Gemini Wars

Gemini Wars

“So i had around 40 hours in this game, it is not good it is not bad either. Missions lack in challenge, they are mostly the same, protect this, defeat that. The later part where the aliens apears was slightly better but i wish game is longer, more ship classes and details. However for people who like this kind of game its okay. Graphics, could be better, much better.

Would i recommend this game?

Game recieved many negative reviews,and mostly because it didnt deserve positive ones, for the current price of 14,99EUR i wouldnt recommend this game. If you find it on sale, for cheap, try it, you wont lost anything except few hours of your life. I would give positive on this one since i did had fun in skirmish with this game, and because i love some of the ship designs. Otherwise if there is neutral button i would hit instead.

Real player with 43.6 hrs in game

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This game feels like it is still in beta with all the glitches.


Good concept. I enjoy how quickly bases can be built if you have the resources which makes comebacks not entirely out of the picture. Easy to pick up.


Ships will shake violently when trying to move and sometimes won’t even move when part of a large selected group. AI is horrible for skirmishes. I played a skirmish where the AI player sent its starting construction ship to where I was building my fleet about 5 minutes into the game and it was destroyed easily ending the game.

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

Gemini Wars on Steam



I have owned Realpolitks for a week now, so far I love it. It is a very good Grand Strategy Game, many people don’t like it and I see why, however here are the pros and cons in my opinion.


  • You can play as every country in the world, minus a few very small countries (e.g Figi).

  • You can start in the years 2020, 2050 and 2222, which all have different countries and starting points.

  • Very good starter game for anyone wishing to get into the Grand Strategy Genre, not to many aspects to learn, quite minimal.

Real player with 215.7 hrs in game

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Realpolitiks Review

Nostalgia Goggles Factor: None

Crash Factor: Crashless

Bug Factor: High

A Polish-made Grand Strategy game set in our Information age. Starting in 2020.

The Good

  • 3 starting dates; 2020, being similar to our world today, 2050, a post-apocalyptic setting and 2222, where nearly every province is it’s own country.

  • Play as any country.

  • Every start date has it’s own time limit, 2020 ends in 2100, for example. When the end date is reached, the country with the highest score will be the winner. However, it can be much more fun to simply ignore the score game and just play it like a sandbox, setting your own goals. You can play past the end date.

Real player with 152.9 hrs in game

Realpolitiks on Steam

Distant Worlds: Universe

Distant Worlds: Universe

This game should be fun, it looks like great fun and will lead you to expect that true enjoyment is just around the corner. However the fun you are anticipating will always be just beyond your fingertips until you finally get fed up and learn to stop trying, because in the end, there really isn’t any, just frustration at how this game could of been awesome.

1. The Crashes: This game crashes a lot, but only starts doing so after you have invested so much time into your save that you’re faced with abandoning an empire you have spent hours cultivating, or routinely losing 20-30 mins of progress or more depending on how long you set your autosaves to be. You may think the solution is to make autosaves more frequent, but once your game get’s to that point, it’s now taking 5+ minutes to save your game every time. If you can mke it to some real endgame points where you really are invested and theres multiple large, well developed empires that can truly challenge you, prepare for that to take even longer. Even better, reloading saves seems to randomly reset the enemy AI in certain ways that are difficult to immediately decipher but will become apparent eventually. For example, one game I manage to start getting friendly with a lot of empires that I had been trying to open free trade agreements with and suddenly they sort of cascade to where I want them to be, one after the other. Ok, not sure why but cool. Whoops, game crashed, reload autosave. Now all of a sudden, even though I followed the same actions I did last time, they’re all imposing trade sanctions and moving to war decing. Cool.

Real player with 564.9 hrs in game

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An incredibly deep and rewarding game which has some of the deepest and advanced AI you may ever witness in a game, especially one of this scope. It’s clear the developers focused near purely on content over most other things for this game and unfortunately that comes at the cost of having a game that’s imposes a significant learning curve. Getting to grips with the UI will be a difficult romp, and the mass amount of options given to you will both satisfy veteran 4X players and discourage most beginners.

Real player with 463.9 hrs in game

Distant Worlds: Universe on Steam

COVID: The Outbreak

COVID: The Outbreak

get it in 80% off

one of the best game during Lockdown or Quarintie or stay at home order !

compared to another Honor/ shooting / War fighting games flooding in Ste-am Va-lve playing million per day

this is great education game for upperclass and Private school or mutilanguastic or Frequency traveler to learn how the Commerical tycoon/Politican thinking

however according to mogolia/KAKZ conlony PRC citizen think , the wuhan bio-Weapon dead rate is 5% but if they don’t Work in nightlife, the dead rate is 100%

Real player with 21.2 hrs in game

So I found this game by a pure accident a couple hours before getting published and rushed to buy it, hoping to find a game that’s complex, detailed, realistic and most importantly, let’s me cope with the zombie apocalypse going currently in the world and the quarantine shitshow.

The game turned out to be exactly what I expected and far more, the amount of data available is truly astonishing and immersive, all the actions you can take, quarantine, public order maintenance, research, border closing, decisions you have to make during various random events that can appear, all this makes for an excellent simulation, and the fact that I’ve received a product that already looks very polished despite probably being made rather quickly is mindblowing. I really hope it’ll be updated accordingly as the situation develops and more knowledge about the virus will be gained.

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

COVID: The Outbreak on Steam

Knights of Honor

Knights of Honor

Knights of Honor is a classic grand strategy game, quite different from any other in the genre. Everything happens in real time, including the battles that can be fought manually and the campaign map really feels alive as a lot of things are happening at the same time.

There are a few things to manage, like your town construction, your royal court, armies and diplomacy. These things are fairly simplistic (compared to the modern games) and are easy to learn, but very fun to play with once you understand them. While the manual battles can be fun and dynamic, they aren’t the strong part of Knights of Honor. The actions on the campaign map are definitely where the main entertainment comes from.

Real player with 124.6 hrs in game

Before I start, I want to mention one thing: this negative review is not about the game itself. Knights of Honor is a great RTS game, and you should definetly play it. My problem stems from the fact that this game is a prime example of a developer being lazy and just dumping the original game, unpatched and unoptimized to Steam for a price that seems very steep, considering the performance quality of this game. To first start off, this game’s major fault is the fact that it cannot boot into its default resolution properly. No matter what you do, it will only show 3/4s of the image (in some cases, the game will also force your monitor resolution to 640x480) that can only be fixed via the HD patch. The main issue with the HD patch is that for some people, it will not work. I have had friends who purchased this game and were unable to get the patch running, leaving them with a game that was a waste of money and time. The game also still has a major issue that I’ve experienced even on an old XP machine as a kid with an original (now lost) disc copy; Random crashes. These seemingly have no real trigger, they will happen often after 1-2 hours of play, and while not annoying due to the ability to set frequent autosaving, preventing loss of progress, its insulting that this issue still persists years later, with the developers never addressing it or releasing a patch. Overall, I don’t recommend the game due to the aforementioned HD patch issue some people I know have had, otherwise if you’re lucky enough to get it working, it is possibly one of the most addicting strategies out there.

Real player with 115.8 hrs in game

Knights of Honor on Steam

Sins of a Solar Empire®: Rebellion

Sins of a Solar Empire®: Rebellion

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is a space strategy game and a real-time strategy (RTS) game which incorporates 4X strategy game elements. This game was developed by Ironclad Games and published by Stardock Entertainment and is only available on PC.

While you may notice another game with Sins of a Solar Empire in its title (Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity), that is an older version of the game. Rebellion is the definitive and superior version as it not only offers numerous additions to the game, like Titans and new Factions to play as, but also contains everything from the previous versions of the game.

Real player with 1719.1 hrs in game

Sins of a Solar Empire represents a fun and visually spectacular 4x game. But the 4x is a bit tilted. There is diplomacy and you can win with diplomacy, there is exploration and you will need to explore and there is exploitation. But Sins of a Solar Empire at it’s core is a game of extermination, combat drives the game and will dominate the majority of what you do, but that is perfectly fine considering how fun it is.

This game is well supported considering it’s age though optimisation in multiplayer is poor and they do not allow you to local host your games instead requiring you to connect to their servers. The attention to detail in the base game is excellent from space elevators and space traffic around your planets to having individual weapon ports on ships with their own firing arcs. It’s hard to get bored of this game especially if you have friends to play with.

Real player with 663.8 hrs in game

Sins of a Solar Empire®: Rebellion on Steam

Polaris Sector

Polaris Sector

Nice and deep space 4X game, definately the best of the recent releases. It also avoided a common fact with 4X which is that many features are copy/pasted beetween games, so it will feel fresh even if you’re used to the genre.

In a nutshell, it’s a bit rough but a must for every space 4X fan. It shines in empire management, elegant mechanics, diplomacy. It would deserve a bit more streamlining.

Why is it better than most other 4X?

+ Rewarding diplomacy:

Interactions pretty rational. There are many possibilities, from trading ressources (shortages are common so that’s handy), to technologies, to being able to use friendly planets as bases for your fleet or asking for a 3rd party to negociate a peace with your ennemy, or bribe them into getting into war against your ennemy (or request a bribe to help them!)

Real player with 229.8 hrs in game

Lets get to it.



  • A.I. (Articial Intelligence) - I cannot emphasis or stress enough of how extremely good the A.I. is. It’s probably one of the most advanced one I’ve seen in a 4x game genre. I absolutely love how it handles playing against me and handling my orders for planets, colonization, and etc (without the need to micromanage everything). Again, the A.I. in this game is just so good that it cannot be expressed sufficiently of how good it is. Even the developer of this game admits that hard is very tough for him.

Real player with 159.5 hrs in game

Polaris Sector on Steam



I’m always looking for new RTS games since they are a rare thing these days. However, Im often very dissapointed by what I find.

Well, that is NOT the case with war party !!!

This game is only on early access but it’s impressive how good it is ! it’s easy to understand as it possesses a lot of classical RTS mechanics but also some new stuff that make the game deep, fun and challenging.

The + :

  • cool and unusual universe (caveman x dinos x vaudou) : You can produce some T-rex ans some mounted velociraptor or go with some witch doctor and zombies

Real player with 390.1 hrs in game

As a long time supporter going back all the way back to the alpha, here are my thoughts about the game as of launch.

The strengths:

  • 3 asymmetric, visually distinct factions.

  • Will have a campaign in the full release.

  • Dedicated servers are near-flawless. Forget about desyncs, laggy gameplay due to peer to peer etc.

  • League-rank system just like in Starcraft 2.

  • Excellent matchmaking that expands search, starting at your ELO. This makes for close games once you stabilize your ELO.

Real player with 77.0 hrs in game

WAR PARTY on Steam

Shadow Council: The Puppeteers

Shadow Council: The Puppeteers

First of all: I do this Review especially for the developers, since I hope they will read this and respond, like they did with other Reviews.

The game has a pretty cool idea and really nice concept, however there are some slight issues or rather.. inconveniences?

For example there is a common lack of transparancy, you really should get much more information about who supports you, how much money do you get, what will exactly happen if youdo this or that - a good idea to achieve this would be the implentation of things like “military support-23% conservatives support 75% socialist support 1%”.

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

Honestly the game has died, for $15 this is very unfilled and doesn’t have content. The game is basically a wait along that pits you against a country (or more fittingly it’s many different provinces which I will admit have a good tid bit of backstory) fighting to get the people to uprise against their government. The game is a shell, a husk waiting to be filled by content like (not story) mechanics, game speeds, a pause option, and other valid criticisms made by the buyers of this.

And if the developer answers this, I have seen you comment and try to communicate with the community but honestly I have not seen many updates actually be fulfilled and action being done. Please, if you want to improve your game then stop using the good ol' politician’s response of promising and waiting for it all to blow right over.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Shadow Council: The Puppeteers on Steam

Net King’s Call

Net King’s Call

lotta fun, each unit is fun to play and switching up the troops prevents it from getting stale.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

10/10, almost as good as committing tax evasion

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Net King's Call on Steam