Ragnarock has the best tracks of any rhythm game and I’ve played almost all of them. It takes time learning to hit the drums and booster shields accurately and getting the timings right. It’s a simple concept, but hard to master. Completely skill based. The multiplayer races are super fun and as far as I know, unique to Ragnarock.

Real player with 173.5 hrs in game

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The best multiplayer VR Rhythm game hands down, easily accessible to new players while offering great features for veterans, awesome soundtrack with support to import additional custom tracks.

Details for rhythm veterans; a faithful translation of a 4-lane VSRG into VR with tight timing windows and extremely competitive leaderboards even on lower difficulty songs. Highly customizable controls (angle/length/offset type settings for hammers), custom scroll speeds, practice mode with variable playback speed up to 120%.

Real player with 61.9 hrs in game

Ragnarock on Steam