Shadow Council: The Puppeteers

Shadow Council: The Puppeteers

First of all: I do this Review especially for the developers, since I hope they will read this and respond, like they did with other Reviews.

The game has a pretty cool idea and really nice concept, however there are some slight issues or rather.. inconveniences?

For example there is a common lack of transparancy, you really should get much more information about who supports you, how much money do you get, what will exactly happen if youdo this or that - a good idea to achieve this would be the implentation of things like “military support-23% conservatives support 75% socialist support 1%”.

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

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Honestly the game has died, for $15 this is very unfilled and doesn’t have content. The game is basically a wait along that pits you against a country (or more fittingly it’s many different provinces which I will admit have a good tid bit of backstory) fighting to get the people to uprise against their government. The game is a shell, a husk waiting to be filled by content like (not story) mechanics, game speeds, a pause option, and other valid criticisms made by the buyers of this.

And if the developer answers this, I have seen you comment and try to communicate with the community but honestly I have not seen many updates actually be fulfilled and action being done. Please, if you want to improve your game then stop using the good ol' politician’s response of promising and waiting for it all to blow right over.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

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