Tales of the Elements

Tales of the Elements

I have beaten chapter 1. I have chapter 2 on my system however after the finale of chapter 1 I spawn out of bounds and am unable to do anything. how can i start chapter 2???

Real player with 162.5 hrs in game

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How much of this game I’ve played: 12 Hours, 35 minutes

How I’ve played so much: I had a pre-ordered non-steam copy.

Completed Main story, not the super secret boss area.

Here’s why you’d be interested in this game: Good rhymes, good story, old school gameplay.

Good rhymes: If you haven’t heard of BeNeVoLeNcE, you might have heard of Mega Ran - he’s known for clean nerdcore rhymes over chiptune beats and melodies. Hip Hop by both is featured in the game, and it’s not an “afterthought” like it might be in some games - the music is interwoven in with the story - it’s actually rewarding to gain access to the rhymes that go along with the instrumentals in different parts of the game.

Real player with 78.7 hrs in game

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A fun little game filled to the brim with jokes and references for those who like inspecting every object and talking to every NPC.

I actually got to watch a demo for this during a virtual convention in June of 2020 and put it on my wishlist immediately after. I appreciated that the developer added difficulty settings for the guitar playing aspect of the game, realizing that making everyone play by ear would make it inaccessible to some.

Real player with 38.7 hrs in game

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Fun RPG, would groan again!

This game has a lot more to offer than just a truckload of puns and jokes, though. It surprised me just how much playtime I got out of it and I really enjoyed the exploration, the tune system and the additional minigames found throughout the game. The turn-based combat was generally on the easier side but still fun and complex enough to keep it interesting. One last thing I feel I must mention is the game’s great soundtrack. Given that this game puts so much emphasis on music, a mediocre soundtrack would hurt, but this one absolutely delivers!

Real player with 19.5 hrs in game

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Sydney’s World

Sydney’s World

If you all Loved Playing Games like Chrono Trigger, Secret Of Mana, The Final Fantasy’s on the Super Nintendo and Games like that that were Kid Friendly, then Continue on Reading.

First time I’ve written a Review like this on Steam. As soon as you begin Sydney’s World, if it doesn’t bring a Smile to your face, then something is wrong. The way Sydney says her Lines is very Precious

indeed. XD

All of the Menu’s are Hand Made, even the Cut-scenes. Character Pictures, Profiles, and a ton of the Sprites to, so you can tell a lot of love and care was put into this game. It’s not like a ton of the other RPG Maker Games that have Flooded Steam where there is all Generic things in them. These are people that have really put a lot of love behind their Game.

Real player with 19.4 hrs in game

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I found this RPG quite enjoyable. Sydney’s World revolves around the adventures of a young girl who is transported to a different world where she finds she can do magic and her toy elf becomes a real elf. There’s some voice acting and mainly from a real little girl, actually named Sydney, eight and a half years of age. She does an exceptional job. The main villain on the other hand….. ugh. I’ll forgive that though because I love Sydney and the game is chock-full of great music and lovely art.

Real player with 17.6 hrs in game

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Omega Quintet

Omega Quintet


  • Has the IF-Compa DNA. If you love JRPGs of the same developer-publisher, such as nep games, turn-based, skills, 3D free roam, ADV scenes, then this is a good catch.

  • Lovely characters. Aria best girl. Neko-chan second best. 3D models not as lovely, but still cute nonetheless.

  • Scenes are funny af. Found myself laughing quite alot.

  • Disc Analysis feature is probably single most important gameplay element. It gives each playthrough its own style, and thus increases replay value. You choose the “build” path: skills and spells for each girl, and on each playthrough you can cycle their roles and what weapon they wield.

Real player with 97.0 hrs in game

I just finished the game, although I did not get the real ending. I general I’d rate the game as 5/10. I cannot say that I recommend the game to everyone but is not like it shouldn’t be played either.

You should play the game if:

  • You like other Idea Factory titles, like Neptunia or Fairy Fencer.

  • You like cute, anime games and you enjoy the way they are played out. With the visual novel style of dialog.

  • You don’t mind grinding, specifically the Neptunia-type of grinding.

  • You aren’t looking for a game that’d tell you a good story.

Real player with 87.2 hrs in game

Omega Quintet on Steam

Soul Saga

Soul Saga

I have been following Soul Saga for a very long time, and can say that I really enjoy what the game has become. I have played a lot of the beta versions released leading up to the early access release. While the original design started off as a very traditional JRPG, it has evolved into something totally unique and different. It’s kind of a cross between a rogue-like and JRPG. This creates a gameplay experience unlike anything I have played before. Be warned though, the game is tough and always keeps you on your toes. The game is only enhanced by the beautiful art style, and the top notch music.

Real player with 14.6 hrs in game

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front)

Soul Saga is an RPG game that attempts to remove some of the restrictive formulas of classic RPG games and instead replaces them with some procedurally generated content and some amount of choice. While it may not appear to have perfected and/or carved out a new niche in the RPG genre, it can still be a fun experience for those who are looking for something a little different and are okay with what can be a steep challenge/learning curve.


Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

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The next adventure in the UNDERTALE series has appeared!

Fight (or spare) alongside new characters in UNDERTALE’s parallel story, DELTARUNE…!


  • A massive soundtrack and story written by Toby Fox!

  • Meet new and endearing main characters, as well as familiar faces like Toriel, Sans, as more. Huh? Papyrus? No, he’s busy. Sorry

  • Smooth and expressive pixel-animation by Temmie. She also has a new hat (in-game)

  • A linear, chapter-based system that you can pick up from anywhere.

  • Creative bullet-dodging based battles inspired by games like Touhou and Chrono Trigger.

  • Jevilishly difficult hidden bosses.

  • And…

  • … only 1 ending…?

    Try Chapter 1 and 2 for free now!

    Chapters 3-5 are now in development and will someday be available as a paid release.


  • Can you pet dogs in the first 2 chapters?

(crying) This FAQ is over!


moon: Remix RPG Adventure

moon: Remix RPG Adventure

In 1997, the now legendary anti-RPG “moon” launched in Japan. Now, under the watchful eye of its original creators, it’s finally in English!

Have you ever felt it odd that the heroes of RPGs go around opening villagers' closets and stealing from them? Or that they travel the world indiscriminately killing all monsters they meet? This game looks at the RPGs we all know and love from a new perspective.


One moon-lit night, a young boy is sucked into the depths of his television set.

He falls into a place called ‘Moon World’, and thus begins a search for love in order to recover the lost moonlight.

Here, the mighty hero of Moon World murders innocent animals for experience,

but the boy’s growth comes from saving the souls of the animals and gathering the love in the world.

Yes, in this game, you level up by loving, not fighting.

The inhabitants of this world are all unique. Observe their daily lives and learn where they hide their secret love.

“Now, please, open the door!”

An RPG without battles - Save the monster’s souls -

All the monsters killed by the ‘hero’ are actually just innocent animals. As you explore the game, you will encounter the bodies of these pitiful creatures. But, if the boy can catch their souls, they can be saved.

A living, breathing world! - Peek into the secret lives of the NPCs -

Moon World’s residents go about their routine lives, depending on the time and day. The florist goes to work in the morning, and the castle guards arrive at their posts. Some folks have secret midnight hobbies, and others just spend their days fishing.

MD System - Choose your own soundtrack -

In moon, you can choose your own music. By using the special music playing Moon Disc(MD) function which appears in the game, you can walk around the map listening to the tracks you like in the order you set them.

moon: Remix RPG Adventure on Steam