Hexagroove: Tactical DJ

Hexagroove: Tactical DJ

Hexagroove is probably the most interesting and exciting music game I’ve ever played. It’s a rhythm game made by people with a deep and obvious love of electronic music and the culture around it. It plays in a unique and intuitive way that makes it simple to make some kick ass music. Honestly, I never knew how much I needed something like this in my life.

Unlike other rhythm games which rely on quick reflexes and tapping along to the beat, most of Hexagroove’s gameplay centers around layering different instrumental loops. If you’re the kind of person who likes to play a game for the challenge, then it might not be for you. Most of the fun comes from putting together the different pieces and finding a solid groove, then adjusting it and playing with it on the fly. There’s room for a lot more experimentation and playfulness than in games that emphasize skill mastery, like Beatmania or Audiosurf. It offers some mini-games and an obligatory campaign, but you won’t find anything too taxing except on the highest difficulty. I’ve made my way through the whole game on each difficulty level, but most of my time is spent in free mode just jamming out. I’d hesitate to even call Hexagroove a game. It controls like a game, and it’s got levels, achievements and tricks to perform for style points, but it plays more like an instrument, something you can play to make cool music, without any of the hassle of having to learn to beatmatch or how to use an MPC.

Real player with 19.8 hrs in game

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Even with my short time in the game thus far I think it’s incredibly cool. I’ve not seen or played anything else like it. From the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t (yet) make music, it’s about the closest you can get to actually mixing and producing your own tracks while still also technically being a game.

It’s a lot of fun just to play around in, and I love that the game encourages that. More than once I’d be vibing with all the loops and samples in the practice mode, finding out my favorites and which ones work well together before remembering, oh yeah, I have a set to go play, maybe I should do that. It’s double cool that incorporating real life mixing and songwriting techniques and theory affect your performance and score. Also you can have a Psytrance rave deep in the forest.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Hexagroove: Tactical DJ on Steam

Music Band Manager

Music Band Manager

Verdict: 3/10

Becoming a mix of band manager and music band becomes in reality a click feast that tests your patience and resilience in a very simple simulation environment. Better look somewhere else or buy with a huge discount.

PrivateJoh’s personal (re)view:

Personally, I feel Music Band Manager is lacking in many aspects. Gender possibilities are not really explored. 2D graphics are generic at most, and not particularly engaging. Initially, the humor might bring a smile to your face, but it becomes old really fast.

Real player with 23.7 hrs in game

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Wanted More

So i bought this game when it was on offer at £2.69 (or there about) and to be honest it is only worth this much!

What i wanted was in band augments, broken instruments, band members leaving, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll!!

What i got is a very tame game in so far as no one falls out with anyone no one gets tired EVER!!! There is no time management in fact you can have you “band” work every day of every week of the year and they never drop from fatigue (i would recommend that you DO work them every day), on top of this you can get them to rehearsal and write songs (as they say no rest for the wicked).

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

Music Band Manager on Steam



I do not recommend this game. This is because firstly, it’s controls were created with mobile playing in mind, not computer. This causes trouble when you try to scroll with your mouse which will provide an infinitesimal amount of help. Secondly, the amount of work you have to do to earn money in the game is ridiculous. One click equals a ten thousandth of a bitcoin. At the beginning of your play session the value of one bitcoin (in the game) is ~$12,000. That means one click equals ~1.2 dollars at that time. The cheapest upgrade to buy is a GTX 1050ti for 750 in-game dollars. That graphics card in the game gives you 0.0005 bitcoin/minute. An approximate average click-speed per second is ~6. So for 625 clicks, you receive 5 free clicks per minute. If you apply that average 6 clicks per second without factoring fatigue for 625 clicks, it would take you 104 seconds. You can have about 10 graphics cards at one time, but their is yet another problem that happens with the GPU’s. Thirdly, the game is saturated with bugs. The biggest ones are when you TRY to replace a graphics card or processor. If you used up all of your GPU slots with crappy GTX 1050ti’s, you cannot swap them out for GTX 1080’s, or any graphics card for that matter. You are stuck with your 0.005 free bitcoin/minute with all of this GPUs combined. Also, the game lets you downgrade your CPU! Another bad thing about this game is that it is purely optimised for mobile gameplay, even though it is a desktop game! Although i am not even half empty with the salt this game has provided me with, i have decided to give up on criticising it because i don’t care enough about it. I cannot recommend this game.

Real player with 6.1 hrs in game

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I’d advise to wait until this is further developed, there is so little choices I found it more fun using an autoclicker :-(

by limited (as of now, they will be added a lot more)

your selection

1 motherboard.. 2 cpu’s since the first you get automatically… 5 video cards.

by the way apperently these guys think amd cards are twice the price of Nvidea… hope the dont make asics cost so much

my auto clicker beats it.

looks to be fun but after 10 minutes its just too primitive as of right now, it will get better I have no doubt..

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Bitcoin on Steam

Rhythm Towers

Rhythm Towers

Rhythm Towers is a new and unique rhythm-based tower defense game. Each tower is built by playing a rhythm that dynamically adds to the soundtrack while defending your base against an increasingly difficult onslaught of enemies.

Rhythm Towers features an original story, intricately designed music that is tied to the gameplay, satirical characters and intense, challenging boss battles. Experience the story driven campaign solo or with a friend through couch co-op and online multiplayer.


  • Build and unlock a powerful arsenal of defensive Rhythm Towers by rhythm matching

  • Discover and take advantage of helpful abilities that will alter the way you can play

  • Defeat challenging bosses that will push your strategy and rhythm skills to the limit

  • Enjoy multiple musical genres with wide ranging tempos and unique styles

  • Summon powerful allies that will assist you in battle, by unleashing cinematic carnage

  • Plan, upgrade and use strategy to place your Rhythm Towers in the most optimal positions

  • Explore a vibrant alien planet that reacts to your rhythms, in helpful and hazardous ways

  • Choose from multiple playable characters, each with unique skills and personalities

Rhythm Towers on Steam

Rising Star 2

Rising Star 2


Let it be known that the developer specifically sought an opinion for Rising Star 2 from someone who enjoys simulation games and is a fan of Rock and/or Heavy Metal. Thankfully ReviewExperts has such an admin in ol' Il Pallino! There hasn’t been many games involving band management in the history of video games, but Rising Star 2 has something imperceptible that many great management sims lack. As expected, the player leads a band by designing the face and body of a musician, and once in game, recruits other band members, buys musical equipment, writes songs, and when enough material is had, the player goes about entering their band in “battle of the bands” competitions and finding gigs in dive bars as a supporting act. With enough popularity, the band can retain a manager who can perform a number of tasks, but the most important in the short term being to find gigs at larger venues, which increases band exposure, leading to more fans and more opportunities to sell merchandise. (Only managers can book shows at theaters and stadiums.) With enough grinding and traveling from city to city starting at the bottom, the player’s band can one day become mega-stars headlining in sold out stadiums.

Real player with 324.8 hrs in game

EDIT on 7/8/2021 after 2 likes

Originally, I wrote a review after about 50 hours. In a nutshell, I wrote that it would be a good manager if not for two major mistakes and a gameplay, that unnecessarily makes it too much of a timesink. Since I was ready to give up, I gave it a thumbs down.

Well, I didn’t give up and here we are, 60 hours or so later. I still think, that a single manual save spot in a game like this is unacceptable. I still think, that it is a cardinal design flaw, that the player cannot choose, which effects equipment is used. And I still think that the (in-game) daily routine could be handled better. However, what I came to realize is that the progression of one’s band gets faster, once one hits the mid-game. In fact, I very much appreciate it that there is a noticeable step in between game phases. One has to re-think and re-design strategies. This came as unexpectedly as the original realization that the game has a strong strategic element to begin with.

Real player with 192.0 hrs in game

Rising Star 2 on Steam

Virtual Cottage

Virtual Cottage

This program is not a game, but a timer, that you can use to track concentration sessions. It’s good to use with the Pomodoro technique.

Some things that I suggest as an improvement are:

  • allowing one more sound to be played besides (wind) and (fire), so that you could hear wind + fire + rain OR wind + fire + snow; and

  • make a “mini view” possible, displaying “clock”, “minutes to go”, “sound effects” controls and “music control”, in a smaller window size.

If the creators really want to “gamefy” this app, I suggest offering in a “shop” different objects to decorate the cottage: vases, plants, calendars, pictures, books, cookpots, rugs, lights, mattress and pillows colors, etc. We’ll not buy those items, but rather receive points on sessions completed according to sessions' durations of time. Then, we can you those received points to “buy” those itens in the “shop” and build our own inventory.

Real player with 210.1 hrs in game

Let’s start with the fact that it’s not really a game, it’s fancy timer and as timer it totally could do better.

You set a name, a time and if you want a signal when it’s out and when it is you may set new one. If you ask me I think it would be nice to make kind of “pomodoro mode” and allow to set 2 timers, for work and for break, so when one timer is out you press “next” without spending time on writing. Though one is nice too.

I love there’s set of white noise generators - can pick few at a time and pretend it’s gross weather outside while you sit here warm by fire. Having a plaid irl totally helps with mood. There’s also music option but nothing I personally like or usually listen so 🤷‍♀️

Real player with 184.8 hrs in game

Virtual Cottage on Steam