If you have played Dropmix, it is very much like that, but on steroids.

2/19/2021 Edit: This review has been redone to currently reflect the game post 1.3 patch update.

Personally, I love this game, the hours played represents that, and personally, I grew up with Harmonix and their music games so t heir marketing is nothing new to me. Each DLC song is 1.99/USD and is purchased separately, which while is a shame there are no packs available, it does allow you to pick and choose which songs you wish to use in the game. The initial set is enough to get you going and through several hours on their own. The mixing itself is very intuitive for a game and I daresay you can entertain a small party or gathering by playing this game. I’ve done twitch streams that were several hours long just jamming to the games Freestyle mode with a custom crate I assembled with different songs, instruments, and sound effects/modifiers. The game comes with 4 main modes, Campaign, Freestyle (and Coop Freestyle where people play together and if the lobby is big enough, a small audience that can make requests of songs or instruments or genres), Battle, and Social Events. The game comes with an integrated mix capture option where you can record up to 128 bars and export it as a video format to share on social media, YT, Twitch, etc.

Real player with 392.9 hrs in game

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### Overview Frequency****Amplitude

| Genre | Rhythm game |

| Campaign | Yes |

| Game length | 8 hours |

| Difficulty modes | 5 |

| Wikipedia Page | Link |

Real player with 162.2 hrs in game

FUSER™ on Steam




While I still think the game is worth the buy, I do want to point out that this game has probably been abandoned. NGNL S2 would probably come before this game updates. If anything changes, I’ll update this review, but keep that in mind before purchasing.

Finally, this game is out for everyone.

I have followed this game since the greenlight page came out, and it has evolved so much from when there was only one level.

This game is great. It has everything. The game has only one developer, and he has worked on the game so much, even through his computer corrupting.

Real player with 21.2 hrs in game

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Insane Value and Fun packed into this game that offers not just one but THREE exiting and action filled game modes!

Watch my first impressions REVIEW Here:


I like all three modes, but easily the prize in Arena is the Commander mode which is worth more than the asking price of this game alone.

My first “Indie game of 2018” nominee, scoring a jaw dropping 97% score on my scoring system which gives “value” the highest scoring priority, but this game delivers perfect controls and over-flowing fun as well.

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

ARENA 3D on Steam

Just Shapes & Beats

Just Shapes & Beats

When I first played this game it was just to impress my big brother on a like $500 vacation but now iv’e gotten pretty addicted. The games really good amazing story line and a very hard set of songs. And now that iv’e played the lost chapter the story makes a lot more sense. The ending blew my mind not giving any spoilers but some people may know what I mean. Also Annihilation is insane. But when it comes to making a game using square as the main character I was not expecting this much work and progress put into this. If you haven’t played this game yet and are just reviewing it play it know you won’t be disappointed. Well that’s all I have to say can’t wait for the next update!

Real player with 76.4 hrs in game

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Real player with 72.0 hrs in game

Just Shapes & Beats on Steam

Metal Heads

Metal Heads

I’ve been helping out with testing the game (the online multiplayer) for well over a year now and i have seen a lot of improvements with it so far and it has come a long way since Pax Aus 2019.

The game itself is great fun online (yes there are issues but it is early access and what early access game doesn’t have issues) and even better when playing locally with friends. There are plenty of mini-games to play as well as a bored game mode that allows you to place items on the map to hinder others or yourself if you aren’t careful. The game has a solo Dev and Andy Gillion working on the music for the game.

Real player with 20.4 hrs in game

The game was for a year on my steam-wishlist, and now it’s released. Yeah, it is buggy … but what else do you expect for a Early Access game? The minigames are really funny, and the game has many potential to be the next big party game. So buy it and support the developer behind the game, so that he can fulfill his vision of the game.

Furthermore he is active on Discord, in contrast to another game in this genre on steam, where the devs are lost, lol.

Real player with 13.0 hrs in game

Metal Heads on Steam

Degrees of Separation

Degrees of Separation

Degrees of Separation

A beautiful and challenging puzzle game with plenty of variety and clever mechanics to keep you interested and perplexed.


👍 Clever, interesting and diverse puzzles

👍 Pretty graphics with detailed environments with a fantasy ambience

👍 Charming story nicely told by narrator

Real player with 25.8 hrs in game


☐ Doesnt have (Not counting historical stuff)

☐ Something isnt nothing I guess

☐ Not greatly told

☑️ Average

☐ Good

☐ Lovely

☐ Will make you cry or smile a lot


☐ Try not to get addicted

☐ Very good

☑️ Good

☐ Nothing special

☐ Ehh

☐ Bad

☐ Just dont

—{ Grind }—

☑️ Nothing

☐ Only if u care about leaderboards/ranks

☐ Isn’t necessary to progress

☐ Average grind level

☐ Too much grind

☐ Insanity


☐ You forget reality

☐ Masterpiece

☐ Beautiful

☑️ Good

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

Degrees of Separation on Steam

Rhythm Towers

Rhythm Towers

Rhythm Towers is a new and unique rhythm-based tower defense game. Each tower is built by playing a rhythm that dynamically adds to the soundtrack while defending your base against an increasingly difficult onslaught of enemies.

Rhythm Towers features an original story, intricately designed music that is tied to the gameplay, satirical characters and intense, challenging boss battles. Experience the story driven campaign solo or with a friend through couch co-op and online multiplayer.


  • Build and unlock a powerful arsenal of defensive Rhythm Towers by rhythm matching

  • Discover and take advantage of helpful abilities that will alter the way you can play

  • Defeat challenging bosses that will push your strategy and rhythm skills to the limit

  • Enjoy multiple musical genres with wide ranging tempos and unique styles

  • Summon powerful allies that will assist you in battle, by unleashing cinematic carnage

  • Plan, upgrade and use strategy to place your Rhythm Towers in the most optimal positions

  • Explore a vibrant alien planet that reacts to your rhythms, in helpful and hazardous ways

  • Choose from multiple playable characters, each with unique skills and personalities

Rhythm Towers on Steam

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

Easily game of the year. This game has so much more to it than meets the eye. I began playing this game in beta, and it was amazing! It has easy mechanics, easy objectives, and unfathomable entertainment. There are so many things that I love about this game.

First off, unlike most other fps games, it’s balanced. All players are equal, and when you die, there’s no excuses. The other player was either better than you, or was able to use the map and powerups better than you. It’s straight forward hit or miss gameplay. Also, the powerups are balanced. The big balls will help you hit more robots, but they are so much easier to see, and unlike the homing and laser, you can’t hide having the powerup. When you’re holding a ball, it’s always big and noticable. The homing is amazing against bots at long range, but is so much harder to use close up. Also, when you lose it, you’re so used to seeing the tracker that it disorientates you for a moment. Laser is fast and great for ricochets, but it messes up the way you’re used to playing, being the ball has no drop. Jetpack is great for capturing points or swooping in like an eagle, but you can lose vertical momentum, making yourself an easy target. Pogo is good for navigation, but if you fumble, you’re an easy midair target. Super boost is great for hit and runs, but really hurts your finger pressing shift. I find that when you use superboost, you start going in a lap pattern, which makes you a predictable target. You also get disorientated in close combat. The balance in this game makes it such a more entertaining game because you’re just as capable as the rest of your team to achieve the objectives.

Real player with 176.7 hrs in game

Flashy Arcade-Style Fun!

An Early Access game that graduated with flying colours.

Let me start this review off by saying I’ve got 97 games on Steam and this is my most played game. If that doesn’t peak your interest, feel free to read on.


This game is special. When I say “special” I don’t mean mentally handicapped, I mean it’s genuinely unique and a real diamond in the rough. For the price, this may be the best value you can find on Steam. It may be pretty simple in concept but trust me when I say that this game can entertain for hundreds of hours. Did I mention it’s one of the (very) few games that’s done Early Access right and actually seen a solid release?

Real player with 175.7 hrs in game

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball on Steam



As Robin Sharma said - ‘The very nature of being a human is we are built to progress, we are built to want. Our brain craves novelty and we are most alive when we are progressing towards our mighty mission.’ The modern society embraces this same idea and it applies to every known medium, including video games. You all are familiar with this - achievements, quests, invisible pointers, to, well, point us to do something to keep occupied. Q is, how the one can play & enjoy the game with ‘no enemies, no combat, no threats’ and basically, without any goal? The answer is - you get away from the familiar.

Real player with 423.7 hrs in game

Feather is not particularly entertaining. It’s not traditionally fun, or thought-provoking, or complex. You’ve seen most of it within an hour. There’s not much to do and you don’t walk away thinking about it, or eagerly awaiting the next time you can play it.

And it’s worth every cent.

Feather may not be my favourite game in my library, but it is undoubtedly one of the most important. I have plenty of games that are relaxing, and yet, whenever I’m feeling sad, or stressed, or anxious, or whenever I’m so bored that absolutely nothing seems appealing, or so deep in depression I don’t feel much, or even just when I want a break- I always turn to Feather.

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

Feather on Steam