SUMMARY: A graphical toy to make weird, surreal spacescapes and the oddities that inhabit them, from playing with sliders to just randomziing items. On top of that, you get odd soundscapes that play along. A way to just mess around, or a way to create relaxing - or disturbing - backgrounds on your computer or tv display.

Anomalies is a graphical toy that some may call a glorified screen saver - fortunately it’s both!

Basically you can randomize or set a bunch of parameters, that then make surreal spacescapes that you can watch while strange music plays. Depending on your choices, you might watch stars circle by as you observe a nebula, be caught among strange particles, or hover in front of a bizarre tentacular space creature. Or a combination.

Real player with 31.4 hrs in game

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This is a really interesting piece of software. It is good to have around to either dip into casually or have a longer session. There can be some nice surprises. I just came up with a not very spectacular creation from the visual point of view, but it has a very nice ethereal sound. Tweaking parameters and hunting and rummaging are great fun. I have got some more choices of wallpaper too.

Real player with 26.0 hrs in game

Anomalies on Steam

Chill Corner

Chill Corner

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This is just an idle game for chillout and relaxing.


  • Beautiful rooms with chilling atmosphere and weather

  • More than 50 lo-fi, acoustic and other genre of music for chilling, relaxing or focusing

  • Customizing your character and pets

  • Taking a rest by do several in game quest

  • Decorating your room

  • Creating and manage your task

  • Creating and customize your favorite playlist

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Chill Corner on Steam

Rhythm Story

Rhythm Story

Come in! Nightclub with neon Rhythm Story sign. Music and fun give way to screams. The corpse of the girl was found in the toilet. Panic. The detective is ready. What evidence is there? What is the motive? An atmospheric rhythm adventure with a deep storyline.

Mei and Rei have been best friends since childhood, but recently Rei began to go somewhere every evening, and return in the morning. She used to have problems with the law, but May hoped that was in the past. They started going to the Rhythm Story nightclub and everything was fine …

Until one of the girls was found dead there

The detective will get down to business to understand what is really going on in their city

This project is a cross between Rhythm Doctor and Night in the Woods in the manner of storytelling. You have to not only solve the case, but also protect the criminal

Key features

**⦁ Easy to play and atmospheric

⦁ You will relax and have a good time

⦁ Deep detailed detective storyline

⦁ Humor

⦁ The plot is divided into days: rhythm games every game day

⦁ Nice graphics**

Game features

**⦁ The game is divided into game days

⦁ Fast-paced storyline

⦁ Trust the music and hit the buttons to the beat

⦁ Choose the answer options and influence the plot**

The game is created with love by a small experienced team of 3 people…

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Rhythm Story on Steam

Virtual Cottage

Virtual Cottage

This program is not a game, but a timer, that you can use to track concentration sessions. It’s good to use with the Pomodoro technique.

Some things that I suggest as an improvement are:

  • allowing one more sound to be played besides (wind) and (fire), so that you could hear wind + fire + rain OR wind + fire + snow; and

  • make a “mini view” possible, displaying “clock”, “minutes to go”, “sound effects” controls and “music control”, in a smaller window size.

If the creators really want to “gamefy” this app, I suggest offering in a “shop” different objects to decorate the cottage: vases, plants, calendars, pictures, books, cookpots, rugs, lights, mattress and pillows colors, etc. We’ll not buy those items, but rather receive points on sessions completed according to sessions' durations of time. Then, we can you those received points to “buy” those itens in the “shop” and build our own inventory.

Real player with 210.1 hrs in game

Let’s start with the fact that it’s not really a game, it’s fancy timer and as timer it totally could do better.

You set a name, a time and if you want a signal when it’s out and when it is you may set new one. If you ask me I think it would be nice to make kind of “pomodoro mode” and allow to set 2 timers, for work and for break, so when one timer is out you press “next” without spending time on writing. Though one is nice too.

I love there’s set of white noise generators - can pick few at a time and pretend it’s gross weather outside while you sit here warm by fire. Having a plaid irl totally helps with mood. There’s also music option but nothing I personally like or usually listen so 🤷‍♀️

Real player with 184.8 hrs in game

Virtual Cottage on Steam



How to describe Kanso? Well, you play with your mouse, and you have to draw a line around a shape! Sounds pretty simple right?

This is one of those relaxing, zen like games, where you think everything is all easy and simple, but quickly you realise that things take some skill. This is a “line following” game. Everything is very bright and colourful and really is a joy to play.

As you draw around the shapes, there are “Koi like Daemons”, they kind of look like giant sperms, or perhaps tadpoles, they are on their own little journey, come into contact with them and you will have to start again. As you draw your line, you cannot go backwards, only forwards, but you can speed up or slow down, or even stop, that will allow you to avoid the Daemons, and finish the shape. As you progress through the levels, the shapes become more interesting and there are more Daemons to avoid, some will try to follow you, some will avoid you, some do not care about you. But you must always care about all of them if you want to progress.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Kanso on Steam