ARK-ADE! where you get transported into arcade machine

[retro FPS] [fast pace]

equip gun that looks cool, shooting down enemy, protecting the ark and get as high score as you can and get your name on the leaderboard and ofcourse have fun

seriously though i had alot of fun even when i died a ton of time on higher difficulty

and finding secrets.


it has a mixture of pistol whip and super hot

power-up are cool especially the laser gun!


accidentally reload when you have power up throws away your current weapon back to default

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

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I’ve played several hours of this & I was pleasantly surprised. Which is why I kept coming back for more.

This game is definitely a fast paced shooter, somewhere between the realms of Super Hot & Pistol Whip.

You get to move around freely, explore the different paths & the secrets within each level.

There’s power- ups to choose from & a bullet time mode.

One of the reasons I kept coming back was the insane Boss battles near the end. I couldn’t stop playing until I prevailed. This game allows you to just jump in & play, not worrying about stories or saving - it’s an arcade shooter after all. Very fun.

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

ARK-ADE on Steam