An amazing playground for sound and music synthesis that unfortunately seems to be abandoned, lacking several critical features. Even so, if you have any interest whatsoever in music making, it’s really fun to play around and build contraptions within it.

Real player with 29.3 hrs in game

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If you’re into music and sound design you can’t miss this one, think about a VR Reaktor…

devs are active and updates are coming quite fast, they list to the community so thumbs up and full support!

Real player with 19.2 hrs in game

MuX on Steam



ODDADA is currently in developement. We are still adding and changing lots of stuff!


  • Put together your own musical construction kit from modules, little houses and unique sound colors

  • Create your own musical landscape while building up the village

Story Mode

  • Get to know the odd and magical world of ODDADA

  • Solve puzzles and experiment in little musical mini games

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ODDADA on Steam

On My Own

On My Own

I wish the game would let me know that I should have some food prepared between biomes, before telling me I starved to death on my way to said biome and then deleting my save file of 3 hours. I also got really focused on finding foxes and forgot to eat. I had plenty of food, but then I “starved to death” and another save file of 5 hours was deleted. I understand it’s trying to be realistic, you should think of this intuitively, you should figure it out, etc. but forcing a complete restart after hours of tedious gathering and crafting just feels like a slap in the face.

Real player with 16.6 hrs in game

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just a garbage game.

Graphics 4/10 - kind of cute and retro.

Interface 1/10 - Feels like a bad phone port. it’s very clunky.

Music 2/10 - it gets unbelievably repeative hearing the same loop.

Guidance 3/10 - It doesn’t hold your hand. It pushes you from behind and laughs. then ignores you forever.

Saves 0/10 - Manual saves are overwritten by autosaves making M. Saves pointless.

Overall 2/10 - I’d return it if I bought it specifically. but it came in a bundle. I’ll check back in a month and edit this review if things improve. Right now? DO NOT BUY.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

On My Own on Steam