Space Rocks

Space Rocks

Super relaxing and easy to setup and play. Even my three year old enjoys it!

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

“Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover.” - This game is way more addictive and fun than it might look like!

Super customizable and the ability to play any song you own in this game give it tons of replayability and a higher value score then other similar games. Add in smooth responsive controls and tons of settings and you got an easy recommend!

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

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Klang 2

Klang 2

Playing this game for 59 hours, I definitely can say I adore this game. Being the first person to review this game (probably), along with getting the first two PFC’s on 60hz on two of the hardest songs in the game on fast mode (in beta release), the gameplay is insanely addicting and the music is a real banger.

The gameplay is incredibly simple with only swipes, taps, and holds, but has a fairly deep and challenging execution, especially on keyboard and mouse. Fast mode accentuates this even more, with tight timings and fast-approaching notes.

Real player with 68.6 hrs in game

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[Won a beta key in a wishlist milestone giveaway, did some pre-launch testing.]

I have been waiting for this game to come out for five years, and did it meet my expectations?

holy fuck yes it did

Klang 1 held a very special place in my heart for mostly sentimental reasons, along with it feeling like a one of a kind experience. I have no idea how to properly express how that game makes me feel, but it was incredible. However, it lacks polish; a playthrough without encountering any bugs whatsoever is probably impossible.

Real player with 48.5 hrs in game

Klang 2 on Steam

Beat The Game

Beat The Game

Beat The Game:

Important News Flash for all hoverbike owners . . . in the last few weeks, the authority recorded an alarming number of accidents in the desert involving hoverbike riders and fridges! It has become a trend for people to drop their old fridges in the desert, and an even bigger trend for riders to smash their bikes into them at night due to poor visibility. And you, my friend Mistik, you missed the news flash and indeed rode into one tonight!

Beat The Game is an adventure / puzzle game where you play Mistik, a strange character who is dressed like a prison inmate and carries a holographic music mixer wherever he goes.

*– [Real player with 2.1 hrs in game](*




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--- As far as I can tell **Beat the game** is not a finished product or at the very least, not a smooth experience. So the unique mechanic in the game is finding sounds for 8 step sequencer (basically you can play the game to your own soundtrack created from those sounds) Was the mechanic utilized intuitively? Not really. It is just kind of there as a sandbox tool and it did not create any worthwhile gameplay elements. Although I really enjoyed the aesthetic there are noticeable issues with camera lag and the flickering world. For $7 I expected a more refined experience considering 60-90 minute length. *– [Real player with 1.9 hrs in game](* --- ![Retro/Grade]( "") ## Retro/Grade Retro/Grade is a game that I was not expecting. Browsing through the games on Steam, I came upon this game, and after watching the video, I had to purchase it immediately. If you've ever been a fan of side scrolling shooters, rhythm games, or even just colorful games that give your eyeballs this wonderful explosion of bright vivid colors that would satisfy even the most skeptical player. It's so much fun to watch, and even more fun to play. This game is a very pattern oriented reverse rhythm shooter, and it's the only game like it out there. This is why it needs to be played. *– [Real player with 36.7 hrs in game](* Retro/Grade is a well executed mash-up of the Rhythm and Scrolling Shooter genres. When I first started the tutorial I was expecting to be playing (reverse) Gradius to the beat of an awesome soundtrack; But instead what I got was Guitar Hero executed in a way that I had never thought of: To keep the music going while avoiding enemy fire! The graphics on the game are very vibrant and the colors perfectly compliment the 2-5 lane system. Each lane uses the same color coordination as all the well-known plastic guitars out there for other rhythm games; Not only was it a blessing in disguise to be given something so familiar to me within the genre, but the mixture of colors on-screen from all the attacks made a fantastic light-show! Sometimes the screen could get cluttered with different colors and certain attacks could get very hard to see through all the explosions and other effects on screen, but with enough practice with each level has a pattern that you can follow or sometimes predict to compensate for this problem. *– [Real player with 24.8 hrs in game](* --- ![Boo Bunny Plague]( "") ## Boo Bunny Plague This game is ok. But there are more cons than pros. Pros: - This game has great humor. And this is the reason why is stuck with the game the whole way through. - This game also has great voice acting and each character has their own unique personalities that i really like. - The game also has decent graphics. they aren't bad, but they arent great. Also the characters are nicely detailed. Cons: - This game has terrible gameplay. You can only do a 3 combo attack and an air attack. If Gunny is around, you can hit him with your guitar and he will explode to bullets. To bad he dissapears every 30 seconds. *– [Real player with 20.9 hrs in game](* The tl;dr version: Probably worth a look at $5.00, unquestionably worth it at $1.00, and the soundtrack is probably the best part of the game, so buy it. Finished the game on Normal, haven't tried Impossible yet. Not doing a formal pro/con thing. I bought the game and soundtrack on yet another ridiculous Steam markdown. I think it was $1.49 for the combo. Ok, so, the best way I can sum up my review is this: if you have no speakers or headphones, or if this game lacked all audio, it might *barely* be worth a dollar. The graphics are fun, but pretty basic; if you're expecting AAA level characters, backgrounds, and animations, then you really gotta re-evaluate your expectations. The enemy variety is nearly nil, as you're mainly dealing with a handful of Vikings, and a bunch of bosses. The fighting system is meh. Blocking seemed to be unnecessary for most of the game (except for boss fights, which is actually most of the fights). You have a guitar-sword (a selection of them, really), and you can jump. But jump-strikes don't seem to do anything special. No distance weapons, either. You also get your "friend," Gunny, who will jump in and shoot on occasion. Gunny's kinda cool. Like a weaponized version of Pintsize from the online comic Questionable Content (though it's possible I'm the only one who sees a similarity). *– [Real player with 19.5 hrs in game](* --- ![Polynomial 2 - Universe of the Music]( "") ## Polynomial 2 - Universe of the Music Well that sure is a game that's gonna scratch an itch long forgotten about by the industry at large. Well has the industry ever considered this type of game with a great deal of respect to begin with ? That's a question for another day. Polynomail 2 might be only at the start of its existence and its adventure, but straight from the start we can see ourselves linking it to a long legacy of games made to get you "into the zone" . If just like me you've cherished games such as Jeff Minter's Tempest 2000 , Space Girafe, Gridrunner Revolution, or hell Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Rez or Child of Eden or outside of the shooting game genre his feverfull Lumines series , The two Playstation 1 game oddities that were Internal Section and Vib Ribbon (a game that is still better experienced on its original hardware by the way) . Then if I tell you that Polynomial 2 is apparently setting itself for the very same kind of experience then you know what I am talking about. *– [Real player with 176.1 hrs in game](* Released six years after the original game I was pretty excited to see how Polynomial 2 had changed from the original. The first game, The Polynomial, I initially found quite confusing and unintuitive, but after a little while of trying to get used to it I found that there was some fun to be had. There was a lot of personalization when it came to what arenas you could play in (and therefore what aesthetic you had), what animator type you used (which could change the tone a fair bit) and what sound visualizer settings you had. It wasn’t something I was particularly drawn in by, and didn’t put much time into but it was a unique game, which was nice to look at and something fairly chill to play. *– [Real player with 13.5 hrs in game](* --- ![Rock-N-Rogue: A Boo Bunny Plague Adventure]( "") ## Rock-N-Rogue: A Boo Bunny Plague Adventure if you haven't played the original Boo Bunny Plague, stop what you are doing and go buy that first. You'll know the story and you'll get to love the characters, and you'll see the huge growth from this indie company. There are of course some kinks but that'll be fixed in the first couple of weeks after release, once the devs finish whipping their QA's unmercilessly. This game is so much like the original Boo Bunny Plague because it has the same heart, the characters you love, the music, and the humor…BUT they made it ten times more playable! They listened to the complaints they got from Boo Bunny Plague and made this glorious gem! I like that you can play the different characters! That was my big complaint from the first one. I especially like Faye's special little demon she summons to help her out . The music is awesome, of course. HELLO MC CHRIS!? . *– [Real player with 16.8 hrs in game](* I am writing this review in the hopes that the creators of Boo Bunny Plague will see it and improve this game or move on and make a true sequel to the original game. I am also writing this review right after playing through the first level and second level as Bunny. Pros: - nice customization. -Improved Graphics -Nostalgic dungeon crawler beat em up type gameplay - An other story with the lovable characters Cons and Stuff to fix: There is quite a lot wrong with this game that brings it down from being good to decent to bad and maybe even awful. *– [Real player with 6.0 hrs in game](* --- ![The Artful Escape]( "") ## The Artful Escape A cyberpunk mix of Bill & Ted, The Hitchhikers Guide & Ziggy Stardust. The immortal tale of the lost prince, played out with guitars and the best stylized graphics this side of Alpha Centauri. *– [Real player with 8.2 hrs in game](* For quite a while now, I'd missed that feeling of being fully convinced by a game. There was always something that left a bit of an unpleasant aftertaste, or there was nothing really wrong but I just didn't quite _feel_ it. Some of the games I loved at first, but got kind of tired of them towards the end. Might well be because I haven't exactly had a good year. But THIS game - there were a few things that bothered me a bit, I mean, even starting with the fact that I hate platformers. But all those things felt insignificant, because 95% of the time this game genuinely made me feel good and enjoy myself, and it left me glowing. *– [Real player with 6.2 hrs in game](* --- ![Neodash]( "") ## Neodash ![]( Define your own path and survive until you reach the end that lies ahead of you by swerving, drifting and flying across traps and obstacles while avoiding the abyss. But there's a catch: the world is disintegrating at your heels; better go fast, or you might not make it. Neodash plunges you in a unique sci-fi atmosphere that is brought to life by music: the environment reacts to the beat in different ways, creating a thrilling and immersive audio-visual experience. ![]( #### KEY FEATURES * A large collection of **high-energy electronic songs**, including Monstercat releases * **Challenging campaign** that takes you in for an immersive, thrilling ride * **Unlock** car models, wheels and other cosmetics * Powerful and intuitive in-game **level creator** * Countless traps and an environment that **reacts in real-time to the music** * **Play and rate other player's maps** in a community mode --- ![Synthesis Universe -Episode 00-]( "") ## Synthesis Universe -Episode 00- Definitely more than 15mn contrary to some reviews! (More content was added after initial release) Some users don't pay attention and miss most of the experience. This is not fast food, this is not a game or a thing you have to try to speed run. Why not taking some slow time in there, relax and enjoy the show? Many interactions are hidden, delicate and add replay value, there is even a secret ending. This is not for everyone: If you are a gamer in a hurry: don't buy it. If you are looking to be fully immersed surrounded by music and FXs, enjoy every polygons, music notes and pay attention to the cues and the cryptic story… then go for it. *– [Real player with 2.7 hrs in game](* A truly beautiful experience. The detail and the complexity of everything around you is so amazing, and the music makes it all come alive. Lots of genuine "wow" moments. I can't wait for what's next in this universe. Edit: One tip for players is to look up in the "menu" area. I think you need to view the main story part first to unlock them, but there are three pentagonal flower shapes above you to the left and right that open up and take you to other scenes/modes. I had no idea until I read the store page that mentioned the added scenes. Anyway, I was very happy to discover this. *– [Real player with 1.0 hrs in game](* ---