Castles II: Siege & Conquest

Castles II: Siege & Conquest

Fun game that brings back a lot of great memories! However, right now the game is broken. Whenever I try to “design” a castle, the screen goes black and it locks up. I can’t find anything about how to fix this, so I guess I’m out of luck :-(

The only reason I don’t recommend this game is for this reason.

EDIT: Discovered how to get around the crash. Save a castle or make your own and then load them all out from the saves. Haven’t had a crash since! Changing my recommendation.

Real player with 347.4 hrs in game

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This is the first video game I can remember playing as a young kid, it was great to take a trip down nostalgia lane. Castles 2 is a game where you must balance resource accumulation, military advancement, build castles to prevent peasant revolts, please the pope with indulgences, and increase your stake for the title of King of France. I enjoy this game because I grew up with it, Castles 2 is older and does not have a tutorial to take your hand and explain the game, however after a few play throughs the game mechanics and strategy is easy. I do want to warn people that my opinion of this game is biased largely by nostalgia. I do think for its time it is an excellent strategy game but compared to contemporary games in its genre is simplistic and lacks intricacies that strategy game buffs come to expect for exciting gameplay. I recommend this game, but if you are on the fence about it, I would wait for the price to come down, I argue that 10$ for this game is too high. Also hold down the right mouse button to speed up gameplay.

Real player with 109.2 hrs in game

Castles II: Siege & Conquest on Steam

GYATM Dragon Edition

GYATM Dragon Edition

The team at Indie Imprint got me a copy to review on stream and it turned out to be a blast! Had a great time playing the game. We played for three hours and managed to win the game, not once, but twice AND got lucky enough to see both winning endings. An indie game with multiple endings, plenty of challenge and entertainment value. It was cool trying to beat my time to completion once i figured out how to win. At the same time, I also lost the game in some pretty entertaining ways. So, even when you lose, the game still offers a lof of fun. Definitely enjoy it, and you will too! :)

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

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A really entertaining little game with excellent graphics, sound track and playability. The value is well beyond the price. I look forward to this growing into a larger, more complex game in the future (probably when Elon Musk gets to Mars), but for now its oodles of fun.

btw the devs posted it as requiring Windows 10 minimum, but I find it works dandy on Windows 7.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

GYATM Dragon Edition on Steam

Mall Craze

Mall Craze

Have you ever walked into your local mall and started thinking:

“How cool it would be if I could build all of this by myself?!”

YOU CAN! Mall Craze is a shopping center management game where you Build, Customize, and Manage your very own mall.


The first step to becoming a successful businessperson is to actually start building your mall.

Do you want to recreate your local Mall, or would you rather craft your own design

and make the mall truly unique? Go for it!

Shops, Department Stores, Restaurants, Movie Theater, and Fitness Center are just a few among many types of facilities that you will construct.


Your experince in Mall Craze would be rather dull if every single mall looked exactly the same.

Visual customization is the next step in assuring that the mall you build is trully yours.

A piano made out of gold? I’ll take 2, please!


Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get back to business! (quite literally)

Managing a whole shopping center is no joke and there is a lot that needs to be taken care of.

Hire staff, fulfill customer’s needs, advertise your mall, research new products, and set better prices. All of these are very crucial steps that ensure maximum profit, and are helping you to reach that big dream of yours – becoming a tycoon giant!


Types of Shops

  • Classic Shops/Showrooms

  • Small Stalls

  • Services (barber, fitness center, …)

  • Fast Foods and Restaurants

  • Movie Theater

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Mall Craze on Steam

Trains of the Orient

Trains of the Orient

This game is a combination of adventure capitalist and a building game. It takes a long time to play. It is a game that you play for a while and then stop and go back to at your leisure. You you want an instant gratification game, it is not for you. It can be tedious at times. So before you buy, understand the game for what it is and is not. I took a chance on the game in spite of the negative posts. I like train games and it was a cheap game to buy. Think of the game this way. It is a puzzle with many pieces that you can go back to at your leisure. Also, you have the ability to start the game over again and try a different strategy.

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

I’m glad I got this game at 50% off. Because, honestly, this game is the quality of a free-to-play mobile game.

It is an interesting concept, and as a fan of OpenTTD, I thought this sort of game would be fun. But you get to see very little action in this game, and what’s more, it gets glitchy when your rail network is big.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

Trains of the Orient on Steam

Unholy Heights

Unholy Heights

An apartment management tower-defense game about your resident monsters against humans.

While the idea of being a landlord is enticing the tower-defense part can get incredibly tedious & repetitious since there’s not a whole lot of strategy to use here from beginning to end.

The idea of the tower-defense is just to stop humans from stealing your money and if they get away with it you only lose your highly expendable tenant should they have died defending the money taken so there’s no real fail state. You try and stop the humans by knocking on the room doors of the monsters of your choosing and IF they’re home (which most usually are) they’ll do their tower-defense thing and help kill the intruders.

Real player with 59.0 hrs in game

Let me tell you about Popan.

Popan was the first baby ever born in my apartments. She was a Cheepy so I didn’t have high expectations. Popan was probably 3 days old when her parents died in an unfortunate ambush on my complex. I had a ton of other tenants, so I didn’t see the harm in waiting for her to grow up. Somehow, she never became in debt. This fucking baby was paying the rent. She grew up to be a total badass. She would single-handedly wipe out entire waves of enemies without breaking a sweat.

Real player with 34.2 hrs in game

Unholy Heights on Steam

Arc Defence

Arc Defence

Not the prettiest puppy on the block, but there is a good challenge to be had.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

I plan on plugging away at this one a bit more, but for now I have to suggest you save your money, no matter how low the price.

The core game-play is interesting. You have to build energy towers, which can then power up the attacking towers. Everything can be leveled up a few times, and gains a special ability once maxed out.

You also get a small array of strategic attacks that recharge over time, bombs, and acid are the main ones I have so far.

It is also one of the TD games where the enemy can shoot at you, and therein seems to lie the main issue, and by level four it seem impossible to win, as your towers are all out of commission much of the time.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Arc Defence on Steam

Castle Flipper

Castle Flipper

i had 9 games on my wish list for the last 6 months and finally one of them came out—Castle Flipper. I love House Flippers and have about 400 hours on it. My first thought was this would be similar, but after reading the numerous negative comments, I realized it wasn’t. There were also complaints that the quests were completed in 10-12 hours and that was also a turn off. However, the Devs responded and explained the concept of building a castle after the quests.

The game was listed for about $5 (i live in a lower priced Country) and after some thought, I decided to give it a try. After all, everyone has different tastes. Boy was I glad. The setting and music are beautiful. I started by completing a couple of tasks and then was told to build my house. It only required a 4X4 floor plan and took no time to build. Then there were 2 new tasks, one of them was to clean up a ship. While that sounded cool, I realized that was the problem those negative reviewers had. They rushed, rushed, rushed. For example, one player I won’t name gave it a bad review saying there was little to do except the quests that took just a few hours. Yet, this player took the time to make a You Tube video of him playing the game. I watched it to pick up some tips. He rushed, rushed, rushed to complete the quests. This isn’t real life where we live in the fast lane. Slow down. Take a breath and enjoy the game. There is no prize for finishing the game quickly. He even commented that it only cost $10 so not worth the time to ask for a refund. What? Not worth the time. It takes less than a minute to ask for a refund on Steam (I know, I’ve refunded over half my games because they were too difficult.) If someone’s one minute of time is worth more than 10 bucks, then I’m in the wrong business.

Real player with 42.9 hrs in game

First off all, I love these kinds of games. Building and maintaining your own settlement is something I can spend many hours on. Saying that you would think I would recommend this game seeing the endgame is based all around that. But sadly I cannot. The idea is there, build your own castle and collect rent. But the way this has been implemented simply isn’t satisfying. The world feels empty and barren, nothing happens beside the occasional ‘clutter everywhere incidents’ that makes you run around all the houses n clean stuff up. The visuals are great but without life within the game you quickly lose the drive to do anything.

Real player with 13.0 hrs in game

Castle Flipper on Steam

Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms

Okay, with over 12000 hours on steam alone I think it’s time I review this game. This is a very addicting very parasitic game. It is completely pay to win. While it is possible to do everything for free it would take too much time. The steam version has a lot of issues with crashing so It’s probably best to just download the client at I actually quit this game for some time after leading my house to win an Age then plunging it into war.

If you want to be successfull in this game (in terms of leading other players) you have to have a basic understanding of politics and diplomacy. This game has tightly weaved webs in its community that can sometimes be very hard to climb. It took me most of an age to rise to the rank of House Marshal. It took rising up through the ranks of a faction within house 16. Then when I had a reputation I formed my own faction and filled it with volunteers from other factions of House 16 and the gloucestershire area. Pretty soon it was full and I formed 2 more factions and joined them to house 16. At this point I had 3 votes to make myself marshal. But it was not time to strike. I waited for the opportune moment which presented itself as a out of game issue that my house marshal had. Suddenly he had to go on vacation mode. During his vacation the house started to go slightly down hill and I would just keep whispering how we needed a house marshal. It wasn’t long before I had some of the other convinced that we needed a new HM. But they wern’t sure who, it’s not normally a responsibility people want. Luckily I already had plans of stepping up and ran unopposed. This wasn’t the top of the ladder though. House 16 (at this point) was in a super alliance that controlled the server. House 16 happened to be slated for winning the second age. I had to maintain diplomacy with the other houses of the alliance while waiting for my age to begin. Once it began I became the leader of the super alliance it was just a matter of keeping stability. Which takes all your time. I was psychologically drained and by the end of the round I was ready to quit. But the world at this point was farmville. So I declared war without warning on our main enemy and left the game. I found out later that the enemy won and took the next age.

Real player with 12899.3 hrs in game

Dear Wallets, the TL;DR is run from this game. It will make promises about delivering the best night of your life, only to steal your dignity, and your pocketbook

I started SHK approximately a year ago, in that time i’ve learned that sometimes customer service does get so bad that your absuive family relations really did you a favor preparing you for the “Real World”.

The issues as I see them:

1. You MUST pay to play: You can invest all the time you have to be “the best” but you’ll never come close to the lady/fella that has thousands to spend in order to become the digital pimp of SHKland. You will forever be outclassed and outgunned, and if you want to have any hope of being a competitive player, you’ll end up spending at minimum a few hundred dollars to keep up. Free to pay this game isn’t.

Real player with 3358.0 hrs in game

Stronghold Kingdoms on Steam

Empires and Tribes

Empires and Tribes

Empires and Tribes offers a lot of what I’ve been searching for in years: a medieval city and castle building game with a lot of freedom to build what you want almost anywhere you want it. But it still needs a lot of improvements to get there…

The positives:

  • a pure medieval city/castle bulding game (no wizards, dragons etc.)

  • beautiful graphics

  • a high level of freedom in building and forming your city and castle keep

  • a lot of citizen/worker activity (makes your city come alive)

  • You can walk through your city in 1st person and build in 3rd person.

Real player with 91.9 hrs in game

I really like the game so far!! I now wonder, as a noble and probably the future King/Emperor, will the player have the chance to marry to form an alliance with another nearby faction? (For male players, they marry a female NPC noble/royalty or vice versa, female players marry a male NPC noble/royalty.)

The five suggestions I will bring up to the devs in my game review:

  • Marriage to a daughter of an important prominent noble family (If playing as a male character and vice versa, to a son of an important prominent noble family if playing as female)

Real player with 84.2 hrs in game

Empires and Tribes on Steam

Stronghold Crusader HD

Stronghold Crusader HD

i grew up playing this game so id recommend to others i probably have more hours in crusader then i have any other game ive played

Real player with 168.3 hrs in game

Good classic fun to revisit from time to time, and never gets dull

Real player with 116.6 hrs in game

Stronghold Crusader HD on Steam