Shadow Council: The Puppeteers

Shadow Council: The Puppeteers

First of all: I do this Review especially for the developers, since I hope they will read this and respond, like they did with other Reviews.

The game has a pretty cool idea and really nice concept, however there are some slight issues or rather.. inconveniences?

For example there is a common lack of transparancy, you really should get much more information about who supports you, how much money do you get, what will exactly happen if youdo this or that - a good idea to achieve this would be the implentation of things like “military support-23% conservatives support 75% socialist support 1%”.

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

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Honestly the game has died, for $15 this is very unfilled and doesn’t have content. The game is basically a wait along that pits you against a country (or more fittingly it’s many different provinces which I will admit have a good tid bit of backstory) fighting to get the people to uprise against their government. The game is a shell, a husk waiting to be filled by content like (not story) mechanics, game speeds, a pause option, and other valid criticisms made by the buyers of this.

And if the developer answers this, I have seen you comment and try to communicate with the community but honestly I have not seen many updates actually be fulfilled and action being done. Please, if you want to improve your game then stop using the good ol' politician’s response of promising and waiting for it all to blow right over.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Shadow Council: The Puppeteers on Steam



I’ve been playing phr00t’s games since 3079 (great game in its own right!) and I think this is the best combination of the exploration, kill, loot, upgrade cycle which characterize his rpg-type games.

The loot/repair upgrade system in this game is addicting and definitely doesn’t dole out the good drops like before making the rewards and choices more meaningful. The environment is more streamlined and part of the gameplay, I always felt cover was just a dive or dash away and maintaining jet energy has real consequences with the acid river always below. The shooting feels nice and the new combat mechanic of hitting critical areas on enemies makes even the toughest ROMBIES victim to a carefully planned shot! I really like the cryptocoin economy even though it hasn’t worked out for me yet, it’s awesome making investments and hoping they come through! The standard credits economy is also very well balanced and there are always things to buy as having a surplus of money means you can move faster between areas. The story and writing in general are quite barebones and not as engaging to me as in 5089 but I do like how this game has a few set pieces and story parts. The sound is a step up from previous titles and the soundtrack is great as always.

Real player with 62.7 hrs in game

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A phr00t FPS where you can be a head-sniping ninja robot frankenstein who jetpacks across a long series of bleak abstract floating islands filled with infinitely re-spawning modular machines which you harvest for upgrades by leading them into quiet corners and shooting them in the head with projectile-based (not hitscan) self-recharging energy weapons.


Robot mugging simulator.


ROMBIE is a ‘real’ shooter, in the sense that aim is a huge part of combat. All the guns shoot slow-moving projectiles which force you to lead your targets a lot more than in your typical “modern” Battlefield-style shooter, and enemies in the game will be far more reliable at shooting you than you, them (which is why you gotta get up close). ROMBIE starts out tough and continues to be dangerous throughout. You’ll be doing a lot of shooting and fleeing (..or cloaking).

Real player with 39.1 hrs in game

ROMBIE on Steam

COVID: The Outbreak

COVID: The Outbreak

get it in 80% off

one of the best game during Lockdown or Quarintie or stay at home order !

compared to another Honor/ shooting / War fighting games flooding in Ste-am Va-lve playing million per day

this is great education game for upperclass and Private school or mutilanguastic or Frequency traveler to learn how the Commerical tycoon/Politican thinking

however according to mogolia/KAKZ conlony PRC citizen think , the wuhan bio-Weapon dead rate is 5% but if they don’t Work in nightlife, the dead rate is 100%

Real player with 21.2 hrs in game

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So I found this game by a pure accident a couple hours before getting published and rushed to buy it, hoping to find a game that’s complex, detailed, realistic and most importantly, let’s me cope with the zombie apocalypse going currently in the world and the quarantine shitshow.

The game turned out to be exactly what I expected and far more, the amount of data available is truly astonishing and immersive, all the actions you can take, quarantine, public order maintenance, research, border closing, decisions you have to make during various random events that can appear, all this makes for an excellent simulation, and the fact that I’ve received a product that already looks very polished despite probably being made rather quickly is mindblowing. I really hope it’ll be updated accordingly as the situation develops and more knowledge about the virus will be gained.

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

COVID: The Outbreak on Steam

Nuclear Dawn

Nuclear Dawn

There were very few games like “Nuclear Dawn” prior to its release; only the original “Natural Selection” and one (maybe two) other games fit in the same black sheep category of FPS/RTS. There was ample fun to be had in the game’s myriad roles: you could sit in your team’s bunker as the commander and spread buildings deliberately towards the enemy base in a game of chess, supplying and defending your pawns; you could play as the hulking siege, crushing the other team’s build-out; you could suit up as the the equivalent of the heavy in “Team Fortress 2” to lock down valuable resource points; you could slip through enemy lines as the stealth, literally turning invisible until you were ready to stab sieges, snipers, or even commanders in the back; you could play as a support, healing teammates, repairing the commander’s buildings, or wielding flamethrowers and gas grenades; or you could be an “assault” to hunt down spies with your thermal vision and protect all of the other classes around the map.

Real player with 738.4 hrs in game

Nuclear Dawn is one of the best mash ups of FPS and RST currently available on Steam. It is my impression that the only contender in thei genre on steam is Natural Selection 2, so i will do a little compare/contrast at the end of this.

The good:

-Excelent RTS gameplay. UI is basic, and at times a little clunky, but in general it gets the job done for both macro and micro management of building, upgrades, and resources. The biggest problem is relying on your soldiers to defend your structures and get you resources.

Real player with 628.7 hrs in game

Nuclear Dawn on Steam

Dungeons & Darkness

Dungeons & Darkness

This is not the worst dungeon crawler that I am played but this game is far to being good. I want place neutral status, but it is not exist. I do not like to downrate games but this game is very boring even on hard difficulty. And BORING this is a core of this game. Real time fights do not make this dungeon crawler better or worse but gives feeling of bad “First Person” game.

The Bad things:

  • inconvenient interface (Elminage Gothic wellcome…)

  • Boring linear main story and side quests.

Real player with 98.5 hrs in game

What people mean to do and what is done are two different things.

~Sir Terry Pratchett

First of all, I don’t really want to give this game a thumb down. I really like the genre and, well, you know how it is. When you don’t have enough new games in the genre, you just can’t be too picky. But the thing is – since Steam doesn’t have proper rating system and it’s either “yes”, or “no” here, I can’t really say “yes”. Just because I can’t really recommend this game. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Real player with 61.9 hrs in game

Dungeons & Darkness on Steam

Sector Six

Sector Six

Note: If you don’t like Diablo-like games please read the last paragraph of this review.

This is like a Diablo game but it is also unique in its way, it is a side scroller, shooter and you build a ship instead of an armored warrior. If you know Diablo-like games you already know this game too is all about loot, grinding and mindlessly destroying, highly addictive stuff. It starts with a story and you shoot various enemies such as spacecrafts, repair drones, bombardment towers, a mini boss enemy you occasionally fight called Apex, and a variety of bosses which are cleverly designed, while dodging projectiles in a bullet-hell like style and stuff, but, after collecting enough compartments to make a build, whether making it through relic items or set items (just like the set items in Diablo), dodging stops, and spamming various abilities and destroying everything in your path begins, and then you go on to grind loot to destroy them more efficiently. So yeah, you get the idea, it is a Diablo game.

Real player with 85.4 hrs in game

Before I start, let me note that since the game is in early access I’m giving it a bit more leeway than usual, but my recommendation is already for the game in its current state.

I’d bought the game through an external website without realising it was in early access, so I was a little anxious to discover it later. I don’t have many good experiences with unfinished games. But I’m glad to report that, despite not being able to finish the full story and the game having some issues, I already got enough fun out of it to be worth the price.

Real player with 58.1 hrs in game

Sector Six on Steam