Moonstone Tavern - A Fantasy Tavern Sim!

Moonstone Tavern - A Fantasy Tavern Sim!

Where to start… Well, first off, I got this game for free to play, enjoy and do Let’s Plays of. When I first started, I started with out a class, which in all honesty, was funny. Other than that, starting out, things worked great! Tutorial was pretty straight forward, (im just an idiot at times XD ), Things start off easy, getting customers and making food and all that. I like how you have to manage things, like making sure you have money to pay any employees you hire, cleaning up sick guests messes, the diversity of the races you have in your Tavern, etc.

Real player with 36.4 hrs in game

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Moonstone Tavern is a combination of a city builder (or tavern in this case) and an ARPG, similar to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon type games, but in real time and focused on the development of the tavern, which then adds stat bonuses to your character and extra party members. It has both a main quest line and repeatable quests of various difficulty that strengthen the main character in different ways.

Pros -

Lots of depth to developing the tavern

Enemies are fairly difficult to start

Marriage, familiar system, and hired heroes for a fairly large party (main character + 7 others that I know of)

Real player with 16.2 hrs in game

Moonstone Tavern - A Fantasy Tavern Sim! on Steam

Void Monsters: Spring City Tales

Void Monsters: Spring City Tales

Void Monsters: Spring City Tales is a fun monster trainer/simulation game. Actually, it’s not really what I expected when I bought the game, but I am far from disappointed. The game begins with you returning home after your parents were brutally murdered only to find your home town sinking into debt. You inherint your parents' estate…along with their 52,000 gold debt, which accrues interest daily. You must raise money to pay off your debt while also helping the villagers with various tasks. You really have to balance making money and adventuring.

Real player with 40.7 hrs in game

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Imagine Nino Kuni meets Stardew Valley. This game is a true single-player RPG and has a lot of subtle depth to it.

I am nowhere near beating the game, but the story does get good an hour or two in. There are a lot of subsystems (various types of crafting). Acquiring new void monsters is a bit tricky as a new player, but once you catch on you’ll quickly find a party configuration that works for you.

Tips for newcomers:

1. Although it’s very open world, treat the first day of gameplay as if it were linear. Go do the starter quests ASAP. It helps.

Real player with 34.0 hrs in game

Void Monsters: Spring City Tales on Steam

Empires and Tribes

Empires and Tribes

Empires and Tribes offers a lot of what I’ve been searching for in years: a medieval city and castle building game with a lot of freedom to build what you want almost anywhere you want it. But it still needs a lot of improvements to get there…

The positives:

  • a pure medieval city/castle bulding game (no wizards, dragons etc.)

  • beautiful graphics

  • a high level of freedom in building and forming your city and castle keep

  • a lot of citizen/worker activity (makes your city come alive)

  • You can walk through your city in 1st person and build in 3rd person.

Real player with 91.9 hrs in game

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I really like the game so far!! I now wonder, as a noble and probably the future King/Emperor, will the player have the chance to marry to form an alliance with another nearby faction? (For male players, they marry a female NPC noble/royalty or vice versa, female players marry a male NPC noble/royalty.)

The five suggestions I will bring up to the devs in my game review:

  • Marriage to a daughter of an important prominent noble family (If playing as a male character and vice versa, to a son of an important prominent noble family if playing as female)

Real player with 84.2 hrs in game

Empires and Tribes on Steam

Love Cooking at Home? Turn your Hobby into a Business!

Love Cooking at Home? Turn your Hobby into a Business!

Gameplay is focused on managing a small bakery. You’ll have to bake pies, manage your team, make financial, logistical and marketing decisions to develop your store and progress through the story.

  • Supervise and improve the cooking process: from selecting ingredients to serving.

  • Use PlantPad for every task. It has all the apps you need, from social media to mobile games.

  • Order the ingredients you need from 9 fabulous suppliers.

  • Look for new recipes to add the best ones to your menu.

  • Make friends with your customers and help them with their choices.

  • Over 100 unique customers, and everyone has a different taste!

  • Track your expenses and income. Plan your business growth wisely.

  • Keep your workplace clean and tidy!

After completing the story you will have access to an endless game mode, in which you can fully immerse yourself in the pleasant daily routine of a mall food court employee.

Love Cooking at Home? Turn your Hobby into a Business! on Steam

Dragon Banner

Dragon Banner

WOW GUYS/GALS!!! Remember when you first started playing video games and you got into the fun adventures and were happy? This is how this game feels to me, its super good. Its great gameplay…..Lots of quests, gathering, building buildings and armies. cool story, skirmishes, all good stuff. Impressed with this game, I really am. 20.00 dollars is a little much maybe, more a 14 dollar I would think, but I am glad I got it. Also as you play it opens up more and more, like you are working towards a goal, I like that. I will say there are glitches here and there and graphics are not tops, but I can overlook it cause the game is cool.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

I bought this to support the developer because I wish there were more games like this out there - games where you directly control a hero while also building a base and ordering units. This is kind of the perfect version of that kinda game but with every mechanic at its most basic level.

I’d recommend if you want to see more games like this, and I hope the developer continues to update it or work on a sequel or something similar. There’s some real charm to this game, and it is pretty fun for a while, but needs more features to really be worth the asking price. Even adding co-op/pvp would drastically increase the amount of content here.

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

Dragon Banner on Steam



Being someone who has been burned in the past due to games that attempted this, and failed (Petroglyph’s Forged Battalion comes to mind as a PRIME example), I’ve always had a little bit of a spot in my heart for this game, and its developers.

My favourite moments are the meticulous testing I can do. I do a lot of Function over Form, though some of my more… shall we say Ugly-Duckling creations took me through harder areas than some of my pretty, yet expensive creations.

There are major difficulty jumps throughout the campaign, but you learn. I remember my accidental recreation of D-Day with pontoon skimmers with wheels. They barely made it across, and it took around 20 minutes for even a small ‘beachhead’ to be taken. However, did I once rage because I thought the game was hard? Not in the slightest! In fact, the difficulty made me go back to the drawing board and rethink my design approach.

Real player with 66.4 hrs in game

For the niche demographic of patient builders, this is fairly easy to recommend, mostly because of the level of polish.

The game runs at a consistently high framerate and without stuttering. Also very stable, no crashes during gameplay, which is especially impressive considering all the silly custom 3D shapes you can mold from the stock unit parts.

Full working options menu with key rebinding, multiple audio sliders for sound level customisation or turning certain sounds off if they are annoying.

Real player with 64.7 hrs in game

Uncrewed on Steam

Dice Legacy

Dice Legacy

I picked this up on a whim, purely because I am a sucker for these hybrid dice games. While I do recommend this game, it still is a very flawed game and your appreciation of it will surely come down to your flexibility to cope with said flaws. A lot of games exist that are imperfect and this is one of them.

What is fun?

The core system of building up a unique dice pool, in real-time, with stamina and special powers is pretty fun. It feels at odds with itself at first but it definitely caters to it’s real-time gameplay mechanics unapologetically which I think is a good thing. You can tell from others' reviews that others do not like the RTS elements and wanted something slower, methodical, and more tactical). That isn’t this game which I think is going to just be a matter of taste.

Real player with 61.8 hrs in game

I’m more of a turn-based and tabletop gamer myself. This game seems to draw heavily on the mechanics of some very good tabletop dice games like Roll for the Galaxy and Dice Forge, but with real-time pacing. If you’re like me, the RTS pacing of Dice Legacy might be a bit much for you. In that case, I have some advice for a more laid-back gaming experience:

1. Start a new game on pacifist difficulty. It effectively disables the biggest source of real-time pressure, the hostile raiders, and lets you think through your moves at your leisure. The game far, far less stressful as a result, largely becoming self-paced. The economy of the game is still involved enough to get many hours of fun even with the raider threat removed. And you can always bump up the difficulty later if you find yourself mastering the rest of the game, and want more of a real-time challenge.

Real player with 25.6 hrs in game

Dice Legacy on Steam

Railway Empire

Railway Empire

WRITE THIS DOWN: You WILL need to know a couple things.. Writing this review at 647 hours of playtime.. so I’m pretty sure I’m enjoying being an expert at it, and it helps a lot..

If you dont understand these comments, try googling the concepts anyway.. you need to know this stuff.

You will build single lane tracks early on and tear them up later to redesign… BECAUSE you will be short on money - always.. (unless you use unlimited sandbox or mods).

Learn how to use regular or one-way signals to create short lanes on the side of a long stretch of track so trains can pass each other along the way across large empty terrain areas.

Real player with 1489.3 hrs in game

I spent a lot of my life on Railroad Tycoon, from the first one until the end of the series. A-Train, Transport Tycoon, Rails!, you name it. If it had a train in it, I bought it. So of course I bought this too.

I really, really like this game. There are elements here that feel like Railroad Tycoon 3, and there are elements that do not. Just enough for you to find something you like in this game regardless of how you felt about previous railroad incarnations. I’m going to lay out a PRO/CON/WISHLIST below for you to peruse at your leisure. I may edit these if they change down the road.

Real player with 332.2 hrs in game

Railway Empire on Steam

Shadows: Awakening

Shadows: Awakening

Thou art already dead…

Shadows: Awakening may look like a Diablo-like on its face. But it has its own thing going on. Let me qualify that, as far as it being an isometric hack and slash with loot and levels — that’s exactly what it is, however you play as a demon with other people inside of them — a devourer of souls.

Shadows is a bit more story driven than its contemporaries. And while you will be picking up loot and leveling, the game places significant importance on dialogue decisions as well as quests taken and completed. Some areas will have lite puzzle solving as well, additionally, many side dungeon/caves are available. — Now, enemies to do not respawn should you decide to travel back to a completed area stay for a few enemies that pop out of jars or some other environmental object. So, there isn’t much reason to return unless you want to satiate the completionist in you that missed a side quest. You won’t need — or even be able to grind levels or gear out of those areas once you’ve moved on.

Real player with 45.9 hrs in game

You’ve been summoned from death, pulled back into life by a demon. As a puppet of his goodwill you fight side by side to prevent the world from total destruction.

Shadows Awakening is an action roll playing game. It’s hack and slay in an isometric perspective with beautiful graphics, satisfying combat, an extremely deep story, very well balanced difficulty, tons of collectables, great puzzles, many different heroes with unique upgrade possibilities and highly enjoyable boss fights. The game does an awful lot very well but sucks when it comes to quest design and story telling.

Real player with 40.7 hrs in game

Shadows: Awakening on Steam

Submarine Titans

Submarine Titans

Submarine Titans was among the Age of Empires RTS era, but capitalized on an elaborate, nearly never ending Tech/Research Tree for each race. This encourages you to either focus heavily on research and tech development, or choose a priority in research. In the Research and Tech areas, this is most equivilent to Warzone 2100. Although ST only has 3 races, each race is very unique to each other in style of gameplay, reflecting the Offense,Defense, and Economic player styles. The responsiveness is sluggish sometimes, and some commands take some patience sometimes, but its worth it! Submarine Titans is really just a great game, and worth spending some time into it.

Real player with 262.7 hrs in game

fantastic game from back in the day. still hangs well, doesnt feel dated. still solid solid graphics and sound.


once you get the hang of it, winning through the solo battles is a fairly easy mostly mellow resource aquisition and military conquest romp. if you gain proper control early, you can fool around for an hour or two and completely overwhelm the entire board, capturing enemy stuff instead of blowing it up, mining all the resources and overbuilding bases just for fun.


or you can try to build up fast, plow through the enemy quickly, and set a speed record for yourself.

Real player with 158.3 hrs in game

Submarine Titans on Steam