Moduwar - The Modular RTS is a unique take on Real-Time Strategy.

Take control of a Modu - an alien creature with the ability to grow different organs, split and merge them, depending on your personal playstyle.

Grow your Modu starting with the heart, the most vital organ, you can expand your Modu by growing tiles and then other organs on those tiles.

Split tiles and scout your enemies to give yourself the strategic advantage! Split multiple tiles to build your armada and send them to war or merge your tiles and

stand your ground!

Explore Arkadia, a magnificent and mysterious alien planet in a Single-Player story driven campaign.

Enjoy additional various play modes including skirmish and monster arena.

Play against your friends in Multiplayer mode with 2-4 players in a match.

The Moduwar Story:

The Modu are native to the planet Arkadia - an untamed paradise. They lived on Arkadia peacefully for a millennia, changing and adapting their modular bodies to suit their needs.

Their peaceful existence came to an end, when two warring races brought their war to Arkadia.

The invaders enslaved the Modu, using them as biological warfare.

You will take the role of a Modu serving the ERE - Earth Repatriation Expedition.

Will you fight under the ERE, or break the shackles and set yourself free?

Your choices will determine the fate of all life in the galaxy and the Moduwar!

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Moduwar on Steam