Anime And Your Life

Anime And Your Life


So there is not a lot to this game. The only reason I put in so many hours into it (which essentially is just letting the game run) is because I felt I could top the leaderboards.

Well, I did top the leaderboards. But apparently, right around 2.2 billion people, the score caps out and sets you back at 0. 1700 HOURS TO GET THERE AND IT SETS ME BACK AT 0.

Real player with 1703.0 hrs in game

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Boring, bland “gameplay”. Your grind coins to dress your girl and money to upgrade earth(which was really buggy for me).

Not many options for customizing the girl(only one body shape).

The “card game” is way too random in my opinion. English is not my first language but I think it’s called “happy families”?

Any way it’s a very bland and lame version of it.

It also features an unnecessary calculator.

The featured webbrowser was ok I guess, tho I have no idea why it is there in the first place.

All in all I don’t think this was worth my money.

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

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