Firmament Wars

Firmament Wars

Very simple and easy strategy game that is surprisingly addictive. I love strategy games, and one of FW’s appeals is how quickly you can jump in to the game and accomplish a lot. This game is the kind of game I can play during a quick break from work and feel satisfied with my progress. Also can’t complain about the price. Only wish there was a way to pause the game when playing offline, and also wish there were more single country maps as well.

Real player with 34.1 hrs in game

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This game is steal at just over $2, me and friends have had hours of fun for a game that costs the price of a cup of coffee. We bought this game a couple days ago and we have already invested over 40 hours between us all. Strategy games never really interest me probably cause I like brain-dead FPS titles but this game is easy to pick up yet hard to master which is perfect to sink hours of gameplay into.

It isn’t all perfect and there are a few things I would change such as an outdated GUI and a poor singleplayer but such trade-offs

Real player with 19.4 hrs in game

Firmament Wars on Steam



“Cherry-picking and other fruits”

Rary is a simple game like to run around as a bird and try to pick all the fallen fruits away before the middle counter goes up to 20. Controls are quite clunky as you move with WASD but steer your bird with mouse movements. Each fruit can be picked only if it is in your viewfield, close enough and on the ground. That can be harsh if you are too close to 20 (game over) or fruit is blocking you on your way but you cannot pick it away immediately.

But the worst and even gamebreaking I find the unclear counting system. It always shows not the exact number of objects on the screen. Sometimes you wonder what you can pick up if score goes up, but nothing is left to pick. It seems also the minus score mushrooms also have to be picked up to reduce your score -1 and heat level at the same time.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

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yes :p

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Rary on Steam

Net King’s Call

Net King’s Call

lotta fun, each unit is fun to play and switching up the troops prevents it from getting stale.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

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10/10, almost as good as committing tax evasion

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Net King's Call on Steam

Arc Vector

Arc Vector

Arc Vector is an action arcade game with a hint of flight simulator, inspired by various classic 1980-90s Archimedes games.

  • Pure arcade combat across 3 distinct campaign areas, the Lush Tropics, Scorched Deserts and Volcanic Rim of Melos

  • Intuitive flight controls - pitch and rotate your ship with the mouse

  • Dogfight against alien pilots, dodge anti-aircraft fire and destroy enemy tanks in their tracks

  • Capture enemy bases to recharge weapons and fuel

  • Destroy supply depots to secure bases against being recaptured

Pilot a stolen alien ship in a rebellion against the Archronite invasion. Fly across the archipelagos of your home world and capture enemy bases with the help of your navigation droid co-pilot, DFX-9T. Battle against enemy Arc Vectors, Fighters, Drones and Laser Tanks, liberate your planet, Melos.


You are a lighthouse keeper on the planet of Melos, a small world rich in oil and gas, home to a small population of industrial workers, fishing fleets and sheep farmers, scattered across the Melosian Archipelagos. (“Melosian sheep are famed for their genetically engineered Kevlar-like wool” - Melosian Tourist Board).

Melos has been invaded by the Archronites, a warmongering species fighting their way through the local galactic sector. The Archronites have started to colonise Melos to exploit its natural resources, driving the native population from their homes. When one day you discover they have even invaded your tiny home island, you are forced to act.

Together with your trusty navigation droid, DFX-9T, and after an enemy pilot had apparently met an unfortunate fate on the rocks, you commandeer their vessel and take to the skies in the fight back against the alien colonists. One by one, you must capture their airbases and destroy the infrastructure they are putting in place.

Beware, however, Archronite Commander Veilos will be out to stop you! You will come up against his forces in Arc Vectors - a devastatingly powerful attack ship, and Arc Fighters - a stealth-like fighter aircraft, Drones, Plasma Tanks and Laser Tanks and numerous other defences. Fortunately, the ship you have stolen is also an Arc Vector!

Arc Vector on Steam

Castle Battles

Castle Battles

Cool riff on the amoeba style RTS where you conquer nodes, gain troops at a steady pace, and the only unit is basically a one-for-one trade. The main parts that make it cool are:

  • Troops don’t automatically beat an enemy troop and die–it seems to be a coin flip, so fights are 100% obvious in outcome

  • The speed at which you expand is dependent on a couple special kinds of terrain. This means where you expand matters, and how you expand matters–you get to try to calculate the time it would take to build a new node vs how long it will take to expand.

Real player with 42.1 hrs in game

I was very disapointed by this game, however it does deliver a few things.

  1. has an actual story that you can fallow

  2. has verring difficulty that becomes very difficult in some stages

some really bad things is

  1. the 4 factions have 0 uniqueness its just reskins

  2. game can be won in just a few hours of gameplay

  3. has MP potential yet has no MP mode

  4. 0 replayability outside difficulty even the fee game mode is boring as fuck

in the end it could be worth a few bucks but outside 5 I would stay away from it.

Real player with 26.8 hrs in game

Castle Battles on Steam

Hold The Fort

Hold The Fort

Won game from Livestream. Completed in 12 hours veteran. Replay is for trying harder modes.

Maps are fairly quick; under 30, pause and no save. The game-play, for me, was staring for a bit at the full tower grid to figure out final configuration, then turn it on. Determining the grid before start is the puzzle tactics piece for me. Then, you have some active tasks to manage during the gameplay, which intensify as the maps and difficulty increase.

The active tasks are a mixed bag. Somewhat blah is the tower maintenance which rewards sacrificing towers to mines for $. It’s there to keep you feeling the pressure. But as with the rest of this fairly casual TD, it can largely be dismissed by pulling screen back to keep the whole field in focus and use of hotkey R. The spells I found fun and would take more of those. So, essentially I set my towers, blew up mobs with spells, then saw if I could keep a single one from getting through. EZ

Real player with 12.4 hrs in game

This game is a nice Tower Defense game. The graphics are the best of maybe any TD game I’ve played at least and that adds to the game a lot. everything is very beautiful.

I haven’t played through the whole game so I cant comment on everything, but I can say that this is a solid tower defense games. If you are a fan of tower defense games check it out. The main creator of the game said he plans to add content for free if I remember correctly, some more levels or enemies and what not would of course be welcome and add to the depth of the game, but its nicely fleshed out right now.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Hold The Fort on Steam

Tabletop Gods

Tabletop Gods

I have had loads of fun with this game! Easy to learn, difficult to master.

This game shines in its simplicity. Top-down tabletop design, three factions, similar units and buildings available between factions – yet still so much variety in how each game can play out.

Some have suggested that the developers add more factions, but I disagree. I think to add more than the three current factions would make it a bit too convoluted. While the units and structures available for each faction are similar, there are enough unique attributes to each that it creates a ton of spontaneity from match to match.

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

I got this game for free and didn’t know what to expect at all.

To my suprise, this is a very well done game and the best is its multiplayer feature, where several players can hangout and watch 2 of them play a match. After that, the next ones of the group battle eachother. A great way to hangout!

The game is PLAYABLE IN VR and also PLAYABLE IN NON VR!!!! Both modes are pretty balanced, which is really hard to find. So for those VR players out there: This is the game you want to play with your non VR buddys!

Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

Tabletop Gods on Steam



Disclaimer: I recommend you to buy this game, but as of launch month, do your research before you commit. It may or may not be up to your standards.


  • Classic RTS formula. We seriously need more of this out there.

  • Key hero unit, and creeping/leveling mechanics add to the usual “by the numbers + rock papper scissors” game.

  • Very good basic mechanics. The UI and controls do everything they need to, and everything in the game is crisp and responsive.

  • Cool setting, and awesome unit designs derived from the setting.

Real player with 75.5 hrs in game

I wanted to like this game. I REALLY wanted to like this game. I played in some of the earlier Alpha tests and I saw it had some great potential once they fix some of the rough edges. The only rough edge they seemed to have fixed is that now there is a matchmaking system. The rest of it still feels like an alpha build and they’re charging $30 for it.


  • Decent graphics

  • Unique ideas


  • Average 6:00 queue time and it’s still new.

  • THERE IS NO CHAT. None. Anywhere. Pass the long queue times by chatting with other players? Not in this game, buddy. Want to ask how your opponent does their build? Too bad, maybe you can find them in Discord. Want to “GG” and not rage-quit? RAGE QUIT ONLY IN THIS GAME.

Real player with 21.0 hrs in game





Real player with 0.5 hrs in game


Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

4Line on Steam



Buyer beware. This is barely worth calling a game. There are no levels, just clicking shapes to remove them as they spawn over time. If too many build up, you lose. There is no progression. The same few shapes spawn randomly until you get bored and quit/lose. The shapes consist of: A small sphere you can click any time. A box that gives -1 point when red, +1 point when orange, and cycles colors every few seconds. A cylinder that switches between grey (unclickable) and orange. A rectangle that starts with between 1 and 9 health randomly, that you must click down to zero to dismiss. These shapes spawn every second or two and bounce around the screen. You click them. That is it. That is the entire game.

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Perfect game to warm up my aim. My score was 463 after a couple of tries and it was a lot more challenging then i thought it was. Took a lot of focus and hardcore hand endurance, my right hand can’t move and I typed this all with my left hand.8/10

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Polary on Steam