Zoological Era II

Zoological Era II

I don’t make reviews.

But this fucking game had me on the verge of depression and full melancholy at times and then smiling ear to ear, happy to realise how hopeful and humble life really is.

This game manages to make a masterful and deeply personal story about going through a downward spiral in your life, full of gut-wrenching sorrow and pain. While that’s an achievement on it’s own, I truly appreciate that this game also encapsulates finding light at the end of the tunnel, getting back on your own feet and finding hope in even the smallest victories.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Zoological Era II on Steam

Land War

Land War

This is seriously the best party game. I love that you can actually play with 8 people. Plus it’s really easy to pick up- even people who don’t play video games at all can learn fast. And with all the different levels, you can easily play for hours without getting bored. Highly recommend!

Real player with 52.4 hrs in game

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I can’t overstate my recommendation for this game if you are looking for local co-op games! Its simple, yet oddly enthralling, and even supports 8 players! Give it a look, it has more longevity than it might seem at a glance


  • a level editor is sorely missed as a way to increase longevity

  • the menus themselves feel somewhat bad to use, and the options menu doesn’t seem to save when the game is closed (possibly a bug?)

Real player with 38.9 hrs in game

Land War on Steam

Wand Wars

Wand Wars

Wand Wars is a really polished game, and probably the best party-game I’ve ever played.

While there’s a clear Lethal League feel to it, it’s clearly more accessible, because the game mechanics are so simple. The problem with Lethal League is that even though it’s an excellent game, it has that fighting game aspect that makes it very complex. You’ve got to learn safe zones, angles of shooting, bunts, with or without jumps, special moves, etc… and consequently, when you hit 50 hours of playtime, your friends will be no match for you anymore.

Real player with 19.5 hrs in game

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I love playing four player co-op games that are suitable for groups of varied skill level. This game manages brilliantly, another title with simple controls but surpisingly deep gameplay. Plus superb art and visual effects, stuff that makes the gameplay feel super satisfying when you land that sick off the wall double kill. In addition to the main mechanic of playing dodgeball with a big ball of magic you have power-ups and the ability to turn other players into chickens (take that Kyle). Lastly the game comes with a good selection of maps, each with its own unique twist. One map has fires you can light with your chicken spell, light them all and you summon a minion to help you; another features bubbles that you must break to get the powerups. All in all this is one of those games that will have all your friends asking when they can stop by and play again.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

Wand Wars on Steam

Astro Joust

Astro Joust

Update: I have found people to play with, and its honestly one of the most fun games on Steam. Its leaps and bounds better then the shit you see on this place. Its simple but hits right at the core of fun. The after death effects are almost more fun than trying to win. Its incredibly clever and the art is fantastic. I really hope the creator makes wallpapers available, otherwise if you screenshot the game during play it makes an instant wallpaper thats super beautiful.

While I really enjoyed the prior games by Mutant Entertainment, this one isn’t as enjoyable. I didn’t realize it was just local multiplayer until I got the game. Because of that, and lack of people to play with locally, I have been unable to even play the game until I find someone.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Astro Joust is simple and delightful. If you have an opportunity just to play some local multiplayer games, you really can’t go wrong with this. It’s not the most exciting or has super refined systems, but it’s a charming game and all elements of it are polished.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Astro Joust on Steam