Riff Racer - Race Your Music!

Riff Racer - Race Your Music!

Riff Racer, previously called Drive Any Track, is basically Audiosurf without the match-3 puzzles. You load up a song from your hard drive, and the game generates a unique track for you to drive through, letting you compete for high scores with anyone else who’s played the same track.

The controls and presentation are simply sublime. Racing feels like F-Zero with its high speeds and crazy jumps; you really have to pay attention to the shape of the upcoming track if you don’t want to wipe out. The smooth animation and futuristic visual style is wickedly awesome as well.

Real player with 102.1 hrs in game

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Riff Racer, what a game. To be honest, I did not expect it to be so good. This is one of those games that you put your music into and they generate a racing track, which fits the music. Even though it’s in Early Access, it does its job better than other game of the same genre.

Below the final verdict is the complete list of music that I’ve played for this review.


  • Terrific surroundings (skyscrapers, spotlights, etc.)

  • It does a really good job at converting the music into the track you are driving on. The drops are amazing, boost pickups are synchronised with the beats and even landings fit the music!

Real player with 32.5 hrs in game

Riff Racer - Race Your Music! on Steam



SYNTHALGIA is an arcade racing game set in the summers of the 1980’s. Drive dangerously, drive fast, earn credits, buy and upgrade cars all while jamming out to 80’s inspired music in a neon retrofuturistic world of fast cars, beaches and bright lights!


  • Popup Freaking Headlights!

  • Rad Synthwave Music!

  • Poster Dream Cars!

  • The 1980’s Baby!


  • Simcade Vehicle Controls & Physics

  • Xbox Series Controller Support

  • G920 Steering Wheel Support

  • Awesome Soundtrack

  • TH8A Shifter Support

  • Awesome Graphics

  • 1980’s Vibes




Define your own path and survive until you reach the end that lies ahead of you by swerving, drifting and flying across traps and obstacles while avoiding the abyss. But there’s a catch: the world is disintegrating at your heels; better go fast, or you might not make it.

Neodash plunges you in a unique sci-fi atmosphere that is brought to life by music: the environment reacts to the beat in different ways, creating a thrilling and immersive audio-visual experience.


  • A large collection of high-energy electronic songs, including Monstercat releases

  • Challenging campaign that takes you in for an immersive, thrilling ride

  • Unlock car models, wheels and other cosmetics

  • Powerful and intuitive in-game level creator

  • Countless traps and an environment that reacts in real-time to the music

  • Play and rate other player’s maps in a community mode

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Neodash on Steam



A Vaporwave Game have Awesome Synthwave Songs

80’s retrowave style, neon lights and colors. Whenever I see this theme, it seems like it reminds me of something I’ve lost. It is as if I lived in those times, I am so familiar with everything. The glowing illuminated streets of the big city, synthwave music and darkness. The game is exactly like a piece from this world. The music and the visuals take you to other places. The game itself, like it’s soundtrack, is not intended for everyone.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game


Riding the Retrowave in this 80s styled neon-rider.

The background is kind of distrubing yet enjoyable. You are an unkown greaser riding along the infinite synthpop highways to keep your date alive. Your date lives from momentum - you must neither go to fast nor to slow or she will die.

The Key-Mechanics:

Well you only need to do three things:[olist]* Accelerate* Break* Keep on track


Sounds easy enough? Well it is and that is what makes this game what it is. You feel challenged all the time while failing is actually a challenge. However even if this may sound as a downside just keep on reading and you will get the deal…

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

OutDrive on Steam

Titan Chaser

Titan Chaser

A mechanically rough Early Access with a great concept and surreal mood about finding and rescuing giant titans roaming the land using all kinds of bright lights.

Your only two companions are a run down, beige coloured Chrysler K platform car that’s held together by glue, droplets of constant fog and the sheer enthusiasm of the main protagonist and a mysterious, freakishly tall hotel manager named Jasper. He’s also your main contact when your car decides to bunny hop down a hill and gets stuck on the train tracks or you decide to test how far into the water you can drive.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

This modestly priced Early Access walking sim has some great ideas at its core and even though I am not huge on buying in before the product is complete, I feel like I have already got my money’s worth and could quite happily recommend this to a walking sim fan who wants something a little bit different.


  • unexpected. You can almost count the versions of a walking sim on 1 or maybe 2 hands. Angsty teen, space station, psychological horror, but never have I played a walking sim where I basically have to drive around and shoo-away monsters.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Titan Chaser on Steam



Wake up at midnight, tune the radio to your favourite station and drive. As a small time courier, you’ll meet an cast of unusual characters, carry their packages across the region and learn their stories. Deliver packages through the night until the long shadows of dawn calls you back to your bed.

Your goal is to pick up packages from locations and deliver them on time. It’s 1986, so there’s no satnav— you’ll rely on your map and street signs to learn the best routes. Late deliveries mean less money.

At the end of each night, you return to your garage. Completing deliveries and earning cash unlocks new garages and cars, allowing you to travel further, complete bigger deliveries and build a delivery empire.

  • Explore an open world of open highways and sparkling skylines

  • Deliver packages for a cast of characters in story missions, or in unlimited procedurally generated missions

  • Upgrade your car from fixer-upper to lean muscle machine

  • Unlock new garages to take longer jobs and explore more of the world

  • Hire and manage drivers to build a business empire

  • Stream radio, MP3s, and podcasts on your car stereo

  • Photograph your journey with a range of lenses, filters and effects

  • Turn off missions and time limits with Endless Night mode

Transmission on Steam

Twilight Drive

Twilight Drive

If you like top-down racing games, please follow our [url]curator[/url] page.

Twilight Drive is is unlucky most top-down driving games, at first you might be thinking this is absolute rubbish, but the moment you are playing it and trying it, it is something else. This one of the kind of games that are more about time-trialling, a race against time for the medals, and better times than your friends (if you have any that play it, unlike me). But first you realize, there is no accelerator key for it. At first, I was thinking it, this has to be a mobile game. It is more than that. The car automatically goes on it forwards, on cruise control. With each time you turn your car, and do bear in mind, the handling is kind of funky/heavy, it slows down your car. You want to avoid that. How, you may ask? Simple - Hooks.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

I would describe Twilight Drive as a top-down arcade time trial game. It has unique driving mechanics - encouraging you to ‘grapple’ round corners and actively avoid steering (which slows you down). The game leads you into these mechanics gently (and gradually adds more as you go through the generous number of levels), and I found it pretty easy to get started with. Quite often I could ‘pass’ a level with a bronze medal on my first try, but I soon realised how much nuance there is to perfecting each level - it takes a lot of retries to get better, sometimes trying to perfect the timing of slingshotting yourself round a corner with the hooks, other times trying to master drifting - inevitably leading to a lot of crashes! Rather than racing against opponents, you are racing to beat yourself, earn medals and beat your friends, with ‘ghost cars’ (which brought back fond memories of classic rally games). I find it surprisingly addictive, quite often going back for ‘one more go’ to get that next medal - and the level unlocking requirements sometimes encourage this replaying to get enough medals to unlock the next level. It has a great retro indie feel, with lovely chilled out electronic background music.

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Twilight Drive on Steam

Miami Cruise

Miami Cruise

A simple and fun game with good visuals, awesome soundtrack. Arcade style game all about topping your high score. A few cases of poorly translated English are mildly annoying.

Real player with 18.3 hrs in game

If you click out of the game on the crash screen, and then click back in, you won’t be able to hit restart or menu, you have to exit out the game. But I love the game so far, I wish there were options to permanently enable certain bonuses and maluses, specifically pixelate.

Update: Also about half of my deaths come from stupid drivers or what I would consider unfair deaths. When a yellow car spawns right in front of me out of nowhere, not only is it hard to react that fast to it, but it’s also almost impossible even if you do react just based on the “slipperyness” of the car (which I do love that mechanic). The other is a little more questionable, the cars dont follow the road, if they come to a turn they don’t turn at all, so you have to be reminding yourself that when you are trying to make a sharper turn with AI around. Now I’m not sure whether the cars not following the road is intentional, or is just yet to be added, but if it is to be considered intentional, it doesn’t make sense why even on some straightaways, very rarely a car will be veering in one direction, often causing death of the player.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

Miami Cruise on Steam



Highly recommend that you give it a try. It’s got a high skill-ceiling (See: My time.) with an array of helpful options/tools to get you to those extreme charts. The editor takes a bit of time to learn (I’d say 5 to 10 hours to get the hang of it.), but has a fast workflow once you figure things out.

More than anything, I think this game has potential. Just sticking with the game for ~3 quarters of a year, I’ve seen the game change a lot, and for the better too. Despite being a single developer, they often work on the game and is very responsive to the (rather small) community. A new note-type (something you don’t see often in rhythm games), camera effects, a ton of world customization options in the editor, and many other things were added since I’ve started playing. It’s incredibly impressive and I hope it pays off.

Real player with 849.5 hrs in game


Let me start by saying that you should get this game. It’s fun, challenging, and offers lots of replayability. The tracks are your standard-fare EDM by largely unknown artists. They’re all pretty good (as are the beatmaps) and with the Workshop the track selection is only bound to improve. It’s F2P so there’s really no excuse not to try it out.

The Gameplay

Overall, the gameplay is incredibly fun. It’s similar to Amplitude’s but with a lot more inputs (9) and from what I can tell it’s almost a carbon copy of Sound Vortex. So if those games are your thing, this probably will be, too. Most of the beatmaps are stellar and really fun to play, with many complex and interesting patterns.

Real player with 258.0 hrs in game


Crashday Redline Edition

Crashday Redline Edition

I’ve been reading the negative reviews. After over 1000 hours of playing Crashday, I can give you an honest review, and I will be either confirming, or busting some of the “weak points” mentioned in these negative comments.

“The cars feel like they are driving on ice.”

Not really, only if you take offroad wheels on tarmac, or sport wheels on dirt. If you want to see what driving on ice is like, there’s probably a mod for that.

“The camera is low and so close to the car that you can’t even see where you’re going”

Real player with 2273.9 hrs in game


The legend is not only back, it’s improved!


  • Multiplayer is super fun when you find players to play with

  • Improved graphics and user interface

  • 12 new Redline tracks with unique design (MUCH better than the original tracks)

  • Original soundtrack and gameplay that keeps the authentic feel of the original game

  • Variety of game modes

  • Track editor is still present

  • Daytime can now be chosen without having to use the default daytime used for the specific map

Real player with 485.2 hrs in game

Crashday Redline Edition on Steam