itself as a out of game issue that my house marshal had. Suddenly he had to go on vacation mode. During his vacation the house started to go slightly down hill and I would just keep whispering how we needed a house marshal. It wasn’t long before I had some of the other convinced that we needed a new HM. But they wern’t sure who, it’s not normally a responsibility people want. Luckily I already had plans of stepping up and ran unopposed. This wasn’t the top of the ladder though. House 16 (at this point) was in a super alliance that controlled the server. House 16 happened to be slated for winning the second age. I had to maintain diplomacy with the other houses of the alliance while waiting for my age to begin. Once it began I became the leader of the super alliance it was just a matter of keeping stability. Which takes all your time. I was psychologically drained and by the end of the round I was ready to quit. But the world at this point was farmville. So I declared war without warning on our main enemy and left the game. I found out later that the enemy won and took the next age.

Real player with 12899.3 hrs in game

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Dear Wallets, the TL;DR is run from this game. It will make promises about delivering the best night of your life, only to steal your dignity, and your pocketbook

I started SHK approximately a year ago, in that time i’ve learned that sometimes customer service does get so bad that your absuive family relations really did you a favor preparing you for the “Real World”.

The issues as I see them:

1. You MUST pay to play: You can invest all the time you have to be “the best” but you’ll never come close to the lady/fella that has thousands to spend in order to become the digital pimp of SHKland. You will forever be outclassed and outgunned, and if you want to have any hope of being a competitive player, you’ll end up spending at minimum a few hundred dollars to keep up. Free to pay this game isn’t.

Real player with 3358.0 hrs in game

Stronghold Kingdoms on Steam



BUT - Alright another 300 hours down the tube and I have to amend nearly all of the below. There are mechanics in the game that allow for players that are in your coalition (Alliance) to move freely through your territory. Which is great in theory; until it cannot be revoked. There is a leave timer for your alliance set at 24 hours; the player leaving can start and stop this timer as many times as they please to get just the right amount of time to land in your homeland cities effectively removing you from the round. You will find a great many people hanging around trolling with this mechanic. So much so that any alliance made in a round is more dangerous to you than helpful. In speaking with staff, I’ve been told the same rules apply here for people legitimately playing as those whom are trolling. So; what this boils down to is if you want to invest upwards of 40 days in a round where someone will gleefully destroy themselves and you for the joy harassing another on the internet; or not. If you want to pay for this experience or not.

Real player with 2675.0 hrs in game

I like to play the game but it has a option for total paytowin. It destroys most rounds if someone spent alot gold to repair units, sabotage your city you cant counter. I understand that deployers need money but like in most games pay to win is the wrong way. Shame since it is a grat game.

Play Example:

I played Japan it is round 18 on a 24 hour cycle so i spent around 2 1/2 weeks in this round allready.

I managed get a coalition going with surrounding neighbors.

A few Ships are defending the Coasts and Industry is looking good.

Real player with 612.5 hrs in game




After playing for a few months now and nearly 2000 hours, the game itself is very good, however they have CA which moderate the game and most do not understand their own official rules, which if you try to ask them about the rules, they get very crabby and decide to try to bully you aswell, so lets start with a few Pros and Cons!

Repeatedly asking/begging for any in-game currency/items - is not NO Begging.


  • Game has lots of mini-games to offer.

  • Can build Casinos and decorate them

  • Can earn the Cash shop currency just playing

Real player with 2739.9 hrs in game

CasinoRPG wears a mask that makes it look like it’s a good game until you dig a little deeper and you’ll find out it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The Moderators, as has been mentioned before in other reviews, have no guidelines and just do what they want. It’s offensive how they behave in global chat fairly frequently from showing bias toward players who are part of a clique to calling for an end to discussion simply because they don’t care for the subject regardless of how pleasant and polite the conversation is. They do respond orderly when called to a table where someone is being a racist prick or loudmouth jerk though. Don’t use borderline language by the way, these jokers think Casino games are fun for the whole family and little seven year old Amy should be able to saddle up to the poker table with eighty one year old Guss. Seriously, it’s crazy.

Real player with 1516.2 hrs in game

CasinoRPG on Steam

Mini Golf Arena

Mini Golf Arena

This review is made after going through a few courses to get the feel of the game.



Amount of maps at release.

Workshop is available if you know how to make a course using their unity engine.

Courses have a nice vareity of realistic to fantastical.

The customization is pretty decent, but seems rushed.

It have some decent textures on some courses.

You can continue a course from your last hole if you crash or close game!

Quickmatch is handy if you don’t want to solo or scroll through servers.( if people make servers)

Real player with 34.4 hrs in game

I received this game as a gift during one of my old livestreams, and I have to say I was not disappointed in this one. While at the current time of writing this the game does need some polishing (as every Early Access Game does), the overall general mechanics of the game function quite well.


  • Beautiful scenery

  • Engaging soundtrack with spine-chilling tunes (especially the horror levels!)

  • Many different customizational tools for both cosmetic and challenge purposes

  • Level Editing

  • Stable servers and connections

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

Mini Golf Arena on Steam

Noob Squad

Noob Squad

From: Mad@Steam’s lack of quality control Gamer

To: Developer of Noob Squad (aka Antonio Renna)

Please rename yourself into this game’s name.

Because you can’t make games… you are the Noob Squad here…

PS: (I advise to) Report game for phising - you “need” to make an account, but there are no rules to accept , so basically give away your password to unknown destination.

    • not even to read or link to ToS… anything like that

Let’s be more serious:

  1. Do you like when after each time you press fire, your screen shakes? I’m not talking about recoil… it has camera shake effect everytime you shoot your weapon.

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

There are hundreds of Multiplayer Only shooters here on Steam and almost all of them fail to get enough players. Some of the shooters are actually good and deserve a few players but with so much choice even the better ones die a quick death. ‘Noob squad’ is NOT one of them.

If the title and description already didn’t give it away, Noob Squad is most likely created by a 12-year old or by a childish person….. I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure most of the assets (if not all) are stolen.

Everything about this game is bad; it’s badly optimised, shitty graphics (even though the screenshots might give you another idea), there are no sound when you walk…. you name it.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Noob Squad on Steam

Galcon 2: Galactic Conquest

Galcon 2: Galactic Conquest

If you are looking for an RTS immersive game that has been followed by a dedicated group of gamers through various versions (Galcon, Galcon Fusion, Galcon Labs) going back 15 years… and the current version (Galcon 2) which can be played cross-platform from android and IOS devices as well as PC… And has players on nearly every continent with servers running 24-7… and a multitude of game modes (even a legit poker mode that you can use your galcoins which you earn simply by playing), and a community that has everything (making international friends, drama, strategy discussion, etc)… and is constantly being updated (usually within the game, no new versions to download needed)… this game offers all this and more. It is highly addicting once you get sucked into it. One of the greatest features is the clan based galaxy map wars which last 12 days every 2 weeks. It really is a great, timeless, and unique game that anybody can play (noobs can play co-op mode vs bots, some who have been dedicated to just that for years, but they too contribute to clan based war efforts and love it). Be warned however… there is a lot of drama and fierce competiveness in this game, lol. You can only chat in your clan channel (if you join a clan) until you ever make your first purchase of galcoins, which is worthwhile if you let your vault bonus coins build up first. Galcoins are used to donate to clan, for betting on others who play (or yourself), in poker, or to buy slick cosmetic upgrades like planet skins and a plethora of fantastic ships (opposed to the default triangle ships). If you join a clan, during wars your clan occasionally unveils hidden prize stars and you can use special new ships for free, or buy them forever for pretty cheap. You can also earn galcoins from participating and ranking in tournaments players set up, which also is how you can win wing upgrades to your profile icon. There really is a lot to this game… and the masters in this game are essentially jedis, but everyone can be beat eventually in group based games. In any case, if you give this game a chance, you may find it will be the one game that you’ll still be playing years down the road. And did I mention… it is fun!?

Real player with 668.2 hrs in game

DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME: Please read below to understand what less than 3 hours of gameplay might entail.

This is a fair warning for anyone looking for a relaxed and fun strategy game: DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME.

Played for a few hours. Have been harassed 5 or more times with no option to chat with players unless I pay apparently.

1 way chat is a disgusting way to allow players one way harassment with no option to defend ones self.

Furthermore, playing normally means you’re suiciding if you attempt to defend your planets, even if they attack first.

Real player with 212.3 hrs in game

Galcon 2: Galactic Conquest on Steam



Disclaimer: I recommend you to buy this game, but as of launch month, do your research before you commit. It may or may not be up to your standards.


  • Classic RTS formula. We seriously need more of this out there.

  • Key hero unit, and creeping/leveling mechanics add to the usual “by the numbers + rock papper scissors” game.

  • Very good basic mechanics. The UI and controls do everything they need to, and everything in the game is crisp and responsive.

  • Cool setting, and awesome unit designs derived from the setting.

Real player with 75.5 hrs in game

I wanted to like this game. I REALLY wanted to like this game. I played in some of the earlier Alpha tests and I saw it had some great potential once they fix some of the rough edges. The only rough edge they seemed to have fixed is that now there is a matchmaking system. The rest of it still feels like an alpha build and they’re charging $30 for it.


  • Decent graphics

  • Unique ideas


  • Average 6:00 queue time and it’s still new.

  • THERE IS NO CHAT. None. Anywhere. Pass the long queue times by chatting with other players? Not in this game, buddy. Want to ask how your opponent does their build? Too bad, maybe you can find them in Discord. Want to “GG” and not rage-quit? RAGE QUIT ONLY IN THIS GAME.

Real player with 21.0 hrs in game


Blitzkrieg 3

Blitzkrieg 3

The “Don’t Escape Trilogy” is a collection of three short first-person point-and-click adventures with static screens (no camera movement, no scrolling). The games share a creepy atmosphere and a few gameplay mechanics, but are otherwise unrelated. In the first game, you play a werewolf trying to lock himself away before a full-moon night, so that he won’t kill anyone when he turns. In the second game, you’re trying to barricade a house and protect yourself from a zombie horde. In the third game, you’re the only surviving crew member on a spaceship and need to stop “something” from getting out.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Even though the entire trilogy is available for free on Armor Games, I chose to purchase this game series on Steam because that’s how amazing ScriptWelder really is. The Deep Sleep and Don’t Escape series were some of the first PC games I ever played, and I have ScriptWelder to thank for making my early experiences so magical. I have followed each and every game you have published on AG, hunted down every achievement, set of choices, and walkthrough I could find… simply, because every single second I spent in any of your games was one of either awe, wonder, fear, or curiosity.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Blitzkrieg 3 on Steam