Impossible Creatures Steam Edition

Impossible Creatures Steam Edition

First of all, I’m biased– I’m one of those strange and twisted folk who kept playing this game after its original release fell into obscurity, and for years now the Impossible Creatures community has been fluctuating with an average of a dozen or so people at any given time, worldwide. But then, one day, Nordic Games approached us few survivors and told us of their plan to re-release the game on Steam; we jumped onboard as beta testers, and the day has finally come for release!

So yes– basically, I’m not the most impartial of sources. But it’s important for me to point out that Nordic has in no way asked or cajoled me to provide this review, nor have they had any input into its content. I’m just a fan of the game. In fact, I know the game inside and out, and that’s why you should listen when I say: holy shit, Impossible Creatures is amazing.

Real player with 3336.4 hrs in game

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Wow, this game. Where to start? Like many others here, I’m a bit biased, as I’ve owned this game pretty much since it was released and it was a big part of my childhood gaming experience. I’ve been playing this game near-constantly since I got it all those years ago. The ~540 hours on the Steam Edition don’t even touch the thousands of hours I’ve put into this game over the years.

IC is truly incredible and there’s just something about it that keeps bringing people back to it. Maybe it’s the super-simplistic RTS gameplay that’s easily accesible even to genre noobs. Maybe it’s the seemingly endless number of hilarious creature combinations possible in the army builder, even without mods. There has to be something, because I havent got bored with it, even after 13 years.

Real player with 2644.5 hrs in game

Impossible Creatures Steam Edition on Steam



Good game has it’s pros and cons



Nice gameplay

Easy control



Good/challenging missions


Mission 7’s impossible


Gets repetative after a while

No mods :(

Old game (2002)

Pathfinding AI is quite bad

Real player with 67.9 hrs in game

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If everything goes right, that means EVERYTHING goes wrong.

Real player with 34.7 hrs in game

EMERGENCY 2 on Steam

Nexagon: Deathmatch

Nexagon: Deathmatch

I played this game waaay back in 2003 and immediately fell in love. Its supremely dated by todays standards but its still a gem of a game from a forgotten era. Its kind of like an old school RTS, but there is no resource gathering, you only have 4 units and you build your base ahead of time before starting a match. Its fun to try to build a base that cheeses the AI.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

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Nexagon: Deathmatch on Steam

Submarine Titans

Submarine Titans

Submarine Titans was among the Age of Empires RTS era, but capitalized on an elaborate, nearly never ending Tech/Research Tree for each race. This encourages you to either focus heavily on research and tech development, or choose a priority in research. In the Research and Tech areas, this is most equivilent to Warzone 2100. Although ST only has 3 races, each race is very unique to each other in style of gameplay, reflecting the Offense,Defense, and Economic player styles. The responsiveness is sluggish sometimes, and some commands take some patience sometimes, but its worth it! Submarine Titans is really just a great game, and worth spending some time into it.

Real player with 262.7 hrs in game

fantastic game from back in the day. still hangs well, doesnt feel dated. still solid solid graphics and sound.


once you get the hang of it, winning through the solo battles is a fairly easy mostly mellow resource aquisition and military conquest romp. if you gain proper control early, you can fool around for an hour or two and completely overwhelm the entire board, capturing enemy stuff instead of blowing it up, mining all the resources and overbuilding bases just for fun.


or you can try to build up fast, plow through the enemy quickly, and set a speed record for yourself.

Real player with 158.3 hrs in game

Submarine Titans on Steam

Cursed Treasure 2

Cursed Treasure 2

I played this game years ago, for free, on Armor Games, and when I saw it for sale cheap on Steam I thought I would give it a try. It has not disappointed.

The core is a basic tower defense game, with a great personality and a fun sense of humor. It has an interesting twist where instead of the units crossing the map and leaving, they are striving to grab one of your five gems, then return out the way they came. It does limit where you can build towers, and what types can go where, which might frustrate people, though they do have certain spots where can put any kind of tower. It doesn’t bother me, and I feel allows for more interesting level design.

Real player with 36.1 hrs in game

I fondly remember playing this on Armor Games (the flash site). It didn’t have as much content, and had a few mechanics that were different.

The moment I saw this on Steam, I wanted to get it. Not only because it was nostalgic to me, but also because it was improved a lot from the flash version. None the less, here’s what I think:

-The gameplay is great: It’s very simple, but has quite a bit of depth to it that makes it very replayable: The goal of the game is to use and upgrade the Orc, Undead and Demon towers to kill the invaders and not let them get all your gems.Granted, to lose all your gems and fail you’ll need to let the invaders steal them on purpose, but there is a scoring system that rewards you the better you take care of these precious jewels. You get one star (Good) for saving 1-4 gems, two for saving all your gems, but with one or more getting stolen at one point (Great), and three for having all 5 perfectly intact (Brilliant). The game’s levels are contained within various areas, which have their own enemies, bosses, and various other gimmicks. Completing an area will unlock Night Mode for all of its levels. Night Mode spikes the difficulty by forcing you to place towers near areas that are lit, such as the gem caves, your towers’s ranges, etc. You once again get ranked with Good, Great, or Brilliant star ratings. Overall pretty solid.

Real player with 32.7 hrs in game

Cursed Treasure 2 on Steam



Real time emergency strategy game.

Got this a long time ago. The amount of hours I spent on this, is time I could have learned to save actually lives and become a helpful member of society, but I didn’t, and i regret nothing.

I highly recommend the los angeles Mod for this, adding a dozen or so missions to the base game with more real looking emergency vehicle with foot units.

Some anger, some terrible joy. Simple motor accident, cop for traffic, ambulance for the driver, a firetruck on standby. Next thing I know all of downtown is burning flames

Real player with 23.3 hrs in game

Deff worth the price ($9.99), it’s a pretty entertaining emergency management sim placing you in control of various emergency units responding to random emergencies (police, fire, EMS, utility, etc) with many missions blending the required units (i.e a bomb goes off and you need police to arrest the bombers, ems to attend to the wounded, fire to put out the fires, utilities to move heavy debris). For under $10 you’ll get several hours of entertainment, as I say, was more hours of fun for less cost than a movie.

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

EMERGENCY 3 on Steam

The Last Express Gold Edition

The Last Express Gold Edition

I think this may well be the greatest game ever made. Yes, the controls are clunky as all get out. Yes, for people used to today’s games the ultra-high-tech-for-1997-digital-rotoscoping technique looks extremely antiquated. Yes, you’re dropped into the game with no idea what to do, and you’re going to fail. A lot. But at the same time “The Last Express” includes:

  • Probably the best-developed characters in any adventure game I’ve yet played (the weakest is arguably Robert Cath, who the player controls, but even he has an intriguing and irritatingly-largely-unrevealed-due-to-lack-of-a-sequel backstory). By the end of the game you know what they want and what makes most of them tick, and since certain bad things are more or less guaranteed to happen to a number of them the result is the equivalent of an emotional shovel to the face.

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

Ahead of its time but stuck in the past

First read about this game way back when it came out, in a magazine I still have, where the reviewer was left in complete awe because of unique design for an adventure game. Ever since it occupied a small cluster of neurons in the back of my head, waiting for me to play it and its moment to shine. I should say I never played the original so my review will only address this 2013 port, with some inferior exceptions others have noticed.

It plays like Myst, from 1st person perspective with static scenes as you move around, but is set in realistic environment of an vintage luxury passenger train called Orient Express. The whole game takes place in the same 4-5 vagon carts with beautifully rendered backgrounds. You move by clicking edges of screen with mouse cursor that contextually changes functions to forward, backward and left or right turn, with interaction prompts for opening doors and object/NPC interaction.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

The Last Express Gold Edition on Steam



Oldie but Goldie, as a regular a tester for numerous Modification you could argue that I am biased,and you might be right! I got the game on it’s original release day on April 6 2006. Since then I put countless hours into this game, having recorded well over 600 Videos featuring all kinds of mods.

And what I said back then is all the more true nowadays with all the mods that you can get. There is no game like EM4/911 FR

Maybe one day we will say the same about Emergency 5, but that day is far away yet, until that day arrives all hail the King of Emergecny RTS games, Emergency 4/911 First Responders

Real player with 428.4 hrs in game

Likes: I like the way that it teaches people how to be a Dispatcher of Units to send to scenes even with Mods added, and knowing the Map could end in many mistakes. like wild fires, deaths, and more.

Dislikes: I dont like that you dont have much control of where the Vehicles Park, Even tho there are mods for that, some people dont know how to mod the game or start their own mods, So i wish Parking Or having control of Locations to park is a thing.

Mods: Some mods i use [Like the LA Mod, and much more] are Great at the work they do, but some things needs to be fixed like the mod crashing because of a button people can click to break the game.

Real player with 181.8 hrs in game

EMERGENCY 4 Deluxe on Steam