Nomads of Driftland

Nomads of Driftland

Very entertaining game with innovative mechanisms. I can recommend this title to all RTS and god game fans. It felt great to move islands around the world, discover new lands to unlock new units. Unlike in Driftland base game, this free expansion allows the player to manually control the units and does not provide multiple choices of buildings to build, which makes the player have to combine and explore new lands to diversify their kingdom.

Do not get discouraged by the maps order. It seems that it is sorted by mission type, and it felt little boring to play three defences in a row, but it gets better later on. However, be aware that the maps are challenging.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

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So much to do with the free content, I can only imagine what the game is like once you purchase it. So much potential. I’m a big fan of the Nomads aspect which feels more like an RTS to me. The base game is more economy and micromanaging but harder to deal with threats because it is so limiting on defense.

Real player with 13.3 hrs in game

Nomads of Driftland on Steam

Light of the Locked World

Light of the Locked World

Light of the Locked World is a fantasy role-playing game.

Enter a developing world of Kayos, try to start a new life, and become entangled in a fight against an existential threat.

Planned features:

  • Open and atmospheric world: Freely roam in a world with lively settlements, vast meadows, desolate deserts, and treacherous ruins.

  • Capable characters: Interact with the world’s inhabitants that can help and fight each other, gain experience, take and equip items, belong to factions.

  • Persistence: Characters and environment are persistent, the results of your actions are preserved indefinitely.

  • Intense combat: Conquer the lawless lands with the game’s real-time combat system - wield magic and medieval weapons, perform and dodge deadly attacks.

  • Become powerful: Equip your character with weapons and armor, master combat and crafting by leveling classes, earn faction respect, learn spells.

  • Play together: The game has local multiplayer support for two players - cooperate to overcome challenges or compete for territory and resources.

Let’s talk!

Got questions, suggestions, or need help with the game? Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to reply.

Developer’s Discord

Developer’s Twitter

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Light of the Locked World on Steam



This is my favourite game of all time, and it’s not just a nostalgic feeling, I still play with this masterpiece. It has a magical athmosphere you cannot find elsewhere, the story, the characters are so well written that I know nearly all quests by heart, yet I still replay them ‘just one more time’ when I get the mood for it.

The story is about a banished wizard, who enters a new realm of magical floating islands that are controlled by five gods, who constantly fight each other for justice, dominance or just fun. All gods control a sphere of natural energies which are earth, fire, air, life and death. You can choose one patron god on every level to do quests for them, and in return you get new spells to cast and creatures to summon from the chosen god’s sphere. Keep in mind though, that if you serve the dark powers, you will soon lose the favor of the benelovent gods and vice versa, so choosing sides has limits according to your previous choices. All the gods have an interesting character that can always surprise you, as the good guys can become quite warlike, the bad guys may become just scared, the smart guys can act foolish and the simple guys quite resourceful, so everything and everyone turns out to be quite different than as they seemed at first.

Real player with 54.6 hrs in game

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A old cult classic. Very interesting combination of a 3rd person RTS with RPG elements for its time.

You control a your own playable character - a wizard - directly in movements with the WASD keys and you can summon creatures that you can order around by clicking on terrain or enemies much like a RTS.

Of course that isn’t the only commands you can give. They can also move in different formations or guard different objectives ranging from yourself to other creatures to buildings.

There are basically 2 resources in the game. Mana and souls.

Real player with 48.4 hrs in game

Sacrifice on Steam

Dungeons & Darkness

Dungeons & Darkness

This is not the worst dungeon crawler that I am played but this game is far to being good. I want place neutral status, but it is not exist. I do not like to downrate games but this game is very boring even on hard difficulty. And BORING this is a core of this game. Real time fights do not make this dungeon crawler better or worse but gives feeling of bad “First Person” game.

The Bad things:

  • inconvenient interface (Elminage Gothic wellcome…)

  • Boring linear main story and side quests.

Real player with 98.5 hrs in game

What people mean to do and what is done are two different things.

~Sir Terry Pratchett

First of all, I don’t really want to give this game a thumb down. I really like the genre and, well, you know how it is. When you don’t have enough new games in the genre, you just can’t be too picky. But the thing is – since Steam doesn’t have proper rating system and it’s either “yes”, or “no” here, I can’t really say “yes”. Just because I can’t really recommend this game. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Real player with 61.9 hrs in game

Dungeons & Darkness on Steam

Nevergrind Online

Nevergrind Online

Nevergrind Online is a real-time cooperative multiplayer online RPG where you and a group of adventurers join forces to protect the Kingdom of Edenburg from the sinister forces of darkness. Up to five players can form a party and venture forth to help restore peace and order to the Kingdom.

Your adventure starts in the peaceful Kingdom of Edenburg, the trading capital of Vandamor, which has recently been under siege by agents of chaos outside of its castle walls. Supplies are running low in the Kingdom due to recent disruptions in major trade routes to the Kingdom. Your first orders from the King are to investigate who is blocking the trade routes, and to what end? Your adventure will lead you on a perilous journey across the furthest reaches of Vandamor, to creepy crypts, forgotten fortresses, and ravaged ruins!

Choose to fight alone or join forces with up to four other players in a party! Before you embark you must prepare and organize in the Kingdom of Edenburg. There are seven buildings that offer various services.

Kingdom of Edenburg

  • Tavern: Choose from a list of quests, get tips from the innkeeper, or check out the leaderboard.

  • Academy: Seek class-specific training for all of your skills—for a price of course!

  • Merchant: Buy and sell goods from the merchant, who offers the widest variety of items in Edenburg.

  • Bank: Store valued items in the bank which can be shared with your other characters.

  • Apothecary: Buy and sell potions, scrolls, cloth armor, jewelry, and staves.

  • Guild Hall: Create a guild to help organize and communicate with a group of friends.

  • Blacksmith: Buy and sell weapons and armor, including mail and plate!


  • Create a character from 12 races and 14 classes! Allocate attributes that favor your playing style!

  • Level up 12 different skills for each class! Will you train them evenly or decide to specialize?

  • Discover thousands of different items including magical, rare, set, and unique items, which feature a wide variety of useful properties!

  • Crawl through procedurally generated dungeons which offer a new layout with each quest!

  • Complete dozens of quests through 14 different zones in the world of Vandamor!

  • Communicate with allies and forge friendships using a robust chat system!

  • Encounter more than 40 different types of mobs which appear in various types including rare, champion, and bosses, each with their own unique traits!

  • For the fearless—hardcore mode offers the ultimate adrenaline rush! One death brings your illustrious journey to an abrupt end!

Nevergrind Online on Steam

Skeletal Dance Party

Skeletal Dance Party

This masterpiece has the single-most terrifying spell in any game I have ever played.

You and your friends take up arms against the sudden, new menace that has already exterminated half of your village. A necromancer - a single necromancer - has seized the ample supply of your ancestors in the catacombs and raised an army of abominations. Your squad takes patrol in the hall of chieftans, where your chief, and his chief before him, and his chief before him, they all rest, having lived valiant lives. The rhythmic rattling of the wretched rawboned ruffians relates your irresistable restless repose. The undead army clatters around the corner and without hesitation or coordination, impales your only companion upon dozens of spears and swords, each stolen from what were once your countrymen.

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

Approximate amount of time to 100%: 6,5h

Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10

Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1

Has it been in a bundle: Yes

Is there a good guide available: No, but you don’t need any

How many people have complete this game at the time I’m writing this review: 1 on Astats

Multiplayer achievements: No

Missable achievements: Maybe one

Grinding Achievements: No

DLC-Only achievements: No

Time-gated achievements: No

RNG-achievements: No

Does difficulty affect achievements: No

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Skeletal Dance Party on Steam

Heroes of the Monkey Tavern

Heroes of the Monkey Tavern

I recently received Heroes of the Monkey Tavern in a bundle. Like the tags say, it’s a fundamental, lightweight, old-school, grid based, dungeon (actually 10 level tower) crawler from 2016. Some explorers (like me) will find it fun and creative. However, if traditional games like Eye of the Beholder and recent games like the Grimrocks don’t interest you, skip it. In fact, this should be considered as a truly basic version of an RPG game. Details follow.

** Game Play: You manage four characters: Warrior, Spellcasters (e.g. Priest), Thief, etc. Once you start a real-time encounter (battle), you click on the armed weapon or the spell to cast. The graphics on the title page are representative. You must decide what type of eligible weapon, equipment, or spell to activate. Players that despise pixel-hunting MUST socially distance themselves from this game.

Real player with 43.8 hrs in game

I received a copy of this, to test it - and I actually fell in love :)

This is an old-school looking dungeon crawler, but with really nice graphics ( My first try on a game looking like this ).

Pro’s :

First of all - This is Fun ! Easy , partly relaxing, partly exiting ! Fun ! - Highly recommended !

1. Easy to understand the controls (I use an Xbox 360 controller and mouse, but keyboard works perfectly , too )

2. Game-play is perfectly smooth .

3. Well made surprises and puzzles .

4. Beautiful music ! - actually a bit chilling and haunting, especially if you play this a late night, sitting alone .

Real player with 41.6 hrs in game

Heroes of the Monkey Tavern on Steam

Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus

Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus

Well, seems there is no review yet, I Bought this game for this is my first game on PC, I’d say the graphics still the same when I was a child well it is not remastered.

The story begins where you can choose two heroes and as you progress you can then again, select another heroes, it is up to four heroes you can use, when your hero dies you can never revive them. Also, you can have some foot soldiers.

Oh the story is about gods, where Poseidon wants to kill Athena’s hero.

The price is cheap I think, good if you really like strategy game. Working on Win10 64bit intelcorei7 NVIDIA

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

This game is a mix of RPG and RTS based on Greek Mythology, it’s not an easy game but it is great fun if you learn it’s mechanic. This game is much deeper than avarage RTS:

  1. Every level is like part of the ancient world with it’s people living in it, but you don’t have to be hero, you can kill everyone instead helping them.

  2. Every unit in the game has name, health and expirience. And nobody want to die for nothing. So it’s up to you - whether you kill or save them.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus on Steam

Shadows: Awakening

Shadows: Awakening

Thou art already dead…

Shadows: Awakening may look like a Diablo-like on its face. But it has its own thing going on. Let me qualify that, as far as it being an isometric hack and slash with loot and levels — that’s exactly what it is, however you play as a demon with other people inside of them — a devourer of souls.

Shadows is a bit more story driven than its contemporaries. And while you will be picking up loot and leveling, the game places significant importance on dialogue decisions as well as quests taken and completed. Some areas will have lite puzzle solving as well, additionally, many side dungeon/caves are available. — Now, enemies to do not respawn should you decide to travel back to a completed area stay for a few enemies that pop out of jars or some other environmental object. So, there isn’t much reason to return unless you want to satiate the completionist in you that missed a side quest. You won’t need — or even be able to grind levels or gear out of those areas once you’ve moved on.

Real player with 45.9 hrs in game

You’ve been summoned from death, pulled back into life by a demon. As a puppet of his goodwill you fight side by side to prevent the world from total destruction.

Shadows Awakening is an action roll playing game. It’s hack and slay in an isometric perspective with beautiful graphics, satisfying combat, an extremely deep story, very well balanced difficulty, tons of collectables, great puzzles, many different heroes with unique upgrade possibilities and highly enjoyable boss fights. The game does an awful lot very well but sucks when it comes to quest design and story telling.

Real player with 40.7 hrs in game

Shadows: Awakening on Steam

Touch Type Tale - Strategic Typing

Touch Type Tale - Strategic Typing

Touch Type Tale is a real-time strategy game with a typing twist! 

Streamlined RTS design is paired with devilish multitasking from the innovative typing control system making Touch Type Tale a new and rewarding challenge to RTS veterans and newcomers alike. 

During a spell-binding single player story campaign, join our unlikely hero, Paul, as he tries to defeat the evil at his door. With the throne standing empty and barbarians at the gates, he must leave his home and venture forth to save the kingdom! 

Travel through uniquely diverse missions and scenarios that are each designed to reflect the story, creating new challenges at every turn, and keeping a player on their toes… or perhaps we should say fingertips.

Touch Type Tale is the ultimate underdog story asking you to defend the kingdom with just your keyboard and fight back the hordes of enemies - those from without, and some from within the realm - requiring touch-typing prowess and blistering typing accuracy.

And when you have mastered the art of typing, take your skills to the gates of other players and engage in chivalrous competition in online multiplayer skirmish battles. Relive your conquests with replays and emblazon your name on the pages of history through the ranking system.

Asynchronous language options allow players to enjoy the story while testing their fluency with another language through the typing gameplay.

For those questing for the ultimate typing challenge, an extensive selection of difficulty modes will invite you to test your mettle again and again!

Touch Type Tale - Strategic Typing on Steam