The Flow Experience

The Flow Experience

The Focused Experience

The Flow Experience is a game of focus and determination. Move, dash, and guard through enemy attacks to survive. You don’t shoot. You don’t attack. Just go with your instincts and stay alive.

The Growth Experience

Making mistakes is being human. Don’t worry if you’re getting beaten. Just trust your feelings, listen to the music. Follow the symbols of ancient civilizations and learn to improve. You will grow with every try.

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The Flow Experience on Steam

Synthesis Universe -Episode 00-

Synthesis Universe -Episode 00-

Definitely more than 15mn contrary to some reviews!

(More content was added after initial release)

Some users don’t pay attention and miss most of the experience.

This is not fast food, this is not a game or a thing you have to try to speed run.

Why not taking some slow time in there, relax and enjoy the show?

Many interactions are hidden, delicate and add replay value, there is even a secret ending.

This is not for everyone:

If you are a gamer in a hurry: don’t buy it.

If you are looking to be fully immersed surrounded by music and FXs, enjoy every polygons, music notes and pay attention to the cues and the cryptic story… then go for it.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

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A truly beautiful experience. The detail and the complexity of everything around you is so amazing, and the music makes it all come alive. Lots of genuine “wow” moments.

I can’t wait for what’s next in this universe.


One tip for players is to look up in the “menu” area. I think you need to view the main story part first to unlock them, but there are three pentagonal flower shapes above you to the left and right that open up and take you to other scenes/modes. I had no idea until I read the store page that mentioned the added scenes. Anyway, I was very happy to discover this.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Synthesis Universe -Episode 00- on Steam

Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)

Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)

This is not a game. This is a community of kind strangers helping each other with kind words. Your only reward will be nice music and rooms to decorate. But that truly is enough. Kind words are not for those who seek rewards or validation. You don’t meet or talk or make friends with anyone. Kind words isn’t made for that. It is just meant to be kind words spoken without reward or consequence between strangers. And in doing just that Kind Words elevates itself. It truly becomes a place where you can seek kindness from strangers, when real life deals you a bad hand.

Real player with 130.9 hrs in game

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I bought this game a long time ago on a recommendation from a friend, but never picked it up. Then one day recently I was feeling really down and useless about myself. I didn’t really want to play any of my usual favourites and I remembered I had this and thought I’d give it a go.

At first I thought it might be fun to vent into the aether (and I got some lovely responses), but soon I realised that replying to other people’s messages and helping where I thought I could felt great. So many people were going through things I’d been though and could help with. It’s a thoroughly charming game with so many enDEERing features, I’d recommend it to anyone whether you’re feeling good or bad. It’s the sort of game where playing for 15 minutes can make you feel better about the day.

Real player with 26.1 hrs in game

Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) on Steam

Crystal Vibes feat. Ott.

Crystal Vibes feat. Ott.

One of VR"s most early kaleidoscopic music video dealies. Should be worth a dollar. It might have also been bundled with another set of experiences, I don’t remember. I’m probably thinking of something else. The music a funky dubstep dealie with strange sounds, so, up my alley for sure.

! I tried real hard to spell kaleidoscopic the first time correctly, and failed. I tried again just now looking at the correct spelling and failed.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

This is a few minute psychedelic gem. It left me literally floored.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Crystal Vibes feat. Ott. on Steam

Evergreen Blues

Evergreen Blues

Found this while looking for free horror games. I don’t play games like these but this…this does put a smile on my face.

I want more.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

This game is so beautiful and relaxing! It’s simple to play and doesnt take long to complete but is a game I’ve found soothing and 100% replayable

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Evergreen Blues on Steam



SUMMARY: A graphical toy to make weird, surreal spacescapes and the oddities that inhabit them, from playing with sliders to just randomziing items. On top of that, you get odd soundscapes that play along. A way to just mess around, or a way to create relaxing - or disturbing - backgrounds on your computer or tv display.

Anomalies is a graphical toy that some may call a glorified screen saver - fortunately it’s both!

Basically you can randomize or set a bunch of parameters, that then make surreal spacescapes that you can watch while strange music plays. Depending on your choices, you might watch stars circle by as you observe a nebula, be caught among strange particles, or hover in front of a bizarre tentacular space creature. Or a combination.

Real player with 31.4 hrs in game

This is a really interesting piece of software. It is good to have around to either dip into casually or have a longer session. There can be some nice surprises. I just came up with a not very spectacular creation from the visual point of view, but it has a very nice ethereal sound. Tweaking parameters and hunting and rummaging are great fun. I have got some more choices of wallpaper too.

Real player with 26.0 hrs in game

Anomalies on Steam

One Hand Clapping

One Hand Clapping

This game is super neat, especially if you already have a vocal background. It could get frustrating otherwise, as you will be asked to match pitch and harmonize. There’s also some rhythm elements, so having a sense for that will also help.

The sound design is lush and gives many clues. It takes the sounds that you’re producing and incorporates them into the game as you go, resulting in even richer soundscapes. The puzzles are occasionally mildly bewildering, but then they click and become super intuitive. The art style is super cute.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

I love this game! I finished my first playthrough the same day it finished downloading, and I’m definitely going to play through it again. I keep hearing that the devs are going to add more content, which is super exciting. The voice controls are wonderfully intuitive - I grew up playing some of the first video games that used singing as a mechanic (think karaoke games) and wow - things have changed in a good way.

Some things to note: you’re going to want a decent mic for this. It doesn’t need to break the bank, but you should probably have a pop filter on it for best results. I didn’t play with one and it definitely picked up background noise on occasion. I’m not sure how to adjust the sensitivity of my mic personally, but you’re gonna wanna play around with things until you find something that works with your setup.

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

One Hand Clapping on Steam

Yi and the Thousand Moons

Yi and the Thousand Moons

Bought this game during the sales for around one € (euro); which should be the price for this game considering the duration of the gameplay…

BUT, when not considering the full price of € 2.39 and just looking at the game itself; then this game brought me totally back where “Dear Esther” took me all those years ago… the creation of a totally new genre. Where the game “Dear Esther” invented the storytelling / walking simulator, this game brings us the interactive musical. Even your footsteps create music (it took me some time to discover that as it’s done so gently that you almost don’t notice it).

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Yi and the Thousand Moons is obviously made with so much passion that I get drawn into it immediately. It has to be said from the beginning of this review: this is a game centered around music, and you should make sure you like the music and singer in the trailer before you buy. The rest of the review is for you who like the music but still aren’t sure if you want the game.

The gameplay is basic, a walking simulator with a few instances of simple interaction. The graphics is a mostly empty world populated with a few block people, block houses and a block shamisen. Yet your brain is a pro at filling out those gaps, and the game looks beautiful within the constraints it operates in. And you know what else fills out the world? Music. We’re here for the interactive musical ride. The interaction is that you do different simple things to prod the music along, there are no choices or anything fancy like that going on. Yet to me it feels satisfying to release an arrow and hear the characters start to sing when my arrow hits its (non living) mark. The music fills the entire world and sometimes sends shivers down my spine. One song in particular gives me goose bumps every time. The game is short, and I keep coming back to it for replays to listen to the songs again.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Yi and the Thousand Moons on Steam



edit after the recent updates

Dragon ride is more incredible again the best dragon game we could wish and has a lot of new modes

rhytm and ride it is awesome ,we can use swords and a ot of others weapons in rythm with music

the free fly mode is wonderfull , we could not have more the feeling to be on a dragon on the air , on the ground , in the water ( with a lot of customisation to unlock)

and mini games modes amazing like using crossbow with power up or do treasure hunt to find the eggs of the dragon and where giant crossbows try to kill you

Real player with 88.7 hrs in game

Full disclosure - I was involved in early testing for this game. I can tell you the lead developer is really respoinsive and a joy to work with. That’s the reason this game keeps getting better, and is well worth the $$. Aside from that, this is an honest review for a really fun, must-have in my opinion, VR game that’s for everyone. I love dragons myself, like just about everyone that’s faithfully watched Game of Thrones, or any other similar story, the dragons are the best part. I had been looking for a dragon-riding game and this is one of the best.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

DragonRideVR on Steam

Overture Music Visualization

Overture Music Visualization

I love this! The whole concept works well for using as a “stream starting” screen. I would love to be able to upload my own images and have the music visualizer over the image as well as use the existing backgrounds. I’m hoping for something to use in October, or for holidays, specific themes for different games, etc.

Edit: It’s been a while, and there hasn’t been many updates. I’ve since stopped using this for a stream opening. The scenes just got a bit stale. It’s fun for a bit, and it works well for it I intended it for. Just would’ve loved to see some fresh scenes, maybe even ones for holidays.

Real player with 98.0 hrs in game

I am writing this review from the standpoint of private use, not say to visualize my music on social media (although the developer has indictated they welcome such usage). And from that angle it’s quite the neat tool. In comparison to the few programs that allow music visualization (including music players themselves) it has a bunch of options to modify and adjust the visualization itself and a bunch of scenes/visualization styles.

What was important for me - and what I found nowhere else - is that it works with the general sound output of your OS, instead of being dependant on the user selecting songs to play within the program interface. So if you want to have something nice to look at while you listen to sound from Youtube, Spotify or your private music collection, you can have that. Additionally to that, one of the latest updates also added the mic input as potential source.

Real player with 36.4 hrs in game

Overture Music Visualization on Steam