Music Boy 3D

Music Boy 3D


Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

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Check out the video I made for this game, contains my experience pretty much:

Let me start this review with one thing.

It’s so nice to see a priced game in the newly released section of steam that doesn’t make me frustrated after playing it. The title screen isn’t very visually appealing and the main character gives me a chuckle with how silly he looks, but then you get to the actual gameplay and it’s there where you realize this game has a lot of potential. This is a game that, as far as I can tell, was made by one guy, probably utilizing a game creating engine of sorts but that’s besides the point.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Music Boy 3D on Steam

Rampage Miami

Rampage Miami

Remember when shooter games where gleefully unrealistic, uncomplicated, unpretentious, and thus fun? That’s what this little retro gem is all about. Well, that and fluorescent pink tanks and attack helicopters.

You get to blow up bad guys, cars, even buildings, you can ride vehicles and fly fighter jets, you can buy upgrades and become obscenely overpowered, and all while enjoying unabashedly 80s graphics and soundtrack. The game even has pretty decent replayability value.

I doubt you could find anything more entertaining at this price.

Real player with 15.1 hrs in game

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In a nutshell: RewindApp stole a free online game named Hammer 2 and upgraded it with synthwave aesthetics. It surely raises concern whether it’s acceptable for paying such a scam, but I hadn’t known it before my purchase, and for the sale price of 0,39 €, I had quite a good time with this game.

The game itself is a cheap GTA knockoff, the graphics are nice, the music is excellent. Quests are easy and repetitive (kill/destroy N things), vehicle control is a bit poor (except for drifting, which was cool), physics is irreal. Upgrades are not necessary, and if you want some challenge, avoid buying too much of it (especially Golden Gun, starter weapons, infinite ammo, god mode and jetpack), otherwise it will be child’s play and no fun at all. All 30 quests can be finished in merely 2 hours, the 100% completion (time limit, trophy score, secret package) requires about 2-3x more time, depending on the player.

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

Rampage Miami on Steam