Time Bandit – Part 1: Appendages of the Machine

Time Bandit – Part 1: Appendages of the Machine

A Game That Takes Time

A dark life sim that unfolds slowly in real time, with an unusual combination of elements from idle, stealth, and puzzle genres.

Make your choices carefully, because everything you start will take time to finish–just like in real life. Place down one of these automated forklifts to push a box for you, for example, and it’ll take an actual half an hour to finish moving it:

You’ll just have to go and do other stuff and come back later.

You work as an independent contractor for a mining company, but soon you discover they’re trying to take control of time in order to make you work for them forever. Manage your money, fuel, and energy while slowly solving puzzles to collect the time crystals and then pull off high-stakes stealthy heists to steal back from your employer.

Featuring tons of real-time game mechanics:

  • Move boxes, grow trees, build bridges, and compact trash–and wait for them to finish.

  • Different guard rotations and different consequences for getting caught depending on the time of day when you play.

  • A story that unfolds slowly through conversations that work like real-life phone calls. Characters will only call you periodically to advance the story over the course of days and weeks of playtime.

  • Your energy meter goes down while you play, and it takes up to 8 real-time hours of good sleep to fill it up all the way.

  • Meet characters at the actual meeting times that you set with them.

  • Real-time dynamic music.

  • And much more.

A Story of Political Intrigue

The first part of an epic, explicitly anticapitalist melodrama, told through lowpoly cutscenes and radio conversations inspired by early cinematic games. The company’s CEO and shareholders have come up with a scheme to live forever, but it will mean sacrificing the lives of their workers. Fight for a world where everyone has a right to their time.

Use the realistic radio to call characters anytime for dialogue about whatever situation you’re in. You’ll find hints on what to do next, details that expand the story, fourth wall–breaking humor, and more.

A challenge with real consequences: Don’t get caught by guards or let yourself fall asleep, or you might end up stuck waiting it out in jail or the hospital.

Fixed camera angles in gameplay, just like in the old days. With a real-time day-and-night cycle and real-time weather tied to your location, to make the game integrate more with your life.

Tons of playtime in part one alone. And you can use your save file to continue where you left off when the next part comes out. Truly commit to the long haul of the real-time experience.

Join Time Bandit’s Discord to receive development updates and offer your feedback on work in progress! https://discord.gg/vhue5NtN39

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Time Bandit – Part 1: Appendages of the Machine on Steam

Labyrinth: The Exit Is Closer

Labyrinth: The Exit Is Closer

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A game about collecting items and finding the exit in a maze.

Here is everything you can imagine about 3D labyrinths.

A huge number of different randomly generated mazes.

Large number of scale options, difficulty setting and navigation assistance options.

Real player with 249.1 hrs in game

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The game, where you try to find the escape from a labyrinth

Every time the way generated anew. The faster you find a way out the better. The game has many options and settings, which define the task in the game.

Inexpensive price and different options for passing are the main advantages of the game. Control from the keyboard or gamepad.

The music is normally selected but eventually gets boring.

Recommended for maze lovers


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Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Labyrinth: The Exit Is Closer on Steam



SUMMARY: A graphical toy to make weird, surreal spacescapes and the oddities that inhabit them, from playing with sliders to just randomziing items. On top of that, you get odd soundscapes that play along. A way to just mess around, or a way to create relaxing - or disturbing - backgrounds on your computer or tv display.

Anomalies is a graphical toy that some may call a glorified screen saver - fortunately it’s both!

Basically you can randomize or set a bunch of parameters, that then make surreal spacescapes that you can watch while strange music plays. Depending on your choices, you might watch stars circle by as you observe a nebula, be caught among strange particles, or hover in front of a bizarre tentacular space creature. Or a combination.

Real player with 31.4 hrs in game

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This is a really interesting piece of software. It is good to have around to either dip into casually or have a longer session. There can be some nice surprises. I just came up with a not very spectacular creation from the visual point of view, but it has a very nice ethereal sound. Tweaking parameters and hunting and rummaging are great fun. I have got some more choices of wallpaper too.

Real player with 26.0 hrs in game

Anomalies on Steam

Wild West Saga: Idle Tycoon Clicker

Wild West Saga: Idle Tycoon Clicker

As a pointless idle game to play halfway through and then forget about, it’s an acceptable game.

If you want closure on a game, or 100% achievements, or a feeling of playing a completed product, it’s not.

To get 100% completion, you have to refer at least 120 new players, either by constantly spamming every board you can find, being one of the few lucky ones able to get their family code listed on the highscore list, or by creating 120 fake accounts. Not that I in any way endorse cheating the referral system by switching chrome to incognito mode, opening the game on kongregate, and using the free gems to skip ahead until you can insert your family code.

Real player with 6451.6 hrs in game

After 1000+h, I can safely say that this game, although fun at some times, is an unbalanced mess, with repeated technical and design problems…

People cannot finish a World without the Devs resetting them to the next world, if they try to maximize the cards you get in each town (which is of course the natural thing to do). This problem is known for more than a year, and its still not fixed, the Forum is full of these requests. I too had to use it once already, and removed my previously negative review based on that they helped me manually…

Real player with 1228.7 hrs in game

Wild West Saga: Idle Tycoon Clicker on Steam

Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms

Okay, with over 12000 hours on steam alone I think it’s time I review this game. This is a very addicting very parasitic game. It is completely pay to win. While it is possible to do everything for free it would take too much time. The steam version has a lot of issues with crashing so It’s probably best to just download the client at strongholdkingdoms.com. I actually quit this game for some time after leading my house to win an Age then plunging it into war.

If you want to be successfull in this game (in terms of leading other players) you have to have a basic understanding of politics and diplomacy. This game has tightly weaved webs in its community that can sometimes be very hard to climb. It took me most of an age to rise to the rank of House Marshal. It took rising up through the ranks of a faction within house 16. Then when I had a reputation I formed my own faction and filled it with volunteers from other factions of House 16 and the gloucestershire area. Pretty soon it was full and I formed 2 more factions and joined them to house 16. At this point I had 3 votes to make myself marshal. But it was not time to strike. I waited for the opportune moment which presented itself as a out of game issue that my house marshal had. Suddenly he had to go on vacation mode. During his vacation the house started to go slightly down hill and I would just keep whispering how we needed a house marshal. It wasn’t long before I had some of the other convinced that we needed a new HM. But they wern’t sure who, it’s not normally a responsibility people want. Luckily I already had plans of stepping up and ran unopposed. This wasn’t the top of the ladder though. House 16 (at this point) was in a super alliance that controlled the server. House 16 happened to be slated for winning the second age. I had to maintain diplomacy with the other houses of the alliance while waiting for my age to begin. Once it began I became the leader of the super alliance it was just a matter of keeping stability. Which takes all your time. I was psychologically drained and by the end of the round I was ready to quit. But the world at this point was farmville. So I declared war without warning on our main enemy and left the game. I found out later that the enemy won and took the next age.

Real player with 12899.3 hrs in game

Dear Wallets, the TL;DR is run from this game. It will make promises about delivering the best night of your life, only to steal your dignity, and your pocketbook

I started SHK approximately a year ago, in that time i’ve learned that sometimes customer service does get so bad that your absuive family relations really did you a favor preparing you for the “Real World”.

The issues as I see them:

1. You MUST pay to play: You can invest all the time you have to be “the best” but you’ll never come close to the lady/fella that has thousands to spend in order to become the digital pimp of SHKland. You will forever be outclassed and outgunned, and if you want to have any hope of being a competitive player, you’ll end up spending at minimum a few hundred dollars to keep up. Free to pay this game isn’t.

Real player with 3358.0 hrs in game

Stronghold Kingdoms on Steam

Angry Giant

Angry Giant

Nice Action - CHECK

Cool Soundtrack - CHECK

Retro Style - CHECK

Weird Story - CHECK

Varied - CHECK

Flying on a Dragon - CHECK

Smashing Humans - CHECk.

Punishing Humans- CHEck..

Eating Humans - CHeck… ehm.

Naked Giant - Check….. whoa whoa whoa! What the Heck am i playing????

Welcome to ANGRY GIANT!

At first, before we start with the Review, let me tell you something i

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER said before in one of my Reviews.

G A M I N G M A S T E R P I E C E I N C O M I N G ! ! ! ! ! !


Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

Platform puzzleish with metroidvania progression and rpg grind. Content is solid, fun graphics, music, art and humor are charming, retro throwback. Controls are awkward and structure of the game is too grindy for me but it is amusing to do even simple things because of physics and overall craziness. it is also annoying to do simple things because of physics and craziness. This is that kind of game. It has too much going on; it’s sometimes hard to get to the part you like. Plenty of bugs which have been fixed quickly thus far. B-

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

Angry Giant on Steam



Disclaimer: I beta tested this game.

Viridi is exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a little virtual garden where you watch your plants grow.

The gameplay itself is minimalistic. Apart from planting your succulents, watering them, and zooming in to sing at them, there’s very little else you can do. It’s supposed to be a very zen experience — similar to keeping actual plants — so if you expect more interactivity than that then this is not the game for you. I usually had it on in the background while I went on with my day as always (hence my exorbitant playtime), but you don’t need to leave it on all the time. Your plants will grow just fine while the game is closed as well, so if you only want to spend 5 minutes a day checking up on your plants, then you can do that too. As you can see the joy of the game doesn’t lie within its interactivity, but rather within owning a virtual garden in itself.

Real player with 302.4 hrs in game

Inch by inch… Calmly

snail crawls around the pot. Zen.

Watching grass grow.


In real life I’ve killed more plants than I can (or would bother) count. In Viridi I can feel like an expert gardener, and without a stress of real gardening. Au contraire - it is an awesome stress reliever (and believe me - I know about stress!).

This game requires a really low level of skills, there’s no steep learning curve, you don’t have to spend hours trying to beat something or find some other-thing or figure out some puzzle. You just open the game once a day (or even not every day, or maybe 2-3 times a day - up to your liking), water your plants and pluck weeds. Once a week you get a free seed that you can add to your existing pot, or keep it for the future, or trade with other players.

Real player with 204.0 hrs in game

Viridi on Steam

AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist

I’ve successfully beaten this game (as in, unlocked everything) without spending a single cent on it. Most of the “time” I have logged on this game was from leaving it idle, and there’s nothing to be gained from this game. I did it as a personal test to train myself to resist microtransactions.

Real player with 272.4 hrs in game

Probably the best and most fun clicker out there.

Took me 1 year to complete 100% (I’m on the finish line right now, probably 2 more days to complete it), but the game is worth the time.

It had some balance issues, but now the game is properly fixed and the events and daily gifts provide a lot of opportunities for players to gain multipliers on the hardest planet to complete, Earth.

Real player with 236.2 hrs in game

AdVenture Capitalist on Steam