Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio

Have you ever wanted to be a rollar-blading punk, rollin' around the city tagging walls, and stickin' it to the man?

No? Maaaan fuck you get out of here yes you have. This game is known far across the land for it’s kickin' soundtrack, beats so thick you could bounce a coin off ‘em. Also, it’s so old GBA could run it, so don’t sweat the specs. Only worry is the keyboard controls suck harder than your EX girlfriend, so grab an Xbox 360 controller and get going.

Now the objective of the game is simple, roll around the city, tag some walls, and keep away from the fuzz. However, this is all done to the sweet sonic sound that will be oozing out of the audio device of your choosing. It also helps that this game has graphically dated better than you could ever dream of. (Oh snap son.) You might get one Jet rank on your first playthrough. Might. If you wanna get Jet on every mission you must first study the anicent urban staking gurus.

Real player with 48.9 hrs in game

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“Who are you! What’s your name? Super Brothers!”

Jet Set Radio is one of those games you most likely saw a demo of at a Target or Best Buy back in the early 2000s but never really got to play because you were too cool for a Dreamcast. Luckily, this PC port exists. This game is the perfect mix of skating and graffiti with a soundtrack to match and graphics that are considerably better than those of today’s games. The added danger of being tackled by street guards, being shot at by a crazed police captain, having missiles fired from helicopters, and run over by motorcycle riding police makes it more fun

Real player with 47.6 hrs in game

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