Shadows: Awakening

Shadows: Awakening

Thou art already dead…

Shadows: Awakening may look like a Diablo-like on its face. But it has its own thing going on. Let me qualify that, as far as it being an isometric hack and slash with loot and levels — that’s exactly what it is, however you play as a demon with other people inside of them — a devourer of souls.

Shadows is a bit more story driven than its contemporaries. And while you will be picking up loot and leveling, the game places significant importance on dialogue decisions as well as quests taken and completed. Some areas will have lite puzzle solving as well, additionally, many side dungeon/caves are available. — Now, enemies to do not respawn should you decide to travel back to a completed area stay for a few enemies that pop out of jars or some other environmental object. So, there isn’t much reason to return unless you want to satiate the completionist in you that missed a side quest. You won’t need — or even be able to grind levels or gear out of those areas once you’ve moved on.

Real player with 45.9 hrs in game

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You’ve been summoned from death, pulled back into life by a demon. As a puppet of his goodwill you fight side by side to prevent the world from total destruction.

Shadows Awakening is an action roll playing game. It’s hack and slay in an isometric perspective with beautiful graphics, satisfying combat, an extremely deep story, very well balanced difficulty, tons of collectables, great puzzles, many different heroes with unique upgrade possibilities and highly enjoyable boss fights. The game does an awful lot very well but sucks when it comes to quest design and story telling.

Real player with 40.7 hrs in game

Shadows: Awakening on Steam

Vairon’s Wrath

Vairon’s Wrath

old school late 80s JRPG like adventure game. The team with just 2 persons spent 3 years making the game.

at least 20 hours or even longer gameplay for casual playing.

The game is for you, if you want feel that kind of old school adventure game.

content is really rich, npc conversations, main quests, side quests that reward you with travel improvement, and the creative puzzles you need to solve to advance

BGMs are so great.

The gameplay and story will surprise you, the team added new ideas into it.

Real player with 28.9 hrs in game

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Here is my full review of it. If you like action RPG’s, this game won’t disappoint. It’s definitely worth the 13 dollar asking price.

Real player with 23.1 hrs in game

Vairon's Wrath on Steam