AereA, is a top-down “action RPG” and I use that term loosely. According to the game info, it’s musically themed and while I was playing I definitely saw the incorporation of musical instruments and rhythm into the art style. However, I was expecting a musical Diablo style game with perhaps some cool musical puzzles or combat, yet none of that occurred. The only things musical were the sound effects, weapons to some extent, the shape of the bosses, and a few animations. You begin by choosing a character from a variety of young students, each with a different type of musical weapon. You are a musician attending a music school in a world split into islands from a battle between the head Maestro and his arch enemy Demetrio. The character you play as becomes an important part of the story as you unravel a bit of mystery as to why some sacred instruments have been stolen. I won’t go into it any further to prevent possible spoilers.

Real player with 12.5 hrs in game

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I love this one! It looks awesome and the gameplay is excellent. The story and creatures are great and the way music and instruments are integrated, is a job really well done!

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Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

AereA on Steam

Rocksmith® 2014 Edition - Remastered

Rocksmith® 2014 Edition - Remastered

Does exactly what it says on the tin, makes learning guitar more fun for beginners and assists with memorizing new songs or just getting the rust off at any experience level. I put hundreds of hours into this game and the original on xbox back in college, it’s gotten worlds better with all of the DLC though. There are more than 40k songs you can download from Customsforge too, the only drawback is you need a realtone cable if you don’t want to miss notes all the time.

10/10, really has no limits in terms of tunings, timing signatures, techniques/alterations like capos, etc. and tons of replay value in co-op and bonus lead/rhythm/bass arrangements. I’m still consistently surprised by the eclectic mod community uploads and even the published DLC, and once you learn how to transcribe tabs yourself it’s really limitless. Only thing that could make it more perfect would be an option to turn on master mode for specific songs/phrases so you don’t have to play a song 3-4 times to get the notes to disappear

Real player with 243.0 hrs in game

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Whether just picking up a guitar for the first time or coming from a musical background, this guitar-playing game is just pure fun with 1000+ songs to choose from in the extensive DLC selection.

Real player with 121.3 hrs in game

Rocksmith® 2014 Edition - Remastered on Steam

Hexagroove: Tactical DJ

Hexagroove: Tactical DJ

Hexagroove is probably the most interesting and exciting music game I’ve ever played. It’s a rhythm game made by people with a deep and obvious love of electronic music and the culture around it. It plays in a unique and intuitive way that makes it simple to make some kick ass music. Honestly, I never knew how much I needed something like this in my life.

Unlike other rhythm games which rely on quick reflexes and tapping along to the beat, most of Hexagroove’s gameplay centers around layering different instrumental loops. If you’re the kind of person who likes to play a game for the challenge, then it might not be for you. Most of the fun comes from putting together the different pieces and finding a solid groove, then adjusting it and playing with it on the fly. There’s room for a lot more experimentation and playfulness than in games that emphasize skill mastery, like Beatmania or Audiosurf. It offers some mini-games and an obligatory campaign, but you won’t find anything too taxing except on the highest difficulty. I’ve made my way through the whole game on each difficulty level, but most of my time is spent in free mode just jamming out. I’d hesitate to even call Hexagroove a game. It controls like a game, and it’s got levels, achievements and tricks to perform for style points, but it plays more like an instrument, something you can play to make cool music, without any of the hassle of having to learn to beatmatch or how to use an MPC.

Real player with 19.8 hrs in game

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Even with my short time in the game thus far I think it’s incredibly cool. I’ve not seen or played anything else like it. From the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t (yet) make music, it’s about the closest you can get to actually mixing and producing your own tracks while still also technically being a game.

It’s a lot of fun just to play around in, and I love that the game encourages that. More than once I’d be vibing with all the loops and samples in the practice mode, finding out my favorites and which ones work well together before remembering, oh yeah, I have a set to go play, maybe I should do that. It’s double cool that incorporating real life mixing and songwriting techniques and theory affect your performance and score. Also you can have a Psytrance rave deep in the forest.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Hexagroove: Tactical DJ on Steam

NeXus: One Core

NeXus: One Core

Fast-paced neon arcade game which is extremely addictive, has very fluent and simple yet unique gameplay and you can choose your 2 favorite colors (in my case it is yellow and lightblue). Soundtrack is absolute fitting and awesome. Sad part is that it is not getting the attention it deserves. Absolutely recommended.

Real player with 39.8 hrs in game

I’m usually not a fan of runners but the aesthetics, trailers and core concept got me hooked, especially the co-op mode. Hope it gets online at one point.

This game is very challenging, I’ve been playing for quite a few hours and I haven’t unlocked much of the content… Feels good to actually feel like you’re actually beating the game. It can get really crazy at times, the feeling of speed is great.

Controls are fluid, I fond them a little stiff until I found out you could change the sensibility of movements. Actually, there’s a nice amount of customizable content, from the ship to the colors used for the force fields, the music played, controls… It really feels like the game is giving you enough tools so that you can face it fairly.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

NeXus: One Core on Steam

Rush Bros.

Rush Bros.

I’ve put in quiet a decent amount of time into this game at this point and figured it was about time to write my own honest review of the game…

As a tl;dr for anyone not looking to read through this entire review before buying:

I give the game a 6/10, I’ll give it a thumbs up because it’s enjoyable enough, but I don’t necessarily recommend it. The game itself isn’t for anyone and if you’re planning on buying it, wait until its $5 or less as the $10 price tag is too much for this game.

The game itself is exactly as it claims it is when it states that it’s “a music reactive Platform Racing Game”. The game itself is centered around competing against other players online (or against your own times) while avoiding obstacles that are Somewhat reactive to the music. But this “reactive” element is where part of the problem I have with this game arises. Depending on the song currently playing, certain elements of levels can be virtually impossible to complete. As songs get more and more upbeat obstacles seem more aggressive and unpredictable. Be it those strange “bass” obstacles that send you flying away from them, the pulsing buzz saws, or those obnoxious cannon like things, certain songs will make these obstacles about a million times more difficult. I myself would often find myself waiting for the brief moments of peace at the end of one song while another was preparing to start before trying to quickly rush through an obstacle I’d been stuck at for what seems like ages.

Real player with 17.6 hrs in game

Rush Bros is a hardcore platformer taking after the likes of Super Meat Boy, but fails to understand any aspect of why people enjoy these type of games. Precise controls, level consistency, and a feeling of fairness all elude this game and that makes it impossible recommend.

The game’s gimmick is that parts of the level move with the beat of the current music track playing. It’s an interesting idea but one that shouldn’t have gone past the prototyping phrase, where it should have been discovered how badly it works out in practice. This includes traps and not every object responds to every beat, which when mixed together with the sub-par beat detection makes this movement almost impossible to accurately predict. This also causes certain songs to make certain levels ridiculously hard, if not impossible. A few of the later levels take this mechanic to such extremes, I firmly believe that they are some of the worst levels ever included in any game.

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Rush Bros. on Steam

Tales of the Elements

Tales of the Elements

I have beaten chapter 1. I have chapter 2 on my system however after the finale of chapter 1 I spawn out of bounds and am unable to do anything. how can i start chapter 2???

Real player with 162.5 hrs in game

How much of this game I’ve played: 12 Hours, 35 minutes

How I’ve played so much: I had a pre-ordered non-steam copy.

Completed Main story, not the super secret boss area.

Here’s why you’d be interested in this game: Good rhymes, good story, old school gameplay.

Good rhymes: If you haven’t heard of BeNeVoLeNcE, you might have heard of Mega Ran - he’s known for clean nerdcore rhymes over chiptune beats and melodies. Hip Hop by both is featured in the game, and it’s not an “afterthought” like it might be in some games - the music is interwoven in with the story - it’s actually rewarding to gain access to the rhymes that go along with the instrumentals in different parts of the game.

Real player with 78.7 hrs in game

Tales of the Elements on Steam



Audiosurf is a very, very unique game and is definitely a landmark in the music/rhythm game genre. Unlike other rhythm games, which limit you to specific in-game songs, Audiosurf is limitless - it allows you to play any - that’s right, any - MP3 of your choice, so you can suit your gameplay to your own music tastes. This freedom is rarely found, if at all, in music games, and it has set the stage for other music games in the vein of it, such as Beat Hazard and the more recent Melody’s Escape. In my opinion, Audiosurf has infinite replay value, as long as you have a large amount of songs to play.

Real player with 2822.5 hrs in game

I’ve played this game for a pretty long while and still play it, simply can’t stop oO

Basically I launch drum & bass tracks in such styles as darkstep, techstep, neurofunk, liquid funk. From time to time I launch heavy dubstep which’s mainly deathstep style and also, sometimes glitch-hop, neuro-hop styles of glitchy Electronic Dance Music - it’s an amazing experience and makes about 90% of my races nearly impossible to finish with a good score. Tho probs I’m just a noob, but I still love it very much! xD

Real player with 166.1 hrs in game

AudioSurf on Steam



Amazing fun! Finally some hardcore retro game that takes full advantage of VR. Highly recommended

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

BlockBustersVR on Steam



Buckle up for a hacking rhythm game about saving the colorful world of Cyberspace! Move to the beat, groove your way through security systems, and fight the nasty virus that corrupts friendly Cyberfolk (also in local co-op!). Make your own levels using your own music or the official tunes!

Move to the Beat!

  • Feel the rhythm! Move left and right with only two buttons - and pick your weapon of choice: keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or even a DDR dance pad!

  • Vibe with over 20 electronic tracks by AceMan, an award-winning demoscene musician!

  • Develop your own hacking strategies and stay alert! The levels are constantly changing and are filled with pesky glitches!

Save Cyberspace!

  • Embark on an exciting journey with DAB and Dr Melody! Visit strange places, solve mysteries from the past, and put an end to the virus threat that endangers Cyberspace!

  • Meet goofy characters from different regions of Cyberspace, who have been infected and now wreak havoc all over the place. It’s your job to free them from the corruption and make friends with them!

Discover the Game!

  • Embark on a journey through Cyberspace in the Adventure mode.

  • Pick a song and play however you like in the Arcade mode. Awake your inner completionist and master each level in a set of challenges.

  • Test your endurance against a gruelling music marathon in the Boss Rush mode.

  • Feeling competitive? Go for hand-made Elite Levels and try to get to the top of the leaderboards.

  • Customize your experience with accessibility options. Make your own color palette or enable easy controls, which don’t require you to be so rhythm-precise!

  • Unlock achievements, special keepsakes, and many cosmetic items (Rainbow!)

Get Creative and Make Your Own Levels!

  • Gain access to our tools and create awesome custom levels with the in-game editor!

  • Get crazy with block setups, game modifiers, or even visual effects.

  • Upload your own music or use the official soundtrack!

Double the Fun!

  • Join forces with your friends and experience every part of the game in local co-op! No virus will stand against such a hacking duo. It’s super effective!

DAB’S NOT DEAD contains a lot of rapidly flashing lights and colors which may affect players susceptible to photo sensitivities. Stay safe!


Audiosurf 2

Audiosurf 2

For people coming from Audiosurf 1: You might like it or you might not. It depends on your playstyle.

For people who have big music libraries who want a new game to mess around with: Get this.

2018 update: Since streaming has been removed, I’m updating the review to reflect that. Also, apparently the demo doesn’t work, so I won’t mention that either.

Although the game follows mostly the same mechanics as the first Audiosurf (ride on a rollercoaster based on your favorite songs, gathering points and beating other people’s scores), there are plenty of things that set it apart. The biggest addition is the workshop, which gives you more than enough options to try out different skins and modes, and lets you find the best ways to play your songs.

Real player with 2382.1 hrs in game

I wish there were a Neutral option for reviews, but anyway - I ONLY recommend this game if you have a pretty decent song library in your computer. Why? Lemme explain:

YouTube Fiasco

This game used Soundcloud to stream songs for us to play back in the day until October~November 2016, but, after Soundcloud ceased any applications from using its services, the developer, Dylan, had a few weeks to think about what he was going to do with this game… and honestly, he’s lucky his game is great as it is because Audiosurf 2 was almost unplayable for one week or so as a result of it.

Real player with 1090.3 hrs in game

Audiosurf 2 on Steam