Love Cooking at Home? Turn your Hobby into a Business!

Love Cooking at Home? Turn your Hobby into a Business!

Gameplay is focused on managing a small bakery. You’ll have to bake pies, manage your team, make financial, logistical and marketing decisions to develop your store and progress through the story.

  • Supervise and improve the cooking process: from selecting ingredients to serving.

  • Use PlantPad for every task. It has all the apps you need, from social media to mobile games.

  • Order the ingredients you need from 9 fabulous suppliers.

  • Look for new recipes to add the best ones to your menu.

  • Make friends with your customers and help them with their choices.

  • Over 100 unique customers, and everyone has a different taste!

  • Track your expenses and income. Plan your business growth wisely.

  • Keep your workplace clean and tidy!

After completing the story you will have access to an endless game mode, in which you can fully immerse yourself in the pleasant daily routine of a mall food court employee.

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Love Cooking at Home? Turn your Hobby into a Business! on Steam

Nevergrind Online

Nevergrind Online

Nevergrind Online is a real-time cooperative multiplayer online RPG where you and a group of adventurers join forces to protect the Kingdom of Edenburg from the sinister forces of darkness. Up to five players can form a party and venture forth to help restore peace and order to the Kingdom.

Your adventure starts in the peaceful Kingdom of Edenburg, the trading capital of Vandamor, which has recently been under siege by agents of chaos outside of its castle walls. Supplies are running low in the Kingdom due to recent disruptions in major trade routes to the Kingdom. Your first orders from the King are to investigate who is blocking the trade routes, and to what end? Your adventure will lead you on a perilous journey across the furthest reaches of Vandamor, to creepy crypts, forgotten fortresses, and ravaged ruins!

Choose to fight alone or join forces with up to four other players in a party! Before you embark you must prepare and organize in the Kingdom of Edenburg. There are seven buildings that offer various services.

Kingdom of Edenburg

  • Tavern: Choose from a list of quests, get tips from the innkeeper, or check out the leaderboard.

  • Academy: Seek class-specific training for all of your skills—for a price of course!

  • Merchant: Buy and sell goods from the merchant, who offers the widest variety of items in Edenburg.

  • Bank: Store valued items in the bank which can be shared with your other characters.

  • Apothecary: Buy and sell potions, scrolls, cloth armor, jewelry, and staves.

  • Guild Hall: Create a guild to help organize and communicate with a group of friends.

  • Blacksmith: Buy and sell weapons and armor, including mail and plate!


  • Create a character from 12 races and 14 classes! Allocate attributes that favor your playing style!

  • Level up 12 different skills for each class! Will you train them evenly or decide to specialize?

  • Discover thousands of different items including magical, rare, set, and unique items, which feature a wide variety of useful properties!

  • Crawl through procedurally generated dungeons which offer a new layout with each quest!

  • Complete dozens of quests through 14 different zones in the world of Vandamor!

  • Communicate with allies and forge friendships using a robust chat system!

  • Encounter more than 40 different types of mobs which appear in various types including rare, champion, and bosses, each with their own unique traits!

  • For the fearless—hardcore mode offers the ultimate adrenaline rush! One death brings your illustrious journey to an abrupt end!

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Nevergrind Online on Steam

Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope

Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope

Cloud Chasers is a text-based adventure that incorporates survival elements, map exploration, and a flying mini-game. I think the game is pretty decent when it comes to resource management and storytelling, although the controls for the glider are a bit wonky. The goal is to get across the desert which includes 5 separate levels with randomly generated events. If one of your characters dies, you start over. However, the game is not particularly hard as I was able to beat it on the second try (in less than 1 hour on normal). Since many of the achievements are attached to unique events, it does have some replay value because you can’t get everything in one run.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

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At $4 this is a good game. Perma death rogue lite, FTL-lite, prequel to the excellent Airheart. However, it has very little action (passive glider flying avoiding bad buys and their bullets) to collect water aka cash.

I completed it in 4 hours and don’t really feel compelled to play again soon. There are items that are worthless except for fufilling dialogue options. There are a few basic upgrades for your glider that make the water collection mini game much easier to almost trivial when the gilder is fully upgraded.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope on Steam

Ancient Space

Ancient Space

The Story, Voice, Music and overall ambiency is in my opinion, very well done. I like the way they used “ingamestoryreasons” to justify enclosed places and the use of buildings, which can be customized to heal, or shoot a specific damage type, or support, or whatever, like tower defense.

With respect to the main gameplay mechanic - ship combat - I think it resembles much Nexus, but it is done in a more micro-intense matter, because you have to SPACEBAR-pause every few seconds to allocate a power, swap repairs, spawn a replacement unit, or issue new orders. This game is thus not really real time strategy but more real time tactics, like ground control, with some Z-axis movement to call it 3D.

Real player with 31.1 hrs in game

“Ancient Space” is a really decent entry into the space RTS genre, which (very refreshingly) gets away from the ironically boring routine of just having to be fast, fast, FAST!

Indeed, the game pretty much goes in the opposite direction. Many missions are downright…contemplative in pacing. However, this isn’t to say that there aren’t some pulse-pounding moments where you have to think quickly. Indeed, if you forget that you can “get on the gas,” you probably won’t complete all the missions.

Going along with the previous paragraph, I’m very pleased to say that this title emphasizes giving things thought, especially in terms of figuring out what fleet configuration works for you. Frantic micromanagement really isn’t the order of the day, although some micromanagement helps you get the most out of your units. The friendly ship AI isn’t brilliant, but it’s good enough that you can often let them make a number of decisions themselves. This emphasis on strategy (as opposed to hotkey mashing) even applies to those moments where you can’t dawdle: You have to recognize what’s going on and react swiftly but deliberately, whether it’s proceeding with a certain kind of build or just running away.

Real player with 21.8 hrs in game

Ancient Space on Steam