Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield

Aerial is a brand-new 3D auto-runner, indie-platformer that features a colorful world in a sci-fi setting. Here you get to take on the role of the silent protagonist Wally, who is running as fast as possible to outrun those who are trying to catch up with him.

During the game, you will get to experience a stylish none-combative platformer that goes through very linear gameplay with the character having quite a few awesome semi-pro parkour tricks up his sleeve.

*– [Real player with 13.8 hrs in game](*




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--- So I just beat the game and the whole time I felt like I was playing a Jet Set Radio Future spin off. Which is a good thing for someone like me since that Sega classic is a top three favorite of mine. The stylistic cel-shaded aesthetic and the rhythmic jazzy hip-hop musicality feed into the rebellious atmosphere of the game and the protagonist perfectly. Especially as they attempt to escape from the clutches of a shady organization that attempts to capture or destroy them for reasons the game hopes you artistically interpret. *– [Real player with 5.8 hrs in game](* --- ![Melody's Escape]( "") ## Melody's Escape Melody's Escape is a deceptively simple yet challenging obstacle-based rhythm game with a lot of potential versatility in playstyle. While still in Early Access, it has almost no technical errors and the developer is extremely active, so I would recommend it to people who enjoy rhythm games, especially people who are looking for a different type of procedurally-generated music gameplay. I am terrible at obstacle running games, but I have never ever found the platforming element of this game to be obtrusive or overwhelming because it integrates so well with the beat and feels so smooth on a sensory level. *– [Real player with 99.8 hrs in game](* ---

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--- **Summary** Melody's Escape best represents rhythm synthesizer that generates various movement keys depending on the theme and digital nature of your favorite songs. The environment is always altered between each song you choose so everything is fairly different and randomized. As such since this is a rhythm game, a lot of gameplay is created based on the music's movement. Some parts of a song can jump from being very fast paced to having a sudden drop in movement. **Gameplay** *– [Real player with 44.8 hrs in game](* --- ![Auto-Staccato]( "") ## Auto-Staccato *– [Real player with 26.4 hrs in game](* ---

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--- I've changed my review and recommendation. Updated and original reviews below. [Updated review] I switched from Not Recommended to Recommended after experimenting with different audio files in Free Play mode. With lossless audio sources and synthesized tracks, it is very possible to determine key strokes based on the beats of the music. This doesn't work as well with audio files that are too compressed, or that were taken from a lossless source that hasn't been remastered (e.g. a non-remastered CD of music from the 1980s). I still urge the dev(s) to add the highlighting option that I mentioned in the original review. Also, the Arena Mode still needs remappable keys and a better explanation of its mechanics. However, for US$9.99, this is worth a buy. *– [Real player with 7.2 hrs in game](* --- ![Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story™]( "") ## Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story™ What a crazy game! You really have to try the game with a controller in hand to really feel it! Every level can be played casually, just by taping the marks, but there're also multiple layers of gameplay hidden in each levels! Mastering a level can be really really hard, but sooo satisfying! Every action to hit is always perfectly on beat and justified! Understanding every patterns of each level is really fun, and trying to execute everything perfectly is even more! In my opinion, normally finishing the 30+ more levels could take a few hours, but 100%ing every levels IS the real challenge! *– [Real player with 24.5 hrs in game](* I'm a percussion player and League veteran, so when I heard Riot was co-producing a rhythm game, I was STOKED and HAD to preorder it. And HOLY, SMOKES, did it LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY blow me away. There's an easy way and a hard way through each runner-based level through the use of the hidden prompts system, allowing the difficulty to be set to any level in between: if you don't feel like going too hard, you don't really need to worry about messing up because you can just jump back in, whereas if it's too easy, perhaps consider weaving in some hidden inputs for extra style if you think you can handle it without compromising your groove, or maybe even go for the full combo! *– [Real player with 18.2 hrs in game](* --- ![Runner3]( "") ## Runner3 Runner3 is a bold successor of BIT.TRIP.RUNNER and Runner2, with radical changes to the gameplay and visuals. By doing such, devs took the risk of disappointing their fans. Indeed, several reviews deliver polarized messages, either “my favorite of the trilogy” or “runner3 is absolutely awful if you compare it to the previous games”. Runner is the only title in the BIT.TRIP series with sequels, two but not one in particular, what makes it so unique? Rhythm game is a genre of music-themed action game that challenges a player’s sense of rhythm, games in this genre typically require players to press buttons or perform a sequence of action following the beat. Usually the players concentrate on the rhythm and partially ignore the visuals. However, Runner is centered on the visuals, as an action game normally would, the rhythm enhances the gameplay with catchy music and synchronized beats. *– [Real player with 24.9 hrs in game](* The second spinoff using the formula started with BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Runner3 foregoes the Bit.Trip tag specifically to annoy me since they are no longer grouped together alphabetically and must instead sort them manually. CommanderVideo's moveset has been expanded upon from previous games. While Runner 2 introduced slide jump, slide kicks, and dancing, Runner3 adds double-jumps, fast-falls, a meaningful distinction between a short hop and a full jump, lane-switching for when the perspective changes, directional springboards rather than exclusively vertical ones, yet there was a cut move: the block paddle. *– [Real player with 24.5 hrs in game](* --- ![BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien]( "") ## BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien I have waited my whole life to hear Charles Martinet say, "soft, bulbous bosom." Runner2 is rather interesting. I wasn't a fan of the original BIT.TRIP RUNNER. But I love Runner2\. And the reason is almost everything about it. Runner2 gets nearly every single thing that it does right, and excels in all of those places where RUNNER fell flat. If this is what happens when the BIT.TRIP devs are able to refine and reinvent their own series, I'd like to see them do it more often. Runner2 opens with our narrator, the legendary Charles Martinet (who you will probably recognize from his famous roles as Ray Trace in Space Quest 6, Civilian Male in Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Police Station Reporter #1 in The Dead Pool, and of course MC Ballyhoo in Mario Party 8), introducing himself and the game, before taking us on a journey through the repressed imaginations of the disturbed. *– [Real player with 74.9 hrs in game](* BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien is an amazing game. IT is a straight upgrade from the original game, and it addresses most of the first game's faults, mainly difficulty. In the first game, if you got hit in a level, you would go all the way back to the start. In Runner 2, there are now checkpoints that save your progress after reaching the halfway point in the level. And this is where the game really shines. If you dont want to use checkpoints, or want that original Bit Trip feeling, you can jump over checkpoints and skip them, which even awards you bonus points for doing so. And if you find the game too easy, you can change the difficulty. *– [Real player with 46.9 hrs in game](* --- ![BIT.TRIP RUNNER]( "") ## BIT.TRIP RUNNER BIT.TRIP RUNNER was first released on the Wii as part of a collection of games, digital only as Wiiware. This one stood out in the collection, became sort of a cult classic and led to a couple of sequels. In the meantime the entire BIT.TRIP collection was released on a plethora of different platforms, including Steam. This game has you controlling a little 8-bit pixel guy called Commander Video throughout a unique pixelly world. All the commander really does is auto run in a linear fashion on a set stage, from left to right. You have to make it all the way from the beginning to the finish line without running into any obstacle, all the while collecting gold bars. A very simple concept, yet this game's difficulty is absolutely brutal. The aforementioned obstacles present themselves in the form of drop pits, fire, projectiles and the environment as a whole. If you run into a wall, you die. If you fall into a pit, you die. If you get hit by a projectile…dead. You probably kind of see where I'm going with this... *– [Real player with 72.4 hrs in game](* This game is fun and addictive, but it has some major flaws. First of all, the difficulty curve in this game is all over the place. Now, I'm not sure if this is because I got used to the game as I progressed, but I felt that some of the later stages (especially from world 2) were incredibly easy when compared to the earlier ones. The difficulty ramps up again towards the end, but you'll still find that it varies greatly from stage to stage instead of following a steadily rising curve as you would expect. *– [Real player with 51.7 hrs in game](* --- ![Crazy Boom]( "") ## Crazy Boom Heres how i would describe the game: C-comedic R-Rhetoric A-Astonishing Z-Zellar Y-Ya B-Bombastic O-Outstanding O-Overlordly M-Maticulus *– [Real player with 0.3 hrs in game](* Awful *– [Real player with 0.2 hrs in game](* --- ![Ruthless Safari]( "") ## Ruthless Safari The game is a 2D scroller where the main character run from a lion. The only thing in this game you can do is jump, which is done by clicking. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a pause button and to achieve the 100 achievement takes roughtly 20 minutes. I do enjoy a few things about the game, such as whenever you're hit you lose a piece of clothing and the music is actually pretty decent, but the game is not good. At all. One of a few ways this game could've been much better if it added a sizeable window open, while playing the game is always in full mode.The screenshots shown on the store page is literally the entire game and at the price it's currently at, even on 90% I'd recommend not to get this. *– [Real player with 1.2 hrs in game](* Ruthless Safari is an endless runner game. It's quite basic, with simple graphics, easy gameplay, and some generic repetitive music (I suggest turning the music off, as it just gets annoying after a while). All the game comprises of is a woman running away from a lion; she has to jump over an endless stream of cacti; if she touches a cactus plant three times the lion catches her and kills her. The first time the fleeing woman touches a cactus she loses her shirt, but continues running in her bra. *– [Real player with 1.1 hrs in game](* --- ![Music95]( "") ## Music95 Maybe you are familiar with games like Audiosurf or Melody's Escape. This is one of the games of that game genre. Don't expect much from it at the moment, but it sure looks promising. The fact there is only 1 person working on this entire game, is mindblowing to me. You control an airship with mouse and hover over the notes, while pressing the coresponding key each time. I like the gameplay, and the colorful graphics. The in-game gameplay is jittery, but it's no issue for me. The game might have problems with placing notes when there is a lot of going on in the song. I get that, many games of this genre have that issue, if not all (It is actually impossible to create the perfect music analyzer that would work with any type of music). *– [Real player with 14.2 hrs in game](* very relaxing, has potential, though need improvement. 8/10 *– [Real player with 6.0 hrs in game](* ---