Highly recommend that you give it a try. It’s got a high skill-ceiling (See: My time.) with an array of helpful options/tools to get you to those extreme charts. The editor takes a bit of time to learn (I’d say 5 to 10 hours to get the hang of it.), but has a fast workflow once you figure things out.

More than anything, I think this game has potential. Just sticking with the game for ~3 quarters of a year, I’ve seen the game change a lot, and for the better too. Despite being a single developer, they often work on the game and is very responsive to the (rather small) community. A new note-type (something you don’t see often in rhythm games), camera effects, a ton of world customization options in the editor, and many other things were added since I’ve started playing. It’s incredibly impressive and I hope it pays off.

Real player with 849.5 hrs in game

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Let me start by saying that you should get this game. It’s fun, challenging, and offers lots of replayability. The tracks are your standard-fare EDM by largely unknown artists. They’re all pretty good (as are the beatmaps) and with the Workshop the track selection is only bound to improve. It’s F2P so there’s really no excuse not to try it out.

The Gameplay

Overall, the gameplay is incredibly fun. It’s similar to Amplitude’s but with a lot more inputs (9) and from what I can tell it’s almost a carbon copy of Sound Vortex. So if those games are your thing, this probably will be, too. Most of the beatmaps are stellar and really fun to play, with many complex and interesting patterns.

Real player with 258.0 hrs in game


Rush Bros.

Rush Bros.

I’ve put in quiet a decent amount of time into this game at this point and figured it was about time to write my own honest review of the game…

As a tl;dr for anyone not looking to read through this entire review before buying:

I give the game a 6/10, I’ll give it a thumbs up because it’s enjoyable enough, but I don’t necessarily recommend it. The game itself isn’t for anyone and if you’re planning on buying it, wait until its $5 or less as the $10 price tag is too much for this game.

The game itself is exactly as it claims it is when it states that it’s “a music reactive Platform Racing Game”. The game itself is centered around competing against other players online (or against your own times) while avoiding obstacles that are Somewhat reactive to the music. But this “reactive” element is where part of the problem I have with this game arises. Depending on the song currently playing, certain elements of levels can be virtually impossible to complete. As songs get more and more upbeat obstacles seem more aggressive and unpredictable. Be it those strange “bass” obstacles that send you flying away from them, the pulsing buzz saws, or those obnoxious cannon like things, certain songs will make these obstacles about a million times more difficult. I myself would often find myself waiting for the brief moments of peace at the end of one song while another was preparing to start before trying to quickly rush through an obstacle I’d been stuck at for what seems like ages.

Real player with 17.6 hrs in game

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Rush Bros is a hardcore platformer taking after the likes of Super Meat Boy, but fails to understand any aspect of why people enjoy these type of games. Precise controls, level consistency, and a feeling of fairness all elude this game and that makes it impossible recommend.

The game’s gimmick is that parts of the level move with the beat of the current music track playing. It’s an interesting idea but one that shouldn’t have gone past the prototyping phrase, where it should have been discovered how badly it works out in practice. This includes traps and not every object responds to every beat, which when mixed together with the sub-par beat detection makes this movement almost impossible to accurately predict. This also causes certain songs to make certain levels ridiculously hard, if not impossible. A few of the later levels take this mechanic to such extremes, I firmly believe that they are some of the worst levels ever included in any game.

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Rush Bros. on Steam

Boltzmann Brain

Boltzmann Brain

Love those space-arts at the background, looks atmospheric :)

I was an indepented beta-tester, and after release I can say with my honor that I can recommend this game.

Single-player is pretty hard, but I get a nice feeling when finally understand how to solve puzzles, also they seem like well-designed and each of them is like small (or sometimes big) task. And ending… Yeah, nice one :)

Versus mode becomes INCREDIBLY fun when you achieve a full control under your movements and ball, also it’s a nice choice to spent time when there’s 4 of you.

Real player with 17.9 hrs in game

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Nice little oldfag thing, really enjoyed it. No bugs so far, hope none will be in the future. The gameplay shows the guys have done a great job. Though I had to spend some time reapplying controls but it was worth. This game will be appreciated by those who like challenges because each level always requires a portion of thinking =)

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

Boltzmann Brain on Steam

Lofi Ping Pong

Lofi Ping Pong

Lo-Fi Ping Pong is a rythmic game, where you listening Lo-Fi music and beat your oppenent at the end of the song.

What really good in Lo-Fi Ping Pong, is the controls. It’s easy. You need 3 keys, which can be WAD, the arrow keys or using controller direction keys. Because of these choices, playing together in splitscreen is also easy, because you could play in one keyboard too. Simple and sweet!

Another thing which surprising good, is the story. Now, if you play the game, you won’t notice too much… except at the end, but the game has some more meaning symbols in the game, messages can tell also a lot about what is happening. It was quite a twist for me at the end, left me with a void for sure, even though it’s not an indepth something, it was still quite an impact.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Since I do enjoy listening to lo-fi, this title caught my attention, so I decided to purchase during the Steam Sale just to see what it was all about.

Well then, you take control of this girl and you play against other players wearing animal masks, something that immediately made me think about Hotline Miami (just checked the developer, and even though it has nothing to do with Dennaton, I’m pretty sure that they’ve got some influence out of it). i’m not really sure if there’s a story or not, but overall, the girl is dealing with some problems and playing ping-pong, while listening to some sick beats seems to be helping her somehow.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Lofi Ping Pong on Steam