Tricky Fox

Tricky Fox


Real player with 52.1 hrs in game

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Honestly a great puzzler. Seems that the level design likes to punish “going with the flow” blindly, so you need to always stay on your toes. Seems difficult enough that it’s actually not suitable for small children.

The biggest detriment and unfortunately the biggest component of its difficulty is the “floaty” physics: the character’s acceleration from pressing arrow keys is linear; there’s no initial rapid acceleration from stand-still that almost all good games have.


Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Tricky Fox on Steam

A Story of a Band

A Story of a Band

Unnecessarily challenging, you will lose a fight if time runs out and you have all but one person to defeat, fame goes down ridiculously fast, energy runs out so quick. Just a poorly made game with an overly difficult play-style.

Real player with 35.6 hrs in game

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Fun little game, developer issued a fix for an issue I had on the same day I posted. If you are looking for a band tycoon style game, or just a distraction from other games you play, give it a try.

Real player with 27.1 hrs in game

A Story of a Band on Steam

Memody: Sindrel Song

Memody: Sindrel Song

This is a game that grows on you… And in you, like a flower daemon.

I have to admit, I had trouble getting into this game at first. I went in expecting a rhythm game, and played it like one. But Memody: Sindrel Song isn’t a rhythm game, and in fact it’s not even really a music game - at least, not exclusively. Yes, the music is there, yes, it’s really hard when you first start out and you’ll fail a lot, yes, the songs are varied and nice to listen to (especially considering the total of 12 unique notes used over 7 songs), and yes, I did spend way too long trying to get 180% on all the songs. But under each song is also a carefully and intricately crafted character. And that’s where Memody: Sindrel Song begins to take on a new shape.

Real player with 21.4 hrs in game

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It’s hard to give this game a poor review—not so much because the game is without fault but because of the backstory behind it and the man doing the development. (Just do a little investigation into why this game was made and you’ll get the picture. Do a little more research on Toby himself, and . . . well, his mind isn’t in the best place, he reads reviews, and he doesn’t take negative ones particularly well.) I totally get the idea creating a passion project and releasing it because it’d be a shame not to—I’ve done that myself with creative writing (also about cancer, coincidentally—Google “Taialin oblivion” for that). But that makes reviewing the game by its own merits difficult. If you’re reading this, Toby, I criticize the game, not the person—it takes astounding courage to publish something like this.

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

Memody: Sindrel Song on Steam

Just Dance 2017

Just Dance 2017

ºWhat to say to Just Dance 2017?,in short, is another bad game of Bugsoft.

-Control (phone) disconnects ALL TIME, there is not 40 seconds connected to the computer (sometimes).

-In addition to paying $ 49.99(R$ 99,99), you DO NOT HAVE ALL THE MUSIC RELEASED TO PLAY, some you buy with the Ubisoft currency, some you need to have Just Dance Unlimited.

-Just Dance 2017 looks Just Dance Now, ridiculous.

-I did not ask for a refund because I am hopeful that they will solve the problems of this game soon.

Real player with 2093.2 hrs in game

Pros :

  • One of few games in Steam that makes you do workout instead of sitting all day.

  • Many selections of songs (about 50 built-in + more than 200 from Just Dance Unlimited).

  • The respond and accuracy is very good (better than Just Dance Now).

  • You can pay for Just Dance Unlimited subscription either from Credit Card or Steam Wallet (I like the latter option, since I don’t have credit card). The subscription price is more or less same than Just Dance Now subscription price.

  • Many modes, so pretty high replayability (apart from that many songs selection).

Real player with 83.2 hrs in game

Just Dance 2017 on Steam



ODDADA is currently in developement. We are still adding and changing lots of stuff!


  • Put together your own musical construction kit from modules, little houses and unique sound colors

  • Create your own musical landscape while building up the village

Story Mode

  • Get to know the odd and magical world of ODDADA

  • Solve puzzles and experiment in little musical mini games

ODDADA on Steam



RHYTHM SPROUT is a unique take on a rhythm game where you progress through each level by playing to the rhythm.

Move! Attack! Dodge! All to the beat of the song.

Envisioned as a weird mix between Guitar Hero and the Paper Mario-series, RHYTHM SPROUT is a rhythm game heavily focused on rhythm, timing and pattern recognition. The game features 22 playable levels with electronic music inspired by a variety of styles, genres and time-periods.

You play as the Chosen Onion, Sprout, tasked with saving the Vegetable Kingdom from the incoming invasion of the evil candies, and also maybe find Princess Cauliflower while he’s at it. She’s been missing for like a month!


  • A variety of sick electronic beats, composed by our in-house audio-guy, Rune Bjerkaas

  • 22 playable levels!

  • Maybe more levels in the future, MAYBE. cries

  • A self-aware and silly story about the residents of Vegetable Kingdom

  • One or two shiny, golden BUTTS (don’t tell anyone, though)

  • Completely inconsequential and unimportant dialogue choices!

  • Ugly characters!

  • Cute characters!

  • Ugly-cute characters!

  • Achievements!


Road to Ballhalla

Road to Ballhalla

Road to Ballhalla is a cheeky, occasionally cruel but ultimately satisfying experience, that I would highly recommend to anyone with a taste for arcade-style platformers and puzzle games. I say this having completed 100% of the game’s achievements.

Aesthetically, with regards to its delightfully colourful design and well-suited, unintrusive yet engaging soundtrack, I can’t really fault Road to Ballhalla. The puzzles are all very much based upon rhythm and visual patterns, meaning that the audio-visual elements of the game are critically important, and I am pleased to report that they do themselves absolute justice.

Real player with 14.6 hrs in game

Road to Ballhalla is a simple top-down arcade-style game. You control a ball, and your goal is to navigate your way through 20 levels, collecting little sparks (the game’s collectable) and avoiding dying as you go.

The game is very simple – there isn’t even a jump button. You can simply move in any direction, or speed up your rolling in a sort of dash move. The dash move makes it so you die instantly if you take damage, rather than simply… well, taking damage. This makes it risky to use at times, so it must be used judiciously.

Real player with 12.5 hrs in game

Road to Ballhalla on Steam




A Brilliant Game About The Beauty Of Music, Cooperation, And Friendship


Well I certainly didn’t expect this game to evoke that much emotion from me! I wasn’t even aware I owned this title, and will try and figure out exactly how it managed to fall into my lap. In this game, you play as The Bard, a lovable, positive, and sometimes naive little guy, who happens to figure out that the world is in danger and that it needs a hero. The game tricks any unaware players into thinking it is a generic adventure game following the typical “hero’s quest” such as in games like The Legend Of Zelda , but it ends up being so much more than that. Music is central to this game’s mechanics, and all interactions essentially involve some form of music, but it all involves a flick of the right stick in one of eight different directions. Throw in some puzzles, light platforming, and even some battles here and there, and you have a unique game full of charm, dedication, and something that many games lack nowadays - soul. There is so much that can be said about this game that is positive, that I figured we get the few “negatives” out of the way (more like neutral points if we’re being honest here).

Real player with 24.0 hrs in game

The first review I’m ever writing on Steam. Mild spoiler warnings but nothing too telling.

This game was a phenomenon - I highly recommend it to both my friends who may see this review and the general consensus.

The game follows a (briefly) un-named Bard, who loves to sing. Turns out that whilst a lot of people are against this lifestyle of singing your way to victory, it pulls him a long way through a very colourful and deep journey to save the world - because he wants to, not because he was chosen to.

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

Wandersong on Steam

Before the Echo

Before the Echo

Very unique spin on an otherwise commonly used rhythm game mechanic.

Anyone who has played rhythm games is all too familiar with the standard mechanic of having 4 columns of arrows falling in tune with the music. Sequence manages to make a very strong tactical/multi-tasking game out of it by having 3 seperate grids. One grid is the mana grid, which you use to get mana to cast spells - it’s very common to miss lots of beats here in preference to landing beats on the other 2 grids. This is also where the beats primarily follow the song. Another grid is the defensive grid - beats that fall here and you don’t hit will reduce your HP until you hit 0 and lose. The other grid is the spell grid. At any time you have the mana for it, you can choose to cast a spell - the effects vary from dealing damage to the enemy, healing, lifestealing, hitting the enemy with damage over time, giving yourself a mana boost, boosting the strength of the next spell you cast. Each individual spell has its own beat combination that doesn’t change with the exception of inverting a few presses, left instead of right, etc, and also significant changes between difficulties. All these different spells are balanced by difficulty of input, how much blank space is there in between beats (to allow for swapping to other grids), as well as cooldown before you can cast that same spell again. Anything less than 100% on a spell input results in it failing, going on cooldown, and using up mana.

Real player with 21.8 hrs in game

I received this game as part of one of the Humble Bundles, and I’m glad I did! I really enjoyed this game, and I would highly recommend it. :) I also think it is worth the $5 on Steam.

To give you a general idea of this game, it is similar to Step Mania only with an actual storyline. If you don’t know what Step Mania is, it’s basically DDR (dance dance revolution) for the PC. However, Sequence is kind of refreshing because it isn’t just arrows flying up the screen to music. In this game, you have three different sets of arrows that travel down the screen, and you have to switch between the sets. One is your defense, one is your attack/magic, and the other is your mana. This keeps things interesting and sometimes challenging (depending on the difficulty). Yes, you are battling enemies instead of “dancing” to music like you would in Step Mania.

Real player with 19.6 hrs in game

Before the Echo on Steam

Cube Smash

Cube Smash

… have actually played almost an hour - not sure why it doesn’t register correctly. For 5 bucks it’s a fine game. You shoot waves of blocks of red and blue with a blue 1911 in the left hand and a red 1911 in the right. Even on “easy” some of the waves become overwhelming, nevertheless it’s enjoyable and repeatable. Don’t expect any more than what the vid shows - this is not Beat Saber after all.

The graphics are blurry unfortunately. I’m running a 2080 ti with a Rift S on a very good gaming system but it still looks quite blurry. I wasn’t expecting 4k or anything but hopefully the dev corrects this.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Cube Smash on Steam