HyperCore : Rhythm Bullet Hell

HyperCore : Rhythm Bullet Hell

HyperCore is a “Rhythm bullet hell”, mixing the frenetic action of classic bullet hell shoot’em up with semi-procedurally generated encounters based on the music.

Survive by avoiding the countless obstacles sent towards them by the core in sync with the music.

  • Score attack: Earn more points by taking more risks! Hug obstacles to increase your score multiplier.

  • Time Attack: Get hit. Die. Repeat. Try to stay alive for as long as possible in this unforgiving game mode.

  • Custom Song: Play with your own songs!

  • Local 2 player versus: compete with a friend locally.

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HyperCore : Rhythm Bullet Hell on Steam

AVICII Invector

AVICII Invector

AVICII Invector: a rhythm game and tribute to the late beloved Swedish DJ AVICII who belongs in anyone’s Music Hall of Fame.

Avicii Tops Shazam’s Most-Searched Songs Hall Of Fame

That honor befalls “Wake Me Up” by Swedish electronic dance music DJ and producer Avicii which, according to Shazam, the go-to app for figuring out what it is you’re listening to, is the most ‘Shazamed' song of all time. It has so far been checked 19.45 million times and counting.


Real player with 19.6 hrs in game

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AVICII Invector


We all know & love the man known as Tim Bergling, who Is no one but AVICII himself. Unfortunately, he died too young on 20th April 2018 which left all of his fans heartbroken. Although he is no more, he will still continue to live through his overly popular songs. AVICII Invector is a game made in the memory of AVICII which features a few of his songs. There aren’t a lot of Rhythm-action games out there & this surely stands out since this is purely AVICII music. Not only is it a wonderful game, most of the proceeds that the developer earns from this game go to the Tim Bergling Foundation which supports those with mental health problems, so you are also contributing to a charitable cause!

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

AVICII Invector on Steam

Audiosurf 2

Audiosurf 2

For people coming from Audiosurf 1: You might like it or you might not. It depends on your playstyle.

For people who have big music libraries who want a new game to mess around with: Get this.

2018 update: Since streaming has been removed, I’m updating the review to reflect that. Also, apparently the demo doesn’t work, so I won’t mention that either.

Although the game follows mostly the same mechanics as the first Audiosurf (ride on a rollercoaster based on your favorite songs, gathering points and beating other people’s scores), there are plenty of things that set it apart. The biggest addition is the workshop, which gives you more than enough options to try out different skins and modes, and lets you find the best ways to play your songs.

Real player with 2382.1 hrs in game

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I wish there were a Neutral option for reviews, but anyway - I ONLY recommend this game if you have a pretty decent song library in your computer. Why? Lemme explain:

YouTube Fiasco

This game used Soundcloud to stream songs for us to play back in the day until October~November 2016, but, after Soundcloud ceased any applications from using its services, the developer, Dylan, had a few weeks to think about what he was going to do with this game… and honestly, he’s lucky his game is great as it is because Audiosurf 2 was almost unplayable for one week or so as a result of it.

Real player with 1090.3 hrs in game

Audiosurf 2 on Steam

Conga Master

Conga Master

Every new congo session game starts off slow then soon enough you will have 30+ people in your conga line, sucking everyone else in around you which is very satisfying. Music is also enjoyable; some more than others.

Looks like it’s only local multiplayer. I cannot find a way to play online multiplayer. There is however an online leaderboard.

Solid game and gets pretty difficult in Story mode. Cost me £7.99

Real player with 137.6 hrs in game

I was following the developing of this game closely and it’s finally released! Ludum Dare sometimes gives you amazing surprises ;)

Seems like an easy gameplay, but it’s hard to master it. Don’t be fooled by the cute pixel art and voices. I need to play it with some friends to really enjoy the game fully. We will see.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

Conga Master on Steam

Just Dance 2017

Just Dance 2017

ºWhat to say to Just Dance 2017?,in short, is another bad game of Bugsoft.

-Control (phone) disconnects ALL TIME, there is not 40 seconds connected to the computer (sometimes).

-In addition to paying $ 49.99(R$ 99,99), you DO NOT HAVE ALL THE MUSIC RELEASED TO PLAY, some you buy with the Ubisoft currency, some you need to have Just Dance Unlimited.

-Just Dance 2017 looks Just Dance Now, ridiculous.

-I did not ask for a refund because I am hopeful that they will solve the problems of this game soon.

Real player with 2093.2 hrs in game

Pros :

  • One of few games in Steam that makes you do workout instead of sitting all day.

  • Many selections of songs (about 50 built-in + more than 200 from Just Dance Unlimited).

  • The respond and accuracy is very good (better than Just Dance Now).

  • You can pay for Just Dance Unlimited subscription either from Credit Card or Steam Wallet (I like the latter option, since I don’t have credit card). The subscription price is more or less same than Just Dance Now subscription price.

  • Many modes, so pretty high replayability (apart from that many songs selection).

Real player with 83.2 hrs in game

Just Dance 2017 on Steam



This game is great to have fun with some friends. If you are playing with friends, I would suggest using controllers so that the keyboard isn’t cramped. When playing solo, some of the characters are much better at certain levels, so I would suggest you switch characters if you can’t figure the level out with the one you are using.


Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Observers on Steam

ABC: Audioreactive Beat Circle

ABC: Audioreactive Beat Circle

This is a great game, I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys rhythm and/or puzzle games. There are 5 levels in the main game (not DLC), and they are all a ton of fun. The best part about ABC is that you can play the game to your own music, creating infinite replayability, and the ability to essentially control the difficulty/speed. Definitely a must-play if you enjoy music and rhythm games.

Real player with 19.5 hrs in game

very good, i love the fact that you can choose your own music

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

ABC: Audioreactive Beat Circle on Steam

Dub Dash

Dub Dash

 I received this key for reviewing purposes, but this will not affect my review in any way.

My Impression:

I love puzzle games. I am terrible at music related activities because I really don’t listen to much music, only when I workout. I went in with an open mind and was like, I’ll give this a shot and go back to Xcom 2 after I try it out. The game is incredible, I can’t stop playing.

This would be a great game to warm up your reflexes for your main games.


Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

Short Version

Dub Dash is a rhythm-based game that translates the “wobbly” beats of dubstep music into a giant, revolving disco ball and has the player dodging and weaving around obstacles by tapping left or right to “jump” or holding the key down to “bounce”. Levels range from simple-but-tricky to complex, mind-bending challenges.

The level comes to life as you time your keystrokes successfully, with equalizer-like structures popping up around you and rather euphoric-looking smiley faces silently cheering you on, all of which are changing color like a chameleon suffering with multiple personality disorder.

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Dub Dash on Steam

Name The Song Quiz

Name The Song Quiz

Great game in its simplicity. For me ability to provide my own music is strongest point - we can customize quiz to suit all players. UI needs finishing touch tho:)

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Name the song quiz is a game where you name the song, but you have to load the songs in so whoever picks the tracks has an advantage. But you get more points if you wait a little to guess, so it’s fun


Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Name The Song Quiz on Steam

Beat Boxers

Beat Boxers

I’ve been looking for a game like this for such a long time and after finally finding it I couldn’t be happier. At first glance this my just seems like a simple side-scroller fighting game, but it didn’t take long to see the vast potential of this game. The ability to fight to the beat of any song of your choosing just seems incredible to many people including myself, although as of now there’s only local PvP (Hopefully there will be future updates so this review may not be relevent later on) . If over time a Player vs. Computer or online PvP was added along with some QOL changes (More and better fighting mechanics or an option to change controls, More characters, More stages and maybe a sort of leveling system if you really want to get into details) would make this game unimaginablely popular. With such vast potential and with this game being brand new (right now at least) I can only hope that there will be future updates with such things added into the game and bringing it to it’s fullest.

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

As of now the game is REALLY fun when played with music the player likes even with the incredibly limited (two) characters available. Unfortunately for that reason there isnt much replayability because of the limited characters and movesets.

I really hope this game improves overtime with more characters and movesets and also maps, because this game has incredible potential imo.

There are some awkward stuff about it like the animations a bit stale and when you use your ultimate the ultimates play music with the music chosen which creates a F*ckfest of sounds which is really unpleasant.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Beat Boxers on Steam