The Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor

The Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor

This game… this game is just a work of art. A diamond in the rough. I’m so sad this game isn’t known, the word needs to be out to all lovers of Rythm-based games. Because this is my absolute #1 favorite Rythm matching game in the whole wide world. The gameplay is exiting. The story halfway takes itself seriously, the voice acting is enthusiactic,, the soundtrack BOPS and the cutscenes are incredibly cheesy, but looking past the cringe it really adds some charm to the game and its characters. I sum this game up to my friends as “Darkest Dungeon and Guitar Hero mixed together but with neon lights and electronic music” Puuba took the concept of an RPG / Rythm matching game and nailed it on the head.

Real player with 69.8 hrs in game

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In short, if you enjoy rythm games and are looking for a unique spin on the genre, buy this game. You won’t be disappointed.

In many more words, Metronomicon is, as advertised, a mix of rythm and rpg, and boy has it been executed well. It’s honestly amazing.

First of all, despite this game being an indie title developed by a small studio that simply doesn’t have the money to license big, well known songs, the song’s library of 50+ songs seriously won’t disappoint you. Just like the game, the songs in it are hidden gems in themselves. All of them are absolute bops and perfectly set the mood.

Real player with 40.8 hrs in game

The Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor on Steam

Tales of the Elements

Tales of the Elements

I have beaten chapter 1. I have chapter 2 on my system however after the finale of chapter 1 I spawn out of bounds and am unable to do anything. how can i start chapter 2???

Real player with 162.5 hrs in game

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How much of this game I’ve played: 12 Hours, 35 minutes

How I’ve played so much: I had a pre-ordered non-steam copy.

Completed Main story, not the super secret boss area.

Here’s why you’d be interested in this game: Good rhymes, good story, old school gameplay.

Good rhymes: If you haven’t heard of BeNeVoLeNcE, you might have heard of Mega Ran - he’s known for clean nerdcore rhymes over chiptune beats and melodies. Hip Hop by both is featured in the game, and it’s not an “afterthought” like it might be in some games - the music is interwoven in with the story - it’s actually rewarding to gain access to the rhymes that go along with the instrumentals in different parts of the game.

Real player with 78.7 hrs in game

Tales of the Elements on Steam

Omega Quintet

Omega Quintet


  • Has the IF-Compa DNA. If you love JRPGs of the same developer-publisher, such as nep games, turn-based, skills, 3D free roam, ADV scenes, then this is a good catch.

  • Lovely characters. Aria best girl. Neko-chan second best. 3D models not as lovely, but still cute nonetheless.

  • Scenes are funny af. Found myself laughing quite alot.

  • Disc Analysis feature is probably single most important gameplay element. It gives each playthrough its own style, and thus increases replay value. You choose the “build” path: skills and spells for each girl, and on each playthrough you can cycle their roles and what weapon they wield.

Real player with 97.0 hrs in game

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I just finished the game, although I did not get the real ending. I general I’d rate the game as 5/10. I cannot say that I recommend the game to everyone but is not like it shouldn’t be played either.

You should play the game if:

  • You like other Idea Factory titles, like Neptunia or Fairy Fencer.

  • You like cute, anime games and you enjoy the way they are played out. With the visual novel style of dialog.

  • You don’t mind grinding, specifically the Neptunia-type of grinding.

  • You aren’t looking for a game that’d tell you a good story.

Real player with 87.2 hrs in game

Omega Quintet on Steam

No Straight Roads: Encore Edition

No Straight Roads: Encore Edition

Can someone get me another Sayu? This one’s all melted!

All my hours are logged on the switch version (~150 hours), I love this game despite how gut punching it can be with difficulty and bugs (of which are mostly patched in this version). It makes up for all of it with its overflowing charm and dedication to fan service. My artwork is in the game too I guess! Underneath the bridge in Akasuka.

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

Underappreciated game with an incredible soundtrack, worth it for the music alone. If you are curious in the slightest then do yourself a favour and give it a try, you will fall in love!

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

No Straight Roads: Encore Edition on Steam